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Does it really take 10,000 steps to stay healthy? | BBC News

We have all seen numerous articles and studies claiming the benefits of step count, with rather different figures being …


Title: Debunking the 10,000-Step Myth: A Fresh Look at Daily Physical Activity Goals

In recent years, the idea of taking 10,000 steps a day for optimal health has become a popular fitness goal. However, a new study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine has challenged this long-held belief, suggesting that the origin of the 10,000-step rule might have been more about marketing than science.

The 10,000-step concept was first introduced in the 1960s by a Japanese pedometer manufacturer. Since then, it has been widely adopted as a health benchmark, with many fitness trackers and smartphones now incorporating this goal. However, a team of researchers led by Dr. Emmanuel Stamatakis from the University of Sydney, Australia, decided to investigate the scientific evidence supporting this recommendation.

Their analysis revealed that the 10,000-step rule is not based on any robust scientific evidence. Instead, it seems to have been more about creating a catchy marketing slogan than promoting genuine health benefits. The researchers emphasized that the number of

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  • But not a step footing on Assumption uni campus. Abac stole conversation from school office, uploading without teachers’ awareness led to many times dead accidents. Every corner is tape recorder, your first step at Abac means death, I was a victim.

  • Wasn’t the idea of 10,000 steps a day created by a Japanese company to promote their pedometer?

  • I have nearly 20k by the end of my normal day. That's with work, working out, and doing my daily chores at home.

  • Hamstring stretches are good
    I can touch my toes

  • There's no such thing as an exact step count. Just stay active, in all seasons. Be happy!. Thanks it!

  • These "experts" get paid lots of money for this nonsense 😄 everybody got jabbed there's nothing healthy about that 🤭

  • Even one step in my favourite town is better. 🏠🏡🏠

  • Where's the enterview of Guyana's President, Mohamed Irfaan Ali, debunking the BBC reporter's narratives?

  • if it did then bbc would not tell everybody to buy mg motors car

  • You are eating too many carbohydrates and so taking too many calories. 😆

  • With a target of 6k I am more consistent. The thought of having to achieve 10k often makes me give it up altogether.

  • BBC please talk about the out of control OCCUPATIONAL LICENSING for k-12 teachers that's why we have teacher shortages I'm the author of EIGHT DAYS IN AN INNER CITY SCHOOL

  • Yeah cos how many streps you gonna do in your 15 mins zones?

  • Meanwhile me doing 27k on average per day (got a walking pad in my office), running twice a week and strength training four times a week.

  • Our hunter-gatherer ancestors averaged 18,000 steps. This number is based on studies of the few remaining ones left.
    Homo sapiens have evolved to be constantly active throughout the day, which is why desk jobs, driving, etc, are so bad for you. They did studies on bus drivers and bus ticket inspectors in the 60s/70s. They found bus drivers were far more likely to have a heart attack.

  • So school is bad for you and homework is bad for you too.

  • We are created to be active and not to sit for a long time.

  • Funny about all those young people dying after the co-vaccination rollout – then adjusting the statics because they care???

  • Lifting weights, as the vid show when mentioning it, is not the offset to walk 10 000 steps. If you meant using a treadmill though, then yes.

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