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‘He’s coming for your healthcare’: New Biden ad uses Trump’s words against him

The Biden-Harris 2024 campaign is out with a new ad titled “Terminate,” focusing on healthcare, contrasting Biden’s defense of …


Title: "Biden Campaign Leverages Trump's Words in New Healthcare Ad"

In the heat of the 2020 U.S. Presidential race, the Joe Biden campaign has released a new advertisement that uses President Donald Trump's own words against him. The ad, titled "He's coming for your healthcare," highlights Trump's past statements about his intentions to dismantle the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and undermine protections for pre-existing conditions.

The ad begins with a clip from a 2016 rally where Trump declares, "We're going to repeal and replace Obamacare. We're going to have something terrific." The video then cuts to footage of people with pre-existing conditions, followed by clips of Trump stating, "I've always believed that pre-existing conditions should be covered."

The Biden campaign is using this discrepancy to emphasize the difference between the two candidates' positions on healthcare. Biden has pledged to build on the ACA and protect pre-existing condition coverage, while Trump has repeatedly tried to dismantle the law and weaken its prote

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  • The only group trump hasn't done damage to is old rich white men. I defy anyone to refute that.

  • Affordable care act does not benefit working americans. The idea was good but the insurance corpotations always find a way to profit dont they? We now have deductibles and 80/20 after, sometimes more. If you dont work then its great.

  • Trump has a plan to steal the November 2024 election, he thinks his storm troopers will do it for him…

  • To all you swing voters out there please vote blue it'll make a difference in all our lives. If you look at Democrats and say that they dont do enough please keep in mind they are doing as much as they can unfortunately as many have seen the other party has made it their life's work to get in their way. Its been going on for at least a 10+ years emphasis on the plus. Also give the Democrat president's a break. I got into politics starting with Bill Clinton's term and let me tell you a tread that all Democratic presidents have to do. Their first duty in office is usually them first fixing the crap fest left by the previous republican president and from there doing all the things they say. Unfortunately they cant get to everything but they still do a alot and I am very grateful to all of them. Biden has had 4 years and had done so much to fix all the messes Trump made so lets not ruin a good thing and also lets all make sure the president that succeeds Biden is Blue as well.

  • Unlike the tRump campaign,Biden’s own campaign funding is not running out of steam, and he isn’t grifting off the DNC coffers. He will make every effort to keep the ACA going for ALL Americans, and he will be open to suggestions on how to make it make accessible. He,alone,can’t fix it. He isn’t going to tell us that he can,because he’s not a malignant narcissist and pathological liar.

  • Trump wants to cut back Medicare and Medicaid. The more Trump's Dementia worsens, the more far right wingers vote for him.

  • Not-so-rhetorical-question: Does the emotionally-stunted manbaby still qualify for healthcare at Bethesda? (Next: does Bethesda have a rubber-room?)

  • Donald Trump at Mar-a lago told the 10 biggest oil companies that if they gave trump $1b dollars
    he would let them put the price of gas up by 15%.If that was to happen imagine how much prices would rise on everything.

  • How come you guys aren't showing the trumpet that came out of couple days before this that google has banned in the U.S.

  • If you are an American, you take second place to the 10 million illegals who get free housing and healthcare.

  • You people are so blind Biden is the worst person who has ever been in the white house. Every thing he says is a lie America is going down hill fast and Biden turning his back on Israel will have lasting impact on America.

  • Like everything trump ever said or did, a pure con job

  • Trump hasn't done the work to win an election because trump is doing the work to steal an election, just like he did the last two times.

  • The ad is weak. Donald Trump sat on 60 minutes and said he had a health plan package or did he Show that exchange with Barbara and Ash Trump where is his healthcare package that he promised Americans?

  • Trump does not care about the average American citizen. He cares about his rich friends and MAGA supporters, which is shrinking everyday.

  • Donald Trumps hatred of Obama mirrors Nixon's hatred for JFK. At the very moment he was making that "historic long distance phone call" to the Apollo 11 crew on the lunar surface, his VP was on the Hill slashing NASA's budget. The moon mission was JFK's vision and Nixon hated it. trump is acting the same way towards the Affordable Care Act. Just an observation from a nobody, a common citizen with a passion for history…and a long memory.

    Democracy itself is at stake in this election. I'm NOT being hyperbolic.

  • If you played the whole statement that Trump said…play ALL of his words..Trump said he would get rid of Obama care and REPLACE IT WITH SOMETHING BETTER!!! MSNBC likes to twist words. Fake news, just like CNN

  • People love Trump. Biden is a failure. Look at the inflation, look at the boarders, we are involved in 2 wars. Do i need to go on?

  • That is such a lie. That is not what Trump said. That is not the whole message. Trump said he would get rid of Obama care and REPLACE IT WITH SOMETHING BETTER!!!!

  • Americans CANNOT afford to vote for a greedy loser like Trump. He has vowed to end the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). This would cost Americans thousands of dollars per person per year. He is trying to destroy America. We literally cannot afford for Trump to be in the oval office ever again. Vote BLUE.

  • Biden's campaign ads are so FALSE. He keeps bragging about doing good with health care. I don't care who is president they SHOULD NOT have their hands in my health care.

    As for ANY INSURANCE / Medicare or Medicaid. NO WAY they only hurt blacks with their prices. NO WAY their medical coverage was taken away during TRUMP. My meds were cheaper under TRUMP and my insulin IS NOT $35 dollars under Biden. SMH – More Lies.

    Not to mention the WAR on More Natural Meds – like hormones and thyroid. My GENERIC THYROID was just declared a non generic and is now $125 when it was less than $25 before Biden. So yeah lie to someone else DEMS.

    Also the clip they showed about TRUMP saying "who knew health care was so hard to figure out?" well he was referring to COVID. But the let me tell you what to think CNN crowd falls for the lies and never watches a FULL CLIP because the FAKE NEWS won't show the real item or a full clip. CNN wants to tell you, what happened and what was said – and what to think about it. They don't let you make a decision yourself.

  • So Trump has no plans for something else. It's pathetic… What else do these people need to hear to convince these Maga morons he doesn't give a
    S**t about people unless it benefits him, him, him!! 😡

  • Where is this $800.00 per month savings? Can I have some?

  • And if you say this to maga idiots they will deny it!! How stupid are they. 🤪

  • Biden wants everybody to be on a affordable healthcare which is a failure. Biden doesn’t have any clue how to make healthcare good even Bernie Sanders told the public and I saw it on TV that Biden has caused a lot of problems in America and healthcare is one Biden wants to give all the illegals healthcare is that right? Is that right to give illegal healthcare they shouldn’t even be here.

  • We must vote blue, they want to fleece all of us with lack of health care and pushing our health care system to be even more for profit, and we're already suffering from the way it is right now. My 13 month old son would no longer qualify for health care if pre-existing conditions and healthcare limits went back in place. He's already over 2 million in care as a little one with a heart defect. His care so far has lead to a very happy and mostly healthy baby, losing the ACA would rob him of future health care coverage.

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