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Tandem OLED Explained | The New iPad Pro’s REAL Magic

Tandem OLED! Sure! Right? No, really: What is Tandem OLED, how does it work, and did Apple actually invent it? Here are all the …

Title: Unveiling the Magic of Tandem OLED in the New iPad Pro: A Game-Changer in Display Technology

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, Apple's latest innovation, the Tandem Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) display on the new iPad Pro, is making waves. This article aims to shed light on this groundbreaking technology and its implications.

The Tandem OLED technology, a first in the iPad series, promises a significant leap in display quality. Unlike traditional OLED screens, which use a single emissive layer, Tandem OLED employs two layers. This design allows for a thinner, more power-efficient screen with improved color accuracy and brightness.

The new iPad Pro's display is not just an upgrade; it's a revolution. The Tandem OLED technology, developed by LG Display, is expected to set a new standard for tablet displays. This technology, while not entirely new, is making its debut in a major consumer product, marking a significant milestone in its adoption.

The Tandem OLED's ability to deliver brighter, more vibrant colors, and its power efficiency, which extends battery life, are features that are particularly relevant in today's tech-savvy world. As we continue to demand more from our devices, the Tandem OLED technology seems poised to meet these expectations.

In conclusion, the Tandem OLED display on the new iPad Pro is more than just a feature; it's a testament to the relentless pursuit of innovation in the tech industry. This technology, while not entirely new, is making its debut in a major consumer product, signaling a new era for tablet displays. As we delve deeper into the digital age, the Tandem OLED technology promises to redefine our visual experiences, making every pixel count.

See video for more information

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  • Does this not open the door for Apple to finally produce its own TV ? That has been rumored many times before, maybe this opens the door to that possibility. At the very least there is bound to be some “Apple tech” that Apple will license to the TV manufacturers. In some respects this is a significant departure from Apple’s “never-first” mentality. Interesting times ahead for sure.

  • What about eye strain? Is there a difference between Air 11 with LCD screen and Pro 11 with Tandem OLED screen?

  • I wonder if it is possible to merge Micro lens array technology with QDOT so as to get astounding result

  • You forgot to mention that Honor Magic 6 RSR used Tandem OLED before Apple.
    But cudos to apple to use it in tablet and solve power efficiency issues.

  • This video left me more confused than I was before. You say it is WRGB-OLED but then Apple’s own footage shows the the RGB layout we know from the Nintendo Switch instead. And when it comes to the important questions like how the bottom panel‘s light manages to get through or why we didn‘t see this earlier in any other displays you have no answer or have to speculate? Why release this video already then and not finish the research first?

  • The single most hated ad ever released and you use it as B roll. Yikes.

  • Regular LEDs are not better than OLED , mini LEDs are going to put OLED out of business.

  • I wouldn’t object if Apple made the big iPad 4k and advertise it the way TVs do supporting hdr10+, Dolby vision, imax enhanced, Dolby atmos etc etc also the rec 2020 + color measurements, higher pixel density, 10 or 12 bit colors —the whole shabang

  • Hey Caleb if you don't know enough about a topic then don't make a video about it just to capitalize on a hyped up topic. There's a lot of things needing correction in this video first and foremost that tandem OLED is RGB OLED like on phones and not WOLED like on TVs. Completely different tech and rather comparable to Japan Display's and now CSoT's RGB OLED for monitors and well.. phones. I didn't watch till the end because this is the first video of yours that is a complete waste of time for the viewer tbh.

  • This display is absolutely stunning!

  • I do have an iPad Pro 2018 12.9 inch. and for more than 5 years it served me well… i always thought it had a wonderful screen… until i got the new OLED one and put it next to the old one… Huge difference

  • I remember a number of years back that a TV manufacturer showed off a TV using this same premise at one of the trade shows. Can't remember the name of the maker but it wasn't one of the big ones like Samsung or LG.

    It was a 4K LCD panel up front, and a 1080p LCD panel under that. The idea was to use the 1080p layer as basically a micro dimming zones layer to improve the contrast of the TV. Basically 2 million dimming zones. Product never made it to market but it was an interesting idea.

  • It isn’t two entire oleds. There’s a tear down that shows they combined two layers of light diodes.

  • Unrelated to content in video. The way you wore that shirt is uncomfortable to me to see.

  • I've had the latest iPad for a week now. Definitely the beset display I've see. Cant wait for tv's to come out with this.

  • What's up with Calebs teeth? I never noticed how discoloured and wonky they were..

  • The whole video is waste of time… light information delivered a thousand times everywhere…… 11 min long….

  • What Apple pulled off is impressive. This will definitely drive more innovation and push the prices downward.

  • very nice thanks for the lesson, OLEDS have been the star of displays for a while its nice to see an innovation that tackles one of its downfalls. Hoping to see tandem tech in gaming monitors which see heavy use from avid gamers like myself!

  • Caleb, you do know Samsung has been making OLED tablets for almost 10 years now?

  • Does tandem OLED mean that the new iPad pro could technically be capable of 3d since it’s two stacked displays?

  • "Introducing the new Triple-Layer OLED (Tri-OLED) TV from Samsung!"
    "New from LG, the Quad-OLED G7! Bring your sunglasses!"

  • This is LG patented innovation,HP used it first in laptops!

  • Manufacturers (such as LG) have been showing transparent OLED displays on tradeshows for years. So it takes no genius to figure out that the second OLED layer in the iPad has to be a transparent one. That's the whole magic.

  • Apple has some of the best products in their iPad line so good

  • Kind of disappointed, expected this video to actually have a hands on with the display.

  • I have one I can tell you the screen is amazing. I have the Sony a95l qdoled an it blows that away an it’s an awesome tv.

  • The only thing apple invents these days are the lies that they throw around on those presentations

  • It's already available on LG Gram Fold & HP Spectre Fold.
    And some premium EV cars

  • I was under the impression that tandem OLED is more power efficient than a single layer OLED. The reasoning being, that getting more light of out a single pixel is a process of diminishing returns. So by having 2 stacked on top of each other, they are running closer to their peak efficiency.
    I think there is reason to believe that the new OLED screens on the iPad are not that much more power hungry than the previous LCDs or OLEDs on Android tablets.

  • You did this whole video without going to see one of the iPads for yourself? How strange.

  • I’m obsessed with the new iPad Pro. Bought it on day one. The screen is simply stunning. The only thing Apple needs to do now, is sort out the iPadOS… All this power with no where to go.

  • Your comment about battery life and power usage is just… Wrong. There are quite a few OLED laptops & tablets, and OLED's on phones aren't any more efficient than "normal" laptop/tablet OLED displays. Phones have much smaller batteries, so it's about a wash when comparing mobile devices.

  • I bought the 13” Ipad M4 and compared it side by side with the previous M1 MiniLED and it is astoundingly different! Even though the peak brightness figures are the same the contrast difference is incredible! Also, the pixel response is so much quicker on the OLED vs MiniLED backlight meaning that motion clarity is much better (even though the refresh rate is the same). Truly a huge leap, cannot wait until more displays get his tech!

  • iPhones (if not all OLED phones) use RGB panels. Not WOLED.

  • Please please please, does it use PWM?? TVs don’t but for w.e. Horrid reason phones do.
    If this doesn’t and it trickles down the phone line up that’d be wonderful!
    I will be stuck on LCD iPhone until then.

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