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Celebrity Scandals That Were Covered Up By Hollywood

Celebrity Scandals That Were Covered Up By Hollywood Subscribe: Subscribe To Our Main Channel: …

Title: Unveiling the Hollywood Cover-ups: A Closer Look at Celebrity Scandals Shrouded in Secrecy

In the glamorous world of Hollywood, where stardom and scandal often walk hand in hand, it's no secret that many high-profile celebrities have been embroiled in scandals that have been meticulously covered up by the industry. As the #MeToo movement continues to shake the foundations of Hollywood, it's essential to revisit some of these hidden scandals and understand their relevance to current events.

One such scandal involves the late Michael Jackson, whose 2005 trial for child molestation was a watershed moment in Hollywood history. Despite the allegations and damning evidence, Jackson was acquitted, leading many to question the veracity of the trial and the motives behind the acquittal. Fast forward to 2020, with the release of the HBO documentary "Leaving Neverland," the allegations against Jackson have once again come to light, sparking renewed debate about the culture of secrecy that has long protected Hollywood's elite.

Another scandal that has been shrouded in secrecy is the alleged sexual misconduct by Harvey Weinstein, which was exposed in 2017 by The New York Times. The revelations led to a cascade of allegations against Weinstein and other powerful figures in Hollywood, ultimately giving birth to the #MeToo movement. However, it's worth noting that many of Weinstein's alleged victims had previously spoken out about their experiences, only to be silenced or discredited by the industry.

The case of Bill Cosby, once revered as America's Dad, also highlights the culture of silence in Hollywood. Cosby was convicted of drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand in 2018, after multiple women had come forward with similar allegations dating back to the 1960s. Despite these allegations, Cosby's career continued to thrive for decades, thanks in part to the industry's unwillingness to believe the women who came forward.

These scandals underscore the power dynamics that have long existed in Hollywood, where those with power and influence are often able to silence their accusers and avoid accountability. The #MeToo movement has brought many of

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  • The younger generation knows nothing about TRUTH. That word is not in their vocabulary. Total dumbness hey look @ me I am an influencer.

  • hi, little girl go back to your mommy and learn to forgive and forget, we all make mistake, don't live off people mistake.

  • Well they don’t call it Hollywood Babylon for nothing…

  • jimmy saville used to go to hospitals as a celebrity and go down to morgues an have sex with the female dead patients he was a sick man didnt like him when i first saw him he reminded me of the dirty old uncle that would fiddle with you in the family yuk

  • Hmmmm…are these celebrity scandals, or an examination of history and how shitty it could be? It’s very boring and frankly useless to keep looking back. It’s not going to solve anything but give you a useless filter and giving you a prize for participation in this crucifixion of history and what happened. Don’t watch movies because someone’s behavior was abhorrent, but don’t expect anyone to forgive you if you (God forbid) make any mistakes in YOUR life. Moving on.

  • Don't forget Michael Vick. The NFL put him back on a team. I think he should have done time in two states then federal time. I know, I know… not Hollywood.

  • I think the reason the Hugh Grant 'scandal' is forgotten is probably because "who cares?" That's nothing compared with the stuff that's gone on before and since. Case in point, Jeremy Meeks and OJ Simpson.

  • Cardi B's association with the Crips gang wasn't "glossed over". It was just understood that she came from that kind of life (if not continuing to be in it). It's not that far of a jump since most of the men have had ties or still do. Also, she acts and speaks like a thug and bottom feeder.

  • You think "new Hollywood" is any better?? have you missed the entire ME TOO movement then??????

  • Catch bate the photo made me want to watch this and didn’t even show anything about her

  • I watch a movie because i like actors and story not because of the idiot who directed it.

  • I don't think Robert Wagner would intentionally throw any one off a boat. It was an accident.

  • How can anyone be forced to do anything I mean I guess they just wanted the acting job so they had to get an abortion which is so wrong in so many ways being pushed to do something like that despicable

  • Hugh Grant got alot of teasing for a couple of years, but I think it blew over pretty quickly because it really wasn't a scandal. It was 2 consenting adults having a mutually beneficial interaction. No one was taken advantage of.

  • Nothing about Nicole Kidman? Evidently she's a little too hot to cover I guess after Balenciaga?

  • Wow… No women doing scandalous things
    How about the actresses who supported and even helped perverts and murders. Or done it all themselves.
    Y'all claim diversity but you show anything–but.

  • What’s this “people pretend never happened”? It’s all OLD news. 😂😂 This channel is the worst but it’s funny to watch how bad it is.


  • Alfred HITCHCOCK was always with his wife , he directed so many beautiful blond , Tippi is the only one has complained!!! someone tells the woman ,if that was the case ! why did you made another movie with him. Some people like Tippi always nagging about some great & hard working person like Hitchcock .


  • Garland notes: Bar Bitch You Ats….Looey Bee Mayor, as in Mayor McCheese. p.s. Chaplin was known to "like 'em young". p.p.s. Caitlyn was still Bruce at the time of the crash.

  • Woody allen never adopted mia. Farrow and andre previn daughter soon yi. People need to do better fact checking😊

  • So, because the alphabet mafia says they don't claim Kevin Spacey, he isn't allowed to be gay? No, I in no way support his deplorable actions, I am a survivor myself. However, you can't deny a person is gay because you have issues with their actions. Seriously, what the fuck? Then there's the maps you people try to cover for, yet Spacey is open game. Wow. Hang all your heads in shame. If I was Spacey, I imagine I could take pride in your denial. Thanks for letting me reason this out with myself. Y'all still suck, though.

  • As a Liz fan from the beginning…. I think maybe ( I hope ) people just don't want to hurt her… and most of us are thinking , Hugh, what a dumbass.

  • I personally don't see why these so-called scandals are brought up. Why bring up something that happened 15- 20- or thirty years ago. Gossip mongers!!!

  • But what does what a celebrity does in their private life has to do with the films they put out. Yes they can be guilty as homemade sin but does that make them a bad actor? Just asking.

  • The original scandal should be Number One: This scandal ended Fatty Arbuckle career..And the media did a hatchet job on him.💯💯💯☓️💯💯💯🥺

  • Why do we want stories about dead celebrities we don't even know???

  • Runaways living on the streets of Los Angeles are preyed upon by many wealthy working within the entertainment industry in Hollywood…boys and girls.

  • Bill Cosby's conviction was overturned and thrown out by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court in a scathing criticism of the criminal justice system in Pennsylvania. As a result Cosby was released from prison.

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