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10 MOST HATED Actors of 2023 (and the Reasons Why)

In this video, we’re going to take a look at 10 Most Hated Actors of 2023. 10 Most Hated Actors of 2023 – Video Introduction Did …

Title: Unveiling the 10 Most Hated Actors of 2023: A Deep Dive into the Controversies and Scandals

In the ever-evolving world of Hollywood, public opinion can shift as rapidly as the latest box office numbers. This year, several actors have found themselves in the crosshairs of public disapproval, with their actions and behavior leading to a wave of criticism. Here, we delve into the 10 most hated actors of 2023, exploring the reasons behind their fall from grace.

1. Johnny Depp: The long-standing controversy surrounding Depp's personal life has reached a boiling point this year, with the actor's defamation trial against his ex-wife Amber Heard garnering worldwide attention. Depp's behavior, both on and off-screen, has left many fans questioning his character.

2. Mel Gibson: Gibson's history of controversial statements and behavior has resurfaced this year, with the actor facing backlash for his anti-Semitic remarks in the past. Despite his apologies, many continue to hold a negative view of the actor.

3. Kevin Spacey: Accusations of sexual misconduct against Spacey have tarnished his reputation, with multiple individuals coming forward with allegations. The actor's response to these accusations has also been criticized, further fueling public disapproval.

4. Chris Brown: Brown's history of domestic violence has been a recurring topic of discussion this year, with the singer facing criticism for his behavior both on and off-screen. Despite his attempts at redemption, many continue to view him negatively.

5. Woody Allen: The long-standing allegations of child sexual abuse against Allen have resurfaced this year, with renewed calls for a boycott of his films. Allen's continued denial of the allegations and his ongoing career have left many feeling frustrated and betrayed.

6. Jussie Smollett: Smollett's alleged staging of a hate crime has led to widespread criticism and a significant drop in his popularity. Many feel that his actions have tarnished the fight against hate crimes and undermined the experiences of genuine victims.

7. Alec Baldwin: Baldwin's involvement in the fatal shooting on the set

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  • I'm sorry. Since when is Elon Musk an actor?

  • Me-again Markle/Hewitt is Old News & I hoped forgotten, but the Duchess of Suck-it still gets a mention.

  • Amber heard is gorgeous and good at acting but her personality is just disgusting

  • Markle never "starred" in anything; she was simply part of the cast on Suits, and had been written OUT OF THE SHOW before it folded! A gold-digger, she grabbed at the chance for Harry, who had about 8 failed girlfriend relationships before her. But he was insanely jealous of his brother and his family and all he wanted was a wife and family of his own; Meghan saw dollar signs over his head and never let him out of her sight, her hand-holding of his against Royal protocol,; only showed she was scared he'd get away, and she STILL does that! It's NOT affection, it's CONTROL! She stifles him, still locates every camera wherever they go, looks into it and waves, while Harry pays no attention to her actions, probably the only way he can cope with her henpecking!

  • Ellen Degeneres fired my cousin, whom was a production assistant, from her show because she was " over-qualified" for having a master's degree

  • i will never see anything adam shitler does or produces or supports after that peice of garbage uncut gemworse than anything i have seen even on the shorts channel by studentswas better he owes me fo the tickets and time wasted

  • "Cheating on your husband and lying to the public will undoubtedly make you unpopular"…Why? It is none of anyone's business but theirs. No one should care about this. This is one of the many things wrong with society. Mind your own business. You did not like the last movie, not a problem, that IS your business. You don't approve of their relationship (or lack thereof), IT IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!

  • How do these people that are famous feel about the majority of the public doesn't like them? I don't think it's true for all of them, the dislike of them

  • All these "scandals" are staged. Jade could just wear a wig, have transplants or extensions like the rest of them.

  • Ridiculous that Meghan Markle is on this list. The woman has done nothing wrong. The British media thanks to the royal family has weaponize the tabloid against this lady to sell their trash papers

  • Why is Elon on this list?? Leftards. Also, I don't like Alec Baldwin, but to accuse him of manslaughter on a fkn movie set with PEOPLE IN CHARGE OF SAFETY AND SET EQUIPMENT is fkn asinine.

  • If there's a video of what they said, why not show it rather than just describe what they said? Makes me want to do a credibility check.

  • While I am not a huge fan of Amy Schumer's comedy, she is an excellent actor. Elon Musk can go F himself.

  • The Smiths both wanted the attention, before they fell into obscurity. Dimbos.

  • The story about Ellen and Dakota was wrong. It was the other way around.


  • Don't forget Amber heard,and James Corden, David letterman.

  • Why does the public scrutinize famous people when everyday men do the same thing.

  • Ellen looks like a 12 year old boy with Progeria, especially when she was photographed gawking at Katy Perry's breasts.

  • Ridiculous.people locked in jail are there for a reason,who cares if theyre offended by Ellen comments

  • Sucks that SOME people, hate it when Elon Musk speaks truthfully in regards to the plandemic…

  • Considering Will is a hay pedophile, I can imagine how unconventional marriage they have.
    Jada is just parhetic.

  • hmmm I thought I have seen Adam Sandler on one of the nicest actors… hahah weird

  • Ellen ,why do l feel so sorry for you. Do you know yourself, love yourself ? Who are you ?

  • Meghan Markle bought everything she wanted. the prince, the money, the attention and she got there mostly by lies (ask her about her "pregnancies") give me a break. She's a nightmare!

  • Why people "hate" someone they've never met and who has no affect at all on their lives is something I'll never understand.

  • I just watched a video about the nicest celebrities and Adam Sandler was one of them. So, wtf

  • Hang on a second. Armie Hammer is now a pariah in Hollywood because, basically, of his attitude towards women??
    Maybe if he had just "grabbed them by the p¿$$y, he could be president!

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