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Alia Bhatt’s shocking Fight with neetu kapoor infront of media at animal success party! Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt’s shocking Fight with neetu kapoor infront of media at animal success party! Alia Bhatt #aliabhatt #neetukapoor …


Title: Alia Bhatt's Unusual Altercation with Neetu Kapoor at Animal Success Party Stirs Buzz

In an unexpected turn of events, Bollywood's rising star, Alia Bhatt, found herself in the midst of a public spat with veteran actress Neetu Kapoor at a recent party celebrating the success of the film 'Animal'. The incident, which unfolded in full view of the media, has left the industry buzzing.

The altercation reportedly started when Alia Bhatt, known for her poise and grace, expressed her displeasure over a comment made by Neetu Kapoor. The exact nature of the comment remains unclear, but sources suggest it may have been related to Alia's performance or personal life.

Neetu Kapoor, a seasoned actress and mother of actor Ranbir Kapoor, who stars alongside Alia Bhatt in 'Brahmastra', was taken aback by Alia's reaction. The situation escalated, leading to a heated argument between the two.

Despite the tension, both actresses managed to maintain their composure and did not resort to physical

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  • Sis pehly ap confirm kar lo k ap ko hindi bolni ha ya english sab mix kardiya ap ny

  • What rubbish! Get a life… creating problems where there are none.

  • Aam insaan ke ghar mein bhi kalesh hota hein, yeh logo toh filmi hein, itne nakhre hote hein toh kalesh toh hona hi hein

  • What all she did with others actress to get no 1 position she will get it back karma will hits her back for sure
    Just because she has to be no 1 she looted others people work everything she diverted to her way cheap aunty alia

  • How he is tolerating her really wonder just for movies to hit he doesnt even love her at all
    He could have married and other good soul because he is so Real saipallavi or rashmika or shraddha instead of this nepotism malkin who spoiled others life just she should get all good work

  • I will say only, Ranbher is in big shit, God bless him to be strong 🤞 🤞

  • The entire Bhatt is disgusting and must pay for Sushant dismissal. Boycott these gutters may they go to hell.

  • Animal movie the biggest blockbuster movie of 2023 , what a joke, Bollywood these days only knows how to make movies without any logic and they will add some nude scenes finish blockbuster movie complete, nonsense, its not a blockbuster movie its a trash an non recyclable trash

  • Clearly still mama"s boy. No wonder the intelligent, strong, humble, Rishi Kapoor did not come close with his spoil brat of a son in his adulthood.

  • Such a disgusting post added I didn't saw any fight or reactions on their faces

  • I don't see anything in particular between alia, mahesh bhatt and nitu except photographers asking them to rearrange. But what i do see is Alia is super animated and Ranbir just nodded his head and turned away seemingly uninterested in what she has to say and her laughter died after that. He only wants her to hang on to his arm and she is happy for the crumbs. And Mahesh bhatt seems to be pacifying the daughter patting her on her back.

  • Kaitrena kief ko Kushi mil jayega…. Both cat fighting

  • Neetu and alia are just ignoring each other..they are not having any chemistry and ranbir is trying to balance the situation

  • These creatures are so insecure . Something to do with literacy. Bet they all have a smartphone attached to thier hand 24/7

  • Ye Dedh foot lamba face wala Maha Chalu Ranbir Kapoor ne Dipika Padukone aur Katerina Kaif ki jindgi se khilvaad karke, finally ye 4 feet height Wali, naaty aur bhaddi, pillars jaise legs wali, hathi jaise short mote legs wali, giant size ke broad shoulders wali, naati aur bhaddi Maha Murkh aliya maliya jamaliya bhatt se shaadi kar ke kon sa bada kam kiya hai…

  • Anyway why does this matter when there is so many important things to discuss

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