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M4 iPad Pro – One Week Later: FINALLY Upgrading from M1 iPad…

M1 & M2 vs M4 iPad Pro 2024 – Should You Upgrade? | M4 iPad Pro Comparison 1 Week Later Apple released the M4 iPad Pro …

Title: 'One Week with the M4 iPad Pro: A Game-Changing Upgrade from M1'

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, the release of a new device often sparks excitement and anticipation among consumers. One such device is the M4 iPad Pro, which has been making waves since its launch. After a week of using the device, many users, including those upgrading from the M1 iPad Pro, have shared their experiences, revealing the M4's potential to be a game-changer.

The M4 iPad Pro, Apple's latest addition to its tablet lineup, boasts significant improvements over its predecessor. These enhancements, particularly in terms of performance and graphics, have left many early adopters impressed. Users have reported smoother multitasking, faster app loading times, and improved overall efficiency, making the M4 iPad Pro a worthy upgrade for those using the M1 model.

However, it's essential to note that these improvements come at a cost. The M4 iPad Pro is priced higher than its predecessor, a factor that some users may find challenging. Despite this, the device's enhanced capabilities and the potential for increased productivity may justify the higher price tag for many.

In conclusion, the M4 iPad Pro, after a week of use, seems to be living up to the hype. For those considering an upgrade from the M1 iPad Pro, the M4 model offers noticeable improvements in performance and graphics. While the higher price point may be a deterrent for some, the potential benefits could outweigh the cost for those seeking a more efficient and powerful tablet experience.

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  • Thanks for the review. I would say if you can wait 2-3 weeks wait. Only if WWDC shows an M4 iPadOS only feature would it be worth it, otherwise stick with M1 and upgrade your laptop to M4.

    Much better value with a laptop using M4 vs an iPad IMO since almost no performance difference with ipad M1 and M4 can be found (saves you less than 1-2 minutes in day). Sure M4 is better but that 800 dollars price difference can get you a MacBook Air M4 which should make better use of the M4 chip and MacOS.

    So value = M4 MBA vs M4 iPad Pro.
    If you have the money then spend it how ever you want too.

  • Just got the 13 M4 512. Is a screen protector really necessary? I have the pencil and magic keyboards and have heard random scratches appearing. Thanks guys!

  • As an M1 User, I get amazing speeds still with what I use it for. I use it for video editing on the go like LumaFusion. The M4 still doesn’t seem like a decent reason to upgrade. The device is missing one less microphone and even though it’s thinner, I fear that it’s easier to bend, after reviewing some videos on YouTube showing it’s already bent slightly out of the box. That why would somebody pay another thousand dollars plus a new Apple Pencil that’s also a pro model which cost probably way more than the OG Apple Pencil second GEN, it’s not worth it, there’s nothing innovative with this new device, there’s a better wide lens on the 12 9 inch generation five then the new M4 it makes no sense..

  • It’s a struggle to figure out if I should get rid of my M1 11 to the M4 13. As a digital artist extra space and better screen are big factors for me but damn is it ever expensive. 😭

  • There is absolutely nothing wrong with the M1 iPad pro. Don't be fooled by these tech nerds.

  • Still silly huge black bars when watching content.

  • Apple missed the mark when they didn't add weather-sealed on their iPad lineup since Samsung added weather-sealed to their tablets.

  • I have an iPad Pro 2018 before the M chips made their way into the iPads. So I believe it might be a good upgrade. Just wondering if the 13 is too big since I am used to a 11 inch

  • I'm one of your new subscribers, and I have to say how I enjoyed your comparison of the two iPads! I received mine yesterday, and something isn't working, but I'm going to Apple today to get it switched out. I have always taken out Apple Care for an apparent reason.

  • I went from an iPad Pro 12.9" 4th gen to an iPad Pro M4. I love the weight difference. My biggest issue with my 4th gen was the battery life. I use it everyday for taking notes at work and that battery was just not able to keep up.

  • Thank you for doing the audio comparison :). Anything past the M1 gen really do sound garbo.

  • Excellent review as expected. I do have the M1, 11” iPad Pro. I like the landscape camera (finally!) I also would like to upgrade to the M4 processor and tandem OLED display. Since I recently purchased the Apple Watch, I will have to wait until this is paid off. In the meantime, I get to listen to reviews like yours, that help me to consider purchasing the M4 iPad Pro 11” model. That’s it! Keep em coming! 👍🏾

  • You can do exactly the same things, except a but faster. Most will use it mostly for casual gaming and youtube.

  • Brandon, trying to decide it it is worth it to get the 1 TB model with the 16 gb. Is there any benefit to upgrade to 16 gb ram now or is it future proofing? I would not use 1 TB storage but 16 gb ram is tempting if it truly is useful.

  • Thank you for these helpful comparisons between M1 and M4 iPad Pro. I have had the M1 12.9 iPad Pro for over two years, and I am seriously ready to upgrade to the M4 11 inch iPad Pro.

  • What does the M1 chip have to do with the M4 chip? I understand that you are comparing it with the M2 chip. u have lost your brain.

  • I just bought an M1 Pro 12.9 inch refurb @ Best Buy..I was leaning more on the M2 iPad Air 11. But yeah, I’m just an average user and, using it for content viewing, emailing, browsing, and of course, music sheet for when jamming in my home studio/room lol, and music edits if I’m not lazy.. not really heavy like video edits etc.. @ $599(Ipad air 11) compared to what I pad for the M1 iPad Pro 12.9 which is $659.99, comparing the two specs wise, it’s a no brainer.. I just wanted the Promotion and the extra nits of brightness(borrow my son’s iPad Air 2 sometimes), and I’m good. Apple still selling the IPad Mini on their line up which was released in 2021 same with the IPad Pro M1. I Can’t justify spending over a thousand bucks on the latest M4 iPads. With that amount of money, I’ll just buy the MacBook Air. If you are in the fence of buying, stick within your budget, no matter what.. It adds up you know, Magic Keyboard or folio then Apple Pencil pro..I understand Apple needs to make profits out of their products. Remember, Steve Jobs said, an IPad is between an IPhone and a MacBook something like that..M4 costing more than a MacBook? That is contradicting what he said, (RIP Steve), but hey it’s Tim who is CEO now. Oh and I got a Magic Keyboard refurb @ Amazon for $159.. looks like new. If this IPad Pro M1 I got will not fail or act up within the return window, I’m keeping it :). More power on your channel

  • let me say this straight, those paper numbers and tests are all horse s hite. no real difference (noticeable) till date.

  • I upgraded im about a weeek in today … does anyone else experience their iPad being high in temp I have the 11 inch 256

  • Any one have M1 ipad it is wasting money to upgrade to M4 because nothing big changed all miner , the M1 still the best of best.

  • Im gunna buy the m1 more than enough for me plus ebay makes it cheaper

  • I had the M1 with 8 GB of ram and 256 GB of storage. The ram was part of the problem, but mostly in terms of when I had a large orchestral piece with a lot of samples in it. I use Staff pad and Dorico. But I think the faster processor in the M4 was notably effective in the performance of the music. The timing issues that I had before we’re gone. The processor was quick enough and powerful enough to render the composition with very clear audio in all the parts. The Bluetooth connection with my keyboard was with a much lower latency. In summary. I think the ram helped in terms of the amount of instruments that could be loaded, and in future proofing the device, but even though it’s more expensive, the M4 processor is a lot faster. I was very hesitant about making the purchase, but I think it was definitely worth it. I hope this helps.😊

  • Im still using my iPad Pro M1 just to watch all my favorite movies tv show UFC and YouTube that’s all i do ost of the time on my iPad Pro M1

  • Funny thing man you’re always wasting your money upgrading that often…

  • I want to see a comparison of ipad 13inch 2024-(m4 chip) vs ipad 12.9.(2023-m2 chip) I'm interested in the display colors so their speed, strength…

  • So… What I would recommend if you have the M1, keep it. Wait for the M7 or for them to really unleash the capabilities of the iPad. They still have to fix bugs and some other stuff to the iPadOS for one to invest on what they are asking for.

  • No idea what you are doing with your displays and the black test …. The blacks on my M1 Pro are proper black. Do you understand how the m1 display works ?

  • So this video was made before Apple wwdc 2024, and they said that AI will be included with m1 and above. That is one less advantage for the m4!

  • Come on man it’s not worth the upgrade… the OS operate the same on both iPads… if you have the m1 iPad u can skip the next 3 upgrades…

  • My 13inch M4 with cellular for $1500 was the biggest waste of money I ever spent. I regret it everyday

  • @BrandonButch Please tell me how things are with the battery life on the iPad Pro 13" M4?
    I don’t like the battery life on my iPad Pro 12.9" M2, when i watch YouTube on it via Wi-Fi, the battery percentage melts before your eyes…
    Does the iPad Pro 13" M4 last longer when watching YouTube videos, Netflix, etc.? Or does it have the same battery life as the iPad Pro 12.9" M2?

  • Thanks for this …I see there's no reason to trade in my M2 13" 😅…it's only done 15000 utubes 😊😊

  • is not worth it with current ipad os and m1 still beast

  • I upgraded my 2018 1st gen 11-inch Pro to the M4 and i have no regrets 🙂 i have the M1 12.9-inch Pro and will be sticking with this for a while maybe until the M5 (?) model. I still think my M1 is going to hold up for a few more years despite getting it in 2021.

  • Ok but with time that small battery not aging well we’ve seen this before

  • I think the jump from the A to the M chips is still more than enough for most people and circumstances. All these 'up to 1.5x better performance' etc is to at least some extent a marketing gag to make you believe you need an crazy overpowered ipad to multitask heavy movie and picture editing while playing graphic intense games at the same time, when in most scenarios you just want your apps to load fast and scribble around in eg procreate while watching a YouTube video xD- and for that, even beyond, older generation are well capable of doing that perfectly!
    Imagine an already overly overpowered new ipad would be replaced by an even better one in the blink of an eye.. well, thats the case by now. I'll wait for the M15. Only then i can watch my 60hz 1440p youtube videos in peace

  • Still running M1 12.9". Can't see any reason for me to update yet. Only do streaming, web and general apps.

  • I’ve been waiting for this video. I have an M1 iPad Pro. However I won’t be trading it in because my current  pencil 2 and Magic Keyboard won’t work

  • Not worth upgrading for minimal upgrades.
    The display is not much of a difference between the M1 over the M4.

  • but if your a professional artist designer ilustrator and other profession ipad pro is for you

  • Future proofing is BS. That’s what they said for the M1. Let them come up with something worth upgrading to.

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