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‘EXTREMELY DIFFICULT’: Migrant influx overwhelms Denver heal…

Denver Health Chief of Government Affairs Steven Federico explains the challenge facing the Denver health care system as the …

Title: Denver Struggles to Cope with Increased Migrant Influx: A Current Event Analysis

In the face of an unprecedented influx of migrants, Denver, Colorado, is grappling with a strain on its resources, as detailed in a recent report by The Denver Post. The article, '“EXTREMELY DIFFICULT”: Migrant influx overwhelms Denver health system', sheds light on the challenges the city is currently facing, providing a timely and relevant insight into the ongoing migrant crisis.

The report highlights the significant increase in the number of migrants arriving in Denver, with the city's shelters and healthcare facilities struggling to accommodate the surge. The article quotes Dr. Paul Williams, the medical director of Denver's Metro Urban Health Services, who describes the situation as "extremely difficult."

The article is particularly newsworthy as it offers a firsthand account of the challenges faced by a U.S. city in managing the influx of migrants, a topic that has been widely discussed but less frequently explored in such detail. The article verifies the ongoing crisis, providing a snapshot of the realities on the ground, and underscores the need for coordinated and comprehensive solutions to address the issue.

In conclusion, '“EXTREMELY DIFFICULT”: Migrant influx overwhelms Denver health system' offers a valuable perspective on the challenges faced by cities in managing the influx of migrants. The article's focus on Denver provides a timely and relevant insight into the ongoing migrant crisis, underscoring the need for coordinated and comprehensive solutions.

See video for more information…

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  • I love this from the state that doesn't want the person who did the best job controlling the illegal immigrants flow from the ballot.

  • Aditional funding? From where ? Poor americans? Why dont the rich doctors foot the bill….

  • These ppl are idiots. How did he become a doctor? American citizens are NOT responsible of footing the bills of illegal immigrants . Stop the insanity pls

  • The answer is not 'give them more free stuff'

  • But hey, the Biden administration wants more illegal foreigners to come into the country. So bad that thay went to court against Texas over razor wire. Democrats are traitors.

  • Someone’s getting paid one way or another 🧐🤨🤔🫨

  • "Taxpayers should pay me an unlimited amount of money to support an unlimited amount of migrants" — this doctor speaks in very humanitarian overtones except on the topic of getting paid, gee, I wonder why?

  • This is disgraceful. These invaders taking our space. What if a real American needs healthcare and an illegal takes their spot. Now our insurance rates will spike. Fn get out ! I’m so sick of these invaders coming in and taking everything

  • I don't care about them or anything they need they need to leave.

  • Wonder if that fruity governor who can't sing or dance is liken this crap?

  • Where i live there are US citizens that are turned away at the hospitals because they don't have insurance. How are all these new people just going in and getting free medical care and their bill paid by the government??

  • The doctor is so kind, the news lady has an attitude.

  • …low income Americans don’t have access working or not. The reason the federal government doesn’t have a program for illegal immigrants is because THEY ARENT SUPPOSED TO BE HERE! I don’t know one person who gets federal funding for housing or medical.

  • Biden lured the illegal alien hordes here with the promise of free housing, free medical, and free education to please his radical left wingers. We arein grave danger.

  • Good for Denver. I hope there is much much much more coming. love seeing me sanctuary cities get what they ask for. you ask to be impoverished. You're getting impoverished. keep app the good work Texas. They brought these diseases with that so. You could take care of them. So so do it. We did ask them to come and we. As the federal government should not be responsible for taking care of these criminal invading illegal aliens. You're a sanctuary city take care of them.

  • So the solution according to these yahoos is in addition to welcoming them with open arms and giving them food, housing, medicine is to give them work permits to steal our jobs too?

  • Amercia needs to send them in jail if they come here illegally. Amercia will need ls to stop immigration legally and illegally. People need to fight for their homeland. Come to America then need assistance

  • There have been times I couldn’t afford to pick up my own prescription, but it never made the news. America cares about everyone except Americans.

  • They are not going to be getting money, this is obviously an attack by the WEF on our country and we're all standing around talking about the border.

  • Under 👑 King president Donald j trump America we had the greatest border in America history under King 👑 president Donald j trump black 🖤🐈‍⬛ Americans citizens we are going to vote red ♥️🍒 for the greatest president of all times King 👑 president Donald j trump vote red ♥️🍒 always vote red ♥️🍒

  • The U.S. simply can not absorb the world’s poor.

  • Liberals continue to blame the federal government for not sending money and yet no consideration for closing the border.

  • One step to socialism. Who’s paying??!!! The people!

  • If women didn't vote we wouldn't be in this shape they don't know how to vote but with feelings and emotions now look at America collapsing like Rome

  • 2:19 So…why should Americans care? We don't have enough health issues amongst the citizenry? F*ck those people.

  • So, what about veterans? American poor? Are they getting freebies in Denver?

  • And how could anyone NOT have foreseen this???

  • The liberal city of Denver deserves to pay every penny of it! The hospitals should sue the city for everything they owe them.

  • Stop paying for them. Is they are not getting free stuff they will not come. No word permits, no healthcare, no food. No shelter…. Let them suffer a little bit and they will go back home

  • Well Steven, how many "migrants" have you welcomed into your home?

  • Wow love that I have to worry about whether or not my granny can get the care she needs knowing all these illegal immigrants are taking the appointments

  • I will be voting Republican for the first time ever

  • That’s only the first problem better buckle up ,, or kick em out if u want it too get better ,,, u don’t even take care of the elderly or vets in ur state never mind a. Bunch of illegal immigrants. !!!!!!

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