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Biggest Hollywood Scandals That History Forgot / The Dark Side Of Hollywood They Try To Hide

Believe it or not, The Hollywood controversies of the past were much more outrageous than those of today. Society was a lot more …

Title: "Unveiling Hollywood's Hidden Scandals: A Rekindled Interest in the Dark Side of Tinseltown"

In the glamorous world of Hollywood, where stardom and success often overshadow the human stories behind the scenes, it's easy to forget the darker chapters of Tinseltown's history. As we delve deeper into the 21st century, a renewed interest in uncovering these hidden scandals has emerged, shedding light on the complexities and controversies that have shaped the industry.

One such scandal that has been largely forgotten is the infamous "Blacklist" era of the 1950s. During this time, hundreds of individuals in the entertainment industry were blacklisted due to their alleged communist ties or political beliefs. This McCarthy-era witch hunt led to the careers of many talented artists being destroyed, and the truth about their ordeals has only recently begun to be acknowledged.

Another scandal that has been overshadowed by time is the infamous "casting couch" phenomenon. Although the term is now synonymous with Hollywood, the widespread practice of using sexual favors as a means to secure roles has often been brushed under the rug. However, with the #MeToo movement gaining momentum, the industry is finally starting to address this long-standing issue and hold perpetrators accountable.

The relationship between the entertainment industry and organized crime is another aspect of Hollywood's dark side that has been largely forgotten. In the 1930s and 1940s, mobsters like Bugsy Siegel and Mickey Cohen had significant influence over Hollywood, using their power to extort money and control the industry. Despite the passage of time, the connections between Hollywood and organized crime continue to be a topic of interest and speculation.

Lastly, the issue of mental health in Hollywood is a scandal that has been largely ignored, despite its prevalence among celebrities. The pressures of fame, the constant scrutiny, and the high-stress environment of the industry have led many stars to struggle with mental health issues. Unfortunately, these struggles are often hidden from the public eye, and the stigma surrounding mental health in Hollywood continues to be a significant barrier to open discussion and support.

As we move forward, it's important to remember these scandals and the lessons

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  • Their a lot successful adult film stars like Lisa Ann, Madison ivy, Jenna Jamison, Johnny sins, mick blu, Lee stone, Kevin Williamson, Roman Todd, hard Tom, Johnny B, Tim Kruger and many more.

  • Bergman wholesome?..Ah Bullshit…she like Bridget Nielsen in the future chose Hollywood stardom over their children …Bergman left hers in Sweden to be raised by her former husband,,.

  • It’s not any better today. These Hollywood Studios have no accountability, nothing ever gets cleaned up. We Know what is happening!

  • The Disney story is a liad of crap. Disneyland didn't exist in 1938! Disneyland didn't open until 1955!

  • There were a lot of really bad things that happened back in those days of the twenties and thirties. The kids were put under extreme circumstances and had to work long and grueling hours. And the adult actors especially the men took advantage of these young kids and so did the studio executives they weren't protected by kids are today. It was horrible what they did to those children especially the little rascals.

    Some of those actors in the twenties were so disgusting it was worse than what you would read or see on TV today.

  • You mentioned in your video presentation that Cubby Broccoli produced the "Batman" film; no he didn't. He was involved in the James Bond movies. Also, you mispronounce Cubby Broccoli's last name; it's the same as the vegetable, broccoli.

  • The Illegal Abortion Operation in LA was run the Black Dahlia Killer….Adel…who also ran the VD Clinic in downtown LA.

  • Its widely known in Hollywood ,that the founder of the Disney Grooming Corp hated…..Homosexuals…..Unions and Jews…

  • I hope the men who got Judy Garland hooked on pills were ashamed of themselves. |

  • Glad this was exposing and please don’t show a Shirley pic that was not needed for me to have seen. Does anyone agree?

  • To me the treatment of Judy Garland on the "Wizard of Oz." was terrible. But Judy had a beautiful voice..Which brought me to love sing…😊❤

  • Because there is a bright side, there will certainly be a dark side behind

  • Sir, you talked of Walt Disney showing thr Nazi woman Disney Land in 1938. Disney Land was opened in July 17, 1955.

  • Charles Chaplin makes me want to puke

  • Not on here but apparently Johnny Stompanato tried threatening Sean Connery by claiming he would get 'people' to deal with him as he thought Sean was carrying on with Lana Turner. Connery just chinned him and basically knocked him out so that put an end to any further threats! 😂

  • If you're going to narrate these clips it might be a good idea to get the pronounceiations correct…

  • 11:32 "For some reason"? Famous Hollywood guy turned governor "for some reason" helped another famous Hollywood guy? Shocker.

  • Ingrid Bergman wasn't very happily married when she met Roberto Rossellini!!!

  • I never liked Bergman leaving her daughter for her affair with Rossellini

  • I have heard of horror stories about Little Shirley Temple and Hollywood Film Execs!!

  • You lost me at: "Joan Crawfords's Adiut Move"………………….."Allegedly"………….reported as SPAM.

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