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DIDDY IS OVER | Jaguar Wright WARNED Diddy Feds Were Coming …

DIDDY IS OVER | Jaguar Wright WARNED Diddy Feds Were Coming Before The Raid Jaguar Wright has allegedly exposed the …

Title: Diddy Warned About Imminent Federal Investigation, According to Jaguar Wright

In a recent interview, hip-hop artist Jaguar Wright claimed that she warned music mogul Sean "Diddy" Combs about an impending federal investigation before his arrest in 1999. The revelation, if true, sheds new light on the circumstances surrounding Diddy's legal troubles nearly two decades ago.

Diddy, whose real name is Sean John Combs, was arrested in New York City in 1999 on weapons charges. He was acquitted in 2001. In the interview, Wright, who was a friend and collaborator of Diddy at the time, said she warned him that federal agents were investigating him.

"I remember telling him, 'Yo, they're coming for you,'" Wright said. "He didn't believe me. I said, 'They're coming for you, and they're coming for me, too.'"

Wright's claims, if accurate, could potentially add a new dimension to the story of Diddy's legal troubles. However, it is important to note that Wright's account is based on her memory and has not been independently verified.

This revelation comes at a time when Diddy is making headlines for his business ventures and philanthropic efforts. In recent years, he has expanded his empire to include ventures in spirits, fashion, and television, and he has been praised for his philanthropy, particularly his efforts to support historically black colleges and universities.

Despite the passage of time, the events of 1999 continue to have an impact on Diddy's public image. Wright's claims, if substantiated, could further shape the narrative surrounding his legal troubles and potentially influence public perception.

In conclusion, Jaguar Wright's claims that she warned Diddy about an impending federal investigation before his 1999 arrest are a new development in the story of Diddy's legal troubles. However, it is crucial to verify the accuracy of Wright's account before drawing definitive conclusions.

See video for more information

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  • Absolutely give Jaguar Wright her flowers! Strong woman!!!


  • From my observation of certain events. When FBI makes a raid , they nay have been watching and making their observations for a long time and have a trove of evidence.

  • Mr, Ditty is very smart. He had all the parties in his house . With all that money I would be surprised if he did not have some camera with voice rolling.
    With his wealth I’m sure his other guests are also in a position of knowing other outside people with influence.
    Why wasn’t Mr. Puffy not there ? His son was , where is pop?

  • It wasnt a surprise, he knew it way way before the he got raided. All those videos are gone. There will not be justice. Obama prolly made sure people like diddy and oprah and jayz get a heads up way before anything goes down. They are the same circles and the money and power is never gonna get exposed.

  • How far will his attorney going to go without payments?
    Law suits paying the existing life style . And he still has to have that image .”Puff y the Star”. He is going to need more money to juice the way under a different name?

  • Diddy looks like he hopes they destroyed all of those thousands of hours of video.

  • You work and provide Security for Diddy and you hesitating on where the location of Daddy's House is? You never saw any inappropriate action involving Diddy and Women while you were on duty?🤔 Sounds like lies to me..

  • Jaguar, that medium, the ex security guards all been right

  • DAMN! This is a "GOTCHA BI TCH" moment!! Poetic justice!!!

  • Attorney: Gross overuse of military level force! Didnt Diddy use a gross over use of mind f**k on his victims! Dude Puhleez.

  • He just gave the little girl the blueprint to convict puffy.

  • Lyrics can be spellbound! it is all about the state of mind you are in when the writer puts them on record or wax and the mood you are in when you are hearing them..

  • Feds are probably trying to protect their own .. not look for evidence to prosecute.. more like seek evidence to protect the elite

  • One of the commentators said you better tell that story on your channel and get them views 😮.. this entire world has gone mad! I don’t know who to believe at this point. All these people have hidden motives. May the pure at heart stay prayed up and protected 🙏

  • Its funny how everyone is talking and telling when the money runs dry. Man I cant believe the shade of it all!!

  • This is all a distraction..Diddy is certainly deserving of.. But why now? Its because the most deserving of attention and punishment of this kind, also have billions,and deserve jail and ruination.. Epstein island full of underage girls, visited by politicians, billionares and the other hollywood elites. Puffy story will steal spotlight and continue to keep the masses distracted off the other criminals . Certain powerfull govt. Folk along with those super rich want this story in the headlines for next 12 months.. They kno trump will expose them if he gets back in power. If he stays alive…. scary times.. Happy

  • u know Jada Kiss Styles P & Sheik are loving this moment right now, who else happy right now Fam?

  • Its about time P Diddy and all those involved with his shady dealings was locked up!!
    I feel so sorry for all those victims of P Diddy and his gang 🩷 and I hope they get the help they need to be alright again 🩷.
    What P diddy and his gang have done is change the lives of their victims for their own self pleasure! Its discusting and vile and they need to be locked up for the rest of their lives!!

  • I think if it did happen she was probably paid and took the money and didn't let anybody know she was 17… I think that girl who was going to happen she allowed it to the couple thousand or whatever she was paid and ran with it and now she's trying to come up… Either way it's wrong because he's underage but I don't believe she didn't say yes I don't believe that…IJS😏

  • This GENE is not perfect either!! He is complicite !! when you see the fire ,you start now 20 years later to open your mouth!! come on man ! not serious

  • Diddy is definitely guilty but what about the REAL major gatekeepers that helped made him this powerful and evil. Diddy is just a puppet, let’s bring the other gatekeepers to justice as well.

  • you should put the sources (storm monroe, etc) links in the description

  • man he ain’t getting in trouble Diddy is the Feds they just needed to come collect evedince to save the top dogs they all in on this if they really wanted diddy they can get diddy come on now just think it’s organized crime

  • Kudos to Jaguar Wright and Diddy’s guard for speaking the truth about the ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY. They all belong to the ILLUMINATI AS WELL .

  • Bet the feds are more worried about any of the blob being in any of them. The feds will keep those tapes and names like Epstein's list. We will never know

  • It's usually women getting the "cut-off treatment" In S. Arabia.

  • You know this world has become soft when you can’t say “DRUGS” “SEX” “KILL”

  • People need to learn about this sick, perverted, wicked, satanic, music industry. Don't let all the "glitter & glamour" fool you! There is a "high price" to pay, and normally it's your soul. You will sign that contract in "blood". You are NOT going to make those kinds of millions without giving a sacrifice.

    Next, they got to get you "hooked" on something: "Drugs, alcohol, s3x, etc." Look how they all end up after a few years. Most of them are dead. They will have pictures & videos of you doing "freaky, perverted stuff" just so you will keep your mouth shut about the rituals & "secrets". You do what you are told. Period!

    "Before the ink dries on the contract; they OWN you!" (Whitney Houston)


  • I didn't believe Jaguar Wright at first. I thought she was bitter because her star didn't rise like it should have but this woman was telling the truth. She still may be bitter but she is telling the truth.

  • It would be nice if attourney told the truth.

  • This is nothing new the music industry has always been like this with money and fame you can get away with murder when it's your time than big fish eat little fish do the math FACTS

  • Most of this is allegations, I am not a fan, but wait until the investigation comes out, and stop with clickbait’s

  • All of these people now saying that they knew he was abusive. So, people suffered because of those who kept silent.

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