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iPhone 16 & iPhone 16 Pro (we know EVERYTHING already)

EP. 1258 – We know EVERYTHING about the iPhone 16 The entire iPhone 16 lineup is months away but somehow we have all …


Title: "iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Pro: Unveiling the Future of Apple's Flagship Devices"

In the realm of cutting-edge technology, the anticipation for Apple's upcoming iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Pro models is reaching a fever pitch. With rumors swirling and leaks surfacing, we've managed to piece together a comprehensive picture of what these devices might offer.

Starting with the iPhone 16, it's expected to feature a 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR display, a significant upgrade from its predecessor. The device is rumored to be powered by the A17 Bionic chip, promising faster processing speeds and improved energy efficiency.

The iPhone 16 Pro, on the other hand, is set to boast a larger 6.7-inch ProMotion display, offering a smoother and more responsive user experience. This model is also expected to feature the highly anticipated periscope-style telephoto lens, promising a significant leap in zoom capabilities.

Both devices are expected to feature a significant upgrade in their camera systems. The primary camera is rumored to

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  • Useless than a flat-earther… he really went for it

  • Why not a 5k mah battery already? Androids been using larger capacities for nearly a decade now.

  • Hm the M4 did not have more neural engine cores, still 16, just with Int8 which lets them advertise double the TOPS. I wonder where this leaves the rumour of the 16 Pro having more NE cores.

  • Oh man I love this style of video, subbed. Awesome man just awesome, dont give a shit what ever you want to talk about I am watching…

  • That graphine and metal enclosure is going to be the same as the ipad pro. Cupper logo and graphine on the case.

  • When he says Siri is terrible my HomePod said “that is not nice”. I had to laugh so hard. 😂

  • I really wanted to switch from s22 ultra but…i don't think imma do that now, iphone is inferior it seems.

  • I think we’re going to see a new SE soon…T-Mobile has them heavily discounted right now

  • Anyway we are getting surprised from videos like this though 😅😅

  • Camera, camera, camera button, chip, and that's about it. I planned to upgrade from 13Pro Max but the closer it gets the more I realize I am barely going to feel like I upgraded 😭.

  • Capture button. As if we needed yet ANOTHER way to access the camera or take a photo.

  • All changes that I expected is if Cameras are updated or not

  • Immersive translate is just as better as Apple translate and I'd recommend it to learners who are trying to better their grades in foreign language study.

  • Hey I never commented on ur video's but I always loved them, mostly ur humor but also very much ur quality is so amazingly good. So I want to thank you forur 11 years talking about iPhones. A little admiring massage from a proud 'fpt 404' shirt owner!

  • Wait… Jern is that you?! 😢Congrats on the weight loss!✊🏽

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