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Is A 6.9 inch iPhone TOO BIG? 🫣🤔📱

How big is TOO big for a phone? We have even more iPhone rumors and these ones point to the iPhone 16 Pro Max/Ultra …


Title: "Is a 6.9-inch iPhone Too Big? Consumers Weigh In on the Latest Device Size Trend"

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, Apple's latest iPhone models, boasting a 6.9-inch screen, have sparked a debate among consumers: is this size too big?

The trend towards larger screens began with the introduction of the iPhone 6 Plus in 2014, and since then, Apple has consistently increased screen sizes. The latest iPhone 14 Pro Max, with its expansive 6.9-inch Super Retina XDR display, is the largest iPhone yet.

While some consumers are excited about the increased screen real estate, others find the larger size uncomfortable to use, particularly for one-handed operation. A survey conducted by TechRadar found that 42% of respondents prefer smaller phones, citing ease of use and portability as their main reasons.

However, the larger screen size also offers advantages. It provides a more immersive viewing experience for videos and games, and it's ideal for multitasking, making it a popular choice among power users.

The debate over

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  • I think that 6.9 is a bit TOO big for a phone, yes some people have larger hands, like you said, including yourself. But 6.9? Way too big! I think that the 6.7 is large enough, your phone looks like the correct size for you!

  • iPhone is like a breast size- It's either is too big or too small.

  • If 16 pro will be a little bigger then 15 pro (6.3) I think will be the perfect size for big handed boys. My 15 pro is 6.1 and feels good but a bit bigger I feel will be perfect. 15 pro max is already too much

  • The new iPhone is not too big, remember Huawei had X20 mate years ago and it was 7.03 inch. So 6.9 inch is normal


  • One day it’s gonna turn into the size the the MacBook

  • 6.1 is a bit small, but right in hand. I guess max 6.3.

  • I already hate the current size of phones. I want them to bring back the mini, the current standard phone sizes already a max. The innovation of phones was always to make them smaller to fit in your pocket easier, all I'm seeing is that my phone is so big it weighs down my pocket😂

  • As long as you can hold and grip the phone, it’s never too big.

  • I think it's getting too big. Just keep it at what it is. If anything, make them a tiny bit smaller but add more screen. Go even more bezeless compared to what it is now with the 15 pro. Make the dynamic island even smaller. There's no need for it to be as big as it is right now. Especially with the dead pixels in between the face ID and camera. I'd prefer a slightly bigger front facing camera with more megapixels and a slightly slower, under the display face ID than anything that they are going to do with the iPhone 16 pro models. I think the lock button should have had the ability for touch ID years ago. Especially in 2020 when the 12 pro line up released. But we will be in the 17 pro line up and there will still be no touch ID and there will still be that exact same 3 ring camera design in the exact same position. Probably just slightly bigger. That's all they've been doing throughout the years. Making the camera lens slightly bigger each year. From the 11 pro max, all the way to the 15 pro max

  • Milquetoast fence sitter. Every side bad. No side good. Just pick a side and go with it.

  • It’s not even that much bigger. That’s what she said 🙊

  • I'm a big hands guy too. I had a 4s that was way too small, a 7+ that was okay but too much thin, a 11 that was great but a bit too thick compared to the 7+ (for real, the shape of the IPhone 11 was top notch). Now I'm on a 15PM that is perfect

  • People who think iPhone 13 Pro Max is the most compatible

  • I literally Am watching This On a 6.9 PHONE NOT TABLET

  • In my educated opinion, it depends how big you are.

  • I'm used to big ass galaxy note phones, so it's not a problem. It's a 2 hand griper…



  • 6 is the limit for me … it looks phone not tab and looks beutiful as well

  • It’s great like the galaxy note 20 ultra 🎉

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