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Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover Will Take Divorce Soon, Claims This Bollywood Actor

Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover Will Take Divorce Soon, Claims This Bollywood Actor Join this channel to get access to …


Title: Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover Reportedly on the Brink of Divorce: Insights from a Bollywood Source

In a shocking turn of events, rumors have been circulating in the Bollywood circle about the impending divorce of popular Bollywood couple, Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover. According to a close source within the industry, the couple is reportedly on the brink of parting ways.

The source, who wished to remain anonymous, revealed that the couple's relationship has been strained for quite some time now. Despite their public displays of affection and frequent social media posts, the couple has allegedly been experiencing significant issues behind closed doors.

Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover tied the knot in 2016, and their whirlwind romance was a topic of interest for many fans. Their chemistry was evident on and off-screen, making their union a favorite among fans. However, the recent reports of their impending divorce have left many shocked and saddened.

The source did not disclose the exact reasons for the couple's alleged separation, citing confidentiality.

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  • Sorry…I know Bipasha is a liberated person…..but plse don't tarnish her image further….she is a beautiful person

  • बहुत बढ़िया ऐसे आदमी किसी के नहीं होते

  • Fake😂😂 aur kuch nhi mila y likho alia and ranbir divorce jada views milega😂

  • Teri sari news itni fake hoti hai na Bhai 😂😂😂😂. Strike de do koi isko .ab jyada ho raha hai

  • यह रिकार्डिंग किसी छपरी कॉलगर्ल की लग रही है जो आमतौर पर किसी बड़ी अभिनेत्री का नाम रखकर अपना धंधा चलाती है। हालांकि इसके बिपाशा न होने के बावजूद बिपाशा कोई दूध की धुली नहीं बन जाती। करण सिंह ग्रोवर का व्‍यवहार कई मादाओं के साथ प्रजनन करने वाले नर जैसा ही है और यह उसकी कुदरती खूबी है अन्‍यथा ज्‍यादा धनी और सफल न होने के बावजूद महिलाएं उसे नहीं चुनती। बिपाशा बसु भी जायज ढंग से मां बन गयी है तो अब वह कब तक करण के खर्च उठाती रहेगी।

  • Bhai tu always q kisi bhi achhe couple ka talak karana chahta hai jhoot jhoot new q dikhate ho is se pehle bhi Aishwarya or Abhishek ka divorce ka jhoota news dikhaya phir dipeeka or Ranveer ka or ab yeh sweet couple bipasha or karana ka band karo Bhai faltu news dikhana

  • Ye log sdi hi ku karte h society ka mahol kharab karke rakha h aise logo ka boycott karna chahiye

  • Bolta toh aise jaise Isko ko Call kar batya gaya hoga
    Bahut bekar bolne ka tarika bhi chugli uncle

  • Shaadi in actresses k liye kamane ka zariya hai shaadi kro bacha paida kro kisi ko hire kr k rishte kharab krwao divorce file with proof r dheer sari alimony demand krdo .

  • Gende jyesi Surat wale se chhutkara Milega Bipasha ko

  • Ye to hona hi tha karan simgh
    .. Bipasha ka use only uske peso aur contact k liye kar raha tha….kyuki ab karan singh …. Bollywood m set ho chuka
    H….. isliye… to hona hi tha ….😅😅😅

  • करण सिंग ग्रोवर की कोई फिल्म नही आ रही है. अर्थात इन्कम बंद. मतलब पैसा नही है तो शादी कैसे चलेगी.

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