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Title: Bollywood Khullam Khulla 17: KRK's Latest Bollywood Insights Amidst Ongoing Controversies

In the latest episode of Bollywood Khullam Khulla, the popular YouTube series hosted by controversial film critic Kamaal R. Khan (KRK), the renowned critic has shared his opinions on several ongoing Bollywood controversies.

The episode, released on October 24, 2022, sheds light on various aspects of the Bollywood industry, including the recent controversy surrounding the film 'Brahmāstra Part One: Shiva'. KRK has been vocal about his views on the film, expressing his dissatisfaction with the movie's narrative and its box office performance.

Moreover, KRK has also discussed the ongoing feud between actors Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan. The two stars have been engaged in a public spat for several years, and KRK has often found himself in the middle of it. In this episode, he has shared his thoughts on the current state of their relationship and the potential for a reconciliation.

While KRK's opinions are often met with controversy and skepticism, his insights into the Bollywood industry are always eagerly awaited by his followers. This latest episode is no exception, with viewers eager to hear his thoughts on the latest developments in Bollywood.

In terms of new information, KRK has provided some fresh insights into the ongoing controversies surrounding 'Brahmāstra Part One: Shiva' and the feud between Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan. However, much of the information discussed in the episode has already been reported in the media, making it less groundbreaking than previous episodes of Bollywood Khullam Khulla.

Overall, Bollywood Khullam Khulla 17 provides an interesting perspective on the latest happenings in Bollywood, with KRK offering his unique insights into ongoing controversies. While some of the information may not be entirely new, the episode is still worth watching for fans of Bollywood and those interested in KRK's controversial opinions.

See video for more.

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  • 8:26 ye dono isliye kaans ko jayengi..kynki dono Lorial ki brand ambassador hai in India

  • Kuch toh maryada rakho😂kuch toh khauf khao😂kuch to sharam karo😂

  • Sala tum bharwa Kamal tum apna bare shos


  • U have started speaking like Congress spokesman. Shame on you

  • Sallu budhau pa bana bhojpuri song suna hain kya ?? 😁😁

  • Abe jitna being strong famous hai utna tujhe koi nahi jaanta hai

  • Kisi bhi company ke aage being lag Jaye to wo brand ban Jata Hai 😂

  • I think KRK has nightmares of SK lol. Its become his only mission in life. But I've notice his reviews are becoming boring lately. Anyway, for what its worth he does end up giving you a few laughs in his videos.

  • We're all intrigued by what goes on behind the scenes. It's always fascinating to learn more about the personal lives of our favorite personalities. Looking forward to hearing what KRK has to reveal! 🤔🔍

  • bhai ye heeramandi jaisi ghatiya web series mene meri jindagi me nahi dekhi. .. sala time barbad

  • J4DISHA and J4SSR Bollywood Boycotted. Take rest 😂😂😂😂. Who Killed Sridevi 😮.

  • Jab bhi match ata hai muslim pakistan ko kyu support karte hai ye bhi bta or sale kutte ye bhi bta jitne bhi atanki kutte ki mutt mare jate hai wo sab muslim hi kyu hote hai bta sale

  • Jabtak Salam Khan ka naam nahi lega tere channel per views nahi aaiga yeh bath tujhe aachi tarha pata hai..
    Tu Aaj bhi Salman Khan ke naam se paise kamaraha hai.
    Ghatiya insan

  • Vikrant Massey ki khabar rah gai, jisne Ola driver ke paise Dene se mana kar diya tha.

  • Abe 1 inch ka Insan Salman bhai ka stardom itna h ka tu 10 baar marna ka baad bhi uski barbari nahi kar sakta


  • Salman khan is the best star!⭐️

  • If Kangana Win the election it would be electoral fraud unless she can’t win I’m BJP supporter Hindu But Against such Leader like Kangana

  • Bharat ki public ki kehke lenge, broker log evm ki fixing bolke khud ko tasalli de sakte hai, bhujayaa…….

  • श्रीदेवी की मौत नहीं murder हुआ था दुबई में, दावूद के होटल में। सुशांत की तरह बेदर्दी से मारा गया था।

  • Kindly stop Ranveer bashing , atleast the couple don't attack minorities . You are a wise guy

  • Tuu woha khada, tha kya. Jab dono ki bat chit horaha tha😂😂😂kuch bhi bhokte hai..

  • Hrithik roshan ki opposite fiza me काम कर चुकी है sabana

  • Great Kamal jee 💓💕👍

  • Kannappa action film nhi Mythology film hai.. based on kannappa a devotee of Lord Shiva who gave his an eye.

  • Deshdrohi khudh salman khan kai naam pai paisai chap rahai ho aur salman khan ki stardom par ungli…wahh kya kutaigiri baat hai…

  • KRK aap biased ho please rational Reh Kay review diya karo bus jis film Kay peechy par Jao usay Haq say ziyada beizat karty ho aur Jo achi lag jay ya shaid lifafa lag jay to usay uthany ki koshish karty ho

  • Krk sir ji jldi new episode lkr aana hum sb wait kare hai
    Or movie review bhi 😊

  • Ok Thankyou krk we were gonna buy property from rizwan but you made us realize that he’s a fraud so we’ll find someone else and aware my friends and family as well

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