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iPhone 16: What To Expect

This fall, Apple will reveal their new iPhone 16 and 16 Pro models, so here are all the new features we’re expecting to see.


Title: iPhone 16: Anticipated Features and Innovations

As Apple gears up for the release of the iPhone 16, tech enthusiasts worldwide are abuzz with speculations about the upcoming device. While Apple is notoriously secretive about its upcoming products, leaks and rumors provide a glimpse into what we might expect from the iPhone 16.

1. Design: The iPhone 16 is expected to maintain the sleek design that Apple is known for, with potential improvements in durability. Rumors suggest that Apple may introduce a ceramic shield front cover, offering four times better drop performance than previous iPhone models.

2. Display: The iPhone 16 might feature a 120Hz ProMotion display, similar to the iPad Pro. This high refresh rate would provide a smoother scrolling and gaming experience.

3. Camera: Improvements in the camera department are always a highlight in new iPhone releases. The iPhone 16 could feature a periscope-style telephoto lens, allowing for significant zoom capabilities without compromising image quality.

4. Processor: Apple's A16 Bionic chip is expected to power the

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  • Can we bring back metallic colors for the base model phones? I refuse to believe anyone is buying yellow and green over more metals

  • What to expect? 60hz on base models 💀😂🤡

  • Unbelievable that changing the name of a color is an actual feature

  • I couldn’t give less of a crap about ANOTHER FUCKING CAMERA SHORTCUT! Bring back Product(red) colours, leather cases and the gold iPhone Pro option.

  • thinner and bigger with another camera. done

  • Are the pros also getting fast charging improvements or do they already have that?

  • I’ve been using my iPhone X with a broken back glass for so long, If the iPhone 16 Pro seemed to be significantly better than the iPhone 15 Pro, then I might buy the 16 next year. Else, I’ll just buy the 15 since it’s going to be cheaper.

  • I've been an Apple supporter for many years and have been using iPhones exclusively since the iPhone 6. Last year, I decided to switch to the Samsung Fold 5 from my iPhone 12 Pro Max because I wanted something new, particularly a bigger screen for reading books and articles, and the ability to take pictures of my wife in mirror mode without complaints. However, after several months of using the Fold 5, I feel that the iPhone is still superior in many ways.

    There are several small issues with the Fold 5 that bother me. The camera quality is poor (i know its not an Ultra but still), the colors and details on WhatsApp are strange (though this might not be Samsung's fault), and my experience with Android Auto has been terrible. The wallpaper setup is also disappointing. Additionally, Samsung's assistant doesn't support Cantonese, so I had to install Google Assistant, which isn't great either.

    I don't know if others have had similar experiences when switching to Android, but I really hope Apple creates something new, like foldables, that can bring me back. I miss the stability of a system and a device that always works reliably without requiring constant troubleshooting.

  • Lame…

    Apple has lost its way…

    It’s not a tech company…

    It’s a fashion brand… the fact that a new colour is touted as a feature…

  • it is just so sad how bad iphone are doing nowadays, what a joke to not have 120Hz in full lineup 2024, shame on apple big time. I hade my first iphone ever (12 pro max) and iphone is pretty good phones with some futures android missing (facetime and airdrop) except from that i really dont know what is positive with iphone. i am back to android and are more happy then ever after changing back to android (Galaxy 23 ultra)

  • Looking forward to it! Great videos 🙂

  • man. with all that neural engine power. they still cant allow us to organized our photos ??
    like transferring pics and vids totally to another folder instead of duplicating it??

  • youre so slow at talking that even at 2x speed its still too slow to watch. talk about dragging out content for money…

  • I got a iPhone ad just before watching the video

  • Feels like yesterday the iphone 6 dropped, and everyone was going crazy about the slow motion camera

  • Unfortunately humanity has reached its stagnation period… but normally after that comes an exponential climb. Not sure when

  • No 120Hz on regular model? I'll pass.

  • Ah yes, so again the base model is the previous pro model with a camera less.

  • I have the iPhone 15 pro. I am not getting a new phone until it’s significantly different. Like newer design and upgraded features and new features. I went from the iPhone 13 pro to the 15 pro and its not much different other than a few things like a much better camera and a few other things

  • Honestly I think we all want something different but what more can they do to a smart phone without making it disappeared?, Samsung has been adding one camera every year it look like a spiders eye by now get rid of the notch would be honestly the best thing

  • Here's what to expect: The same exact shit but slightly different

  • wait the new iphone that just scame out already has a newer model?

  • Expect no charger empty box and same old shit.

  • its not worth to go from 15 pro max to 16 pro max

  • About to wait for iPhone 20 before I make a purchase again

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