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25 SHOCKING Scandals That Hollywood Tried To Hide

25 SHOCKING Scandals That Hollywood Tried To Hide Believe it or not, the Hollywood scandals of the past were even more …

Title: Unveiling Hollywood's Hidden Scandals: A Revelation of 25 Shocking Secrets

In the wake of the #MeToo movement, the entertainment industry has been under scrutiny for its long-standing culture of secrecy and silence. A recent expose has brought to light 25 shocking scandals that Hollywood has attempted to bury, offering a glimpse into the darker side of Tinseltown.

1. **Harvey Weinstein**: The disgraced producer's sexual misconduct allegations, which led to the #MeToo movement, are well-documented. However, the extent of his predatory behavior, including payoffs and coercion, has only recently come to light.

2. **Bill Cosby**: Once hailed as 'America's Dad', Cosby's conviction for drugging and sexually assaulting multiple women has shattered the image of a beloved comedian.

3. **Jeffrey Epstein**: The financier's connections to high-profile figures in Hollywood, including director Woody Allen and actor Kevin Spacey, have been a subject of intense speculation.

4. **Mel Gibson**: The actor's history of anti-Semitic and misogynistic rants, previously kept under wraps, has resurfaced, casting a shadow over his career.

5. **Brett Ratner**: The filmmaker's alleged sexual misconduct, which includes assault and harassment, has led to a string of high-profile lawsuits and career setbacks.

These are just a few examples from the list of 25 scandals. Others include Roman Polanski, who fled the U.S. to avoid sentencing for statutory rape, and Casey Affleck, who settled multiple sexual harassment lawsuits out of court.

The expose serves as a stark reminder that the entertainment industry, like any other, is not immune to scandal. The revelation of these long-hidden secrets underscores the need for continued vigilance and a commitment to holding powerful figures accountable for their actions.

While some of these scandals are not new, the recent wave of exposés and the subsequent consequences for those involved demonstrate a shift in public opinion and a growing intolerance for such behavior. The entertainment industry, it seems,

See video for more information

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  • The studios would crawl through a mud bath to protect their stars

  • All them beautiful women in the 1930s and 40s they never had all the beauty products what's out now and there still more beautiful than actresses today

  • Everyone is raped…molested….robbed ..on drugs… Made to work under horrible conditions… Threatened…. Committ sucide… The list goes on….im happy just being an average working lady …. So glad im not famous…

  • Disappointing in that the photo on the video of Shirley Temple and she was not one of the ones talked about here.

  • What does Kirk Douglas have to do with the assault? Nothing. So….

  • In regards to Kirk Douglas, she was not the only one he assaulted

  • You CANNOT blame traditional values for Hollywood's vulgar, immoral &/or criminal behavior! IN FACT THE OPPOSITE IS TRUE!
    Those actions were covered up BECAUSE they feared the backlash from moviegoers & voters!

  • The pictures of Shirley Temple being kissed over and over on the mouth by grown men is gross. What was her parents thinking? Disgraceful!

  • In #24, you mistakenly referred to "Patrick Douglas" rather than "Patricia Douglas" then made the error even more confusing by putting photos of Kirk Douglas into your commentary. It left me with the impression that Kirk Douglas was deeply involved in the incident. Makes me wonder if all the other scandals were accurately reported in your video. You might want to edit your video.

  • The pressure to maintain a certain image, combined with the high stakes of fame and success, has often led to a complex and sometimes dark environment.

  • That background music/noise is so irritating, I can't watch it.

  • Clickbait no article on Shirley Temple.

  • Background music is distracting.🫨

  • You should name people otherwise it is not trustworthy

  • Ok I don't know about anyone else. But the picture showing a grown man kissing a Shirley Temple when she was a little girl full on the lips is very disturbing to me.

  • I don’t remember when I saw a video of Marilyn Monroe. It was a story about her the house that she bought where she died. in her garden there was a plot up in the small hill right across from the house that she was buying and it says this is where my destiny end.she decided to buy that house and that’s where destiny end in that house, but the story was saying she forgot the tea kettle on the stove and she died of a smoke inhalation stories always changes


  • Adopting your own daughter… Now that's gangster!!!! Diddy has nothing on some of these😂😂😂😂😂

  • An younger age Elizabeth Taylor had a three way with John F. Kennedy and Peter Lawford.

  • 99.5 percent of those slandered in this narrative are women

  • This article has so many flaws… why are you showing sweet & innocent Shirley Temple making out with some old man? That is disgraceful, besides, you didn’t even mention her in this video. Then you show Kirk Douglas’s picture and call him Patrick??? You say it was one of the most darkest & hidden controversies in Hollywood, but you got all the names wrong. You say Douglas was assaulted by a Salesman, David Ross?? First you get his name wrong, then you call him a “woman”? 🤷‍♀️ I thought is was about a young dancer at MGM. Get your stories straight before you spread false statements about innocent celebrities.

  • Why are you showing pictures of Kirk Douglas in the section on the 1937 rape of Patricia Douglas. There is no connection.

  • Why in the f*** would you show Kirk Douglas in a story about Patricia Douglas, mispronouncing her name as PATRICK DOUGLAS even though they weren’t related and he had nothing to do with the case? What a f***ing stupid presentation! I had to look it up to find your mistake. What were you thinking?
    Like you were intentionally trying to implicate Kirk Douglas. Why would you do that and not catch all the mistakes in post editing? Maybe you are the scumbag?

  • Now it’s Hollywood’s relationship with communist and perhaps it always was.
    The love for such notorious figures like Che makes this relationship disgusting to most normal people in America. Their love and admiration for pedophiles also is particularly abhorrent to the many victims of molestation and rape made famous by the ME TOO movement.

  • Now it’s Hollywood’s relationship with communist and perhaps it always was.
    The love for such notorious figures like Che makes this relationship disgusting to most normal people in America. Their love and admiration for pedophiles also is particularly abhorrent to the many victims of molestation and rape made famous by the ME TOO movement.

  • Movie makers only care about the money most of the time.

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