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30 Career Finishing Scandals

These celebs have no one to blame but themselves. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’ll be looking at the most notorious …

Title: "30 Career-Ending Scandals: A Reflection on Ethics in the Modern Workplace"

In the era of transparency and accountability, scandals continue to rock the corporate world, shattering reputations and careers. Here's a look at 30 career-ending scandals that have made headlines recently, highlighting the importance of ethical conduct in the modern workplace.

1. Elizabeth Holmes: The Theranos founder was sentenced to 11 years in prison for defrauding investors by claiming her blood-testing technology was revolutionary, when in reality, it was a sham.

2. Harvey Weinstein: The disgraced movie producer was convicted of rape and sexual assault, marking a turning point in the #MeToo movement.

3. Jeffrey Epstein: The financier's sexual abuse scandal led to his suicide in prison, casting a shadow over many powerful figures.

4. Martin Shkreli: Known as the "Pharma Bro," Shkreli was sentenced to seven years in prison for securities fraud.

5. Maria Ressa: The Filipino journalist was convicted of cyberlibel, a charge critics say is an attempt to silence her critical reporting on President Rodrigo Duterte.

6. Ghislaine Maxwell: The British socialite was convicted of sex trafficking for her role in procuring underage girls for Jeffrey Epstein.

7. Carlos Ghosn: The former Nissan chairman was arrested and charged with financial misconduct, leading to his dramatic escape from Japan.

8. John Ratcliffe: The U.S. Director of National Intelligence resigned amid allegations of exaggerating intelligence reports to bolster President Trump's reelection campaign.

9. Alex Jones: The conspiracy theorist was found liable for defamation for spreading false claims about the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

10. Mark Zuckerberg: The Facebook CEO faced criticism for the platform's role in the Cambridge Analytica data scandal.

11. Roger Ailes: The former Fox News CEO was ousted following numerous sexual harassment allegations.

12. Bill O'Reilly: The Fox News host was fired over sexual harassment allegations, leading to a $25 million settlement.

13. Les Moonves

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  • Spacey was found not guilty. What parents let their under age son go to a hollywood party? Oh yes, the type that are hoping to make a lot of money out of it.

  • Vicks shouldn't have been able to make any form of a comeback, and his prison sentence was laughably small.

  • People to sensitive nowadays smh i blame them snowlfake woke LGBTQ safe space protesting sensitive Karen cowards gen z

  • Cancelled for homophobic slur? Sheesh everyones so sensitive nowadays gen z a bunch of snowflake woke karen safe space punks

  • Black lives matter shirts are okay but white lives matter shirts aren't? Okay bias racist clowns

  • Oh, no no NO! Michael Vick was first given a lifetime ban by the NFL, but after he was paroled, they backed out off and allowed him to play again. I don't know how long he played after that(although I've heard it wasn't long), because that was the last straw for me with the NFL. I have refused to watch even one game 🏈 since.

  • Jonathan Majors was robbed by a petty b1+ch. I truly hope he makes it back to the top.

  • Amber is not a good actress the only movie i liked her in was pineapple exspress cuz she didn't have many speaking parts 😏

  • What i learnt from this video: I’m glad i never watched Ferris Buelller Day Off. that project seems to have so many creeps and whaccos.

  • crazy how i know isiah Washington from baby spike lee films, but i guess some ppl would never have watched any of those films

  • Cosby should have been in prison, by the mid 90's.
    Have you seen Leonard Part 6 ? It's a wonderful coincidence that America's Dad made a movie called Ghost Dad because that is what he is today. A Ghost, that haunts hundreds of thousands of projects.

  • jonathon majors was done so dirty by the lefty slags that just wanted their minute of fame

  • Well, Cosby was released from prison. But at least Weinstein is still locked up, even after an overturned conviction, because he had multiple convictions.

  • We’re already seeing Rosanne Barr . I am so glad the disgusting woke cultural is beginning to be seen for what it is , smelly Sh;t !!!

  • Why don't you report how well Charlie Sheen is doing now instead of rehashing his past!! He deserves a "Good for you", instead of constantly bringing up his past!

  • Went to school with Rosan Barr’s son. They had this huge manor just outside it in Hawaii. Never got to see inside it but the son was way different then rosan. Just a big pothead lol

  • And now P. Diddly is being accused and outed again!!!

  • N black and white racism is still USA top topic

  • Rosanne was fired due to her political opinions – period!

  • As far as Cosby, i will always love his two shows.
    The Cosby Show and A Different World!

  • Kanye looks like a homeless guy that glued pubes to his face

  • These stories are really disgusting and disturbing, I hope we never see any of these former celebrities recover. These stories of backlash and career fails are also why I believe fame is a blessing and a curse

  • How millie vanillie is higher than justin roiland jonathon majors or amber heard is beyond me the

  • Michael Richards was a silly man played a great part in problem child

  • Ugh Amber Heard. The way she acts in interviews is very obvious that she somehow thinks she's auditioning for something. You're not that smart or good, turd.

  • Isaiah Washington is known for more than Grey's Anatomy 😮 I understand it might be his biggest role but he is definitely more than just that

  • You didn't mention that Heard admitted that she lied on the stand. That's pretty important.

  • Poor Danny it makes me sick thinking about him stuck in there on zero evidence.

  • I’m glad Ye wore a white lives matter shirt. More white people are killed by cops in America than any other race. How ridiculous ppl are offended, that means you who were mad at his shirt are so dumb and have done your research.

  • Roseanne is a nasty piece of work i always knew lance Armstrong was a cheat what about tiger woods he should be on the list

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