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Now I will tell you about the latest Apple smartphones, namely the iPhone 16 Pro and 16 Pro Max! These models have just hit the …


Title: "iPhone 16 2024: Apple's Anticipated Game Changer"

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, anticipation for the next big leap is always high. Apple, a trailblazer in the industry, is set to unveil its iPhone 16 in 2024, promising a game-changing experience.

The iPhone 16 is rumored to feature groundbreaking advancements, setting new standards in smartphone technology. One of the most exciting rumors is the integration of foldable technology, a first for Apple. This could potentially revolutionize the way we use our smartphones, offering a larger screen without compromising portability.

Another significant upgrade is expected in the camera department. With the iPhone 16, Apple aims to push the boundaries of mobile photography. Leaks suggest the inclusion of a 200-megapixel camera, promising unparalleled image quality. Additionally, advancements in computational photography could lead to features like real-time object removal and improved low-light performance.

The iPhone 16 is also expected to make strides in battery life and charging technology. With the

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  • Still using 11 and works great.. investing the difference

  • I owe iphone13pro, the battery is on 86%. I was thinking of changing for iphone 16pro or pro max, but there is the same design all the time, same camera, same old boring, … Maybe i will just go back on android

  • I have my 12pro max that I owned for 4 years… until I dropped it (by missing my inside jacket pocket) onto the asphalt, shattering both front and back 😢. I needed a phone replacement asap as I was teleworking that week, ended up getting a 15 pro max. Honestly, I’ve always preferred the even number iPhones – and I’ve owned them all, since the 3GS. I’ll probably dump the 15 for a 16 (back to the Happy EVEN number) pro max when it comes out.

  • I’m so tired of iPhone, release the same phone every year with minimum changes. They need to start staggering their releases so it can be worth the upgrade.

  • I am currently using Iphone 11 Pro max , i am going to change my phone this year .

  • New bezel is good makes it look like your looking out your eyes and not a camera through a phone

  • I’m still using my 12 Pro along with my blackberry key2, the only way I’m upgrading is if this 12 pro stop receiving updates or it stop working 💯

  • I’m getting tired of carrying a phone around. They need something lighter and smaller.

  • 13PM and X256 here, I’m so so looking forward to replacing this X but apple wont calm down I can’t decide they keep overstimulating me with these new releases, I should’ve been replaced this oldass phone but I need the space!! 😂😂😂

  • Not innovative lazy so called tech company don’t deserve anything from the market

  • Let´s wait and see. If they really push the size, the Pro model with 6,3 will be more interesting to me. Currently rocking my beloved 13 Pro Max imo the best iPhone they released the last years, still awesome.

  • Ultra better bolder in price and marketing, rest will be same like last year.

  • its gonna be insane because there is nothing new to it

  • bet when the iphone 16 comes out everyones gonna be like "wait for the iphone 17!!" just leave it be and let people buy what they want

  • I keep my iPhone 14 Pro Max and it's the last one I buy. I'm tired of seeing Apple milking this shit every year just to sell us basically the same smartphone increasingly expensive.

  • This button is a piece of s for the marketing because most of the pics are taken vertically, not horizontally.

  • I'm prepping for a switch to Pixel 9 Pro XL. The iPhone will cost vastly more than i'm prepared to pay. I'm on a 12 pro-max now… The cameras are okay – but more is appreciated.

  • iPhone 6 Plus is still running like a workhorse for me. Had to change the battery once

  • if they fix the battery issue the 15 had, it's worth waiting for

  • Not having 8K video recording is the main problem with iPhone, so if you want to record 8K video you need to get Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. So iPhone 16 is not a current smartphone in this regard. iPhone 13 is still quite remarkable in that it offers 95% what these few latest generations have. AI might be attractive, but for the most part it is a gimmick in my opinion.

  • Samsung made bezeless smart phones 10 years ago. Apple doesn't know yet?

  • What’s new, aside from the obligatory minor upgrades in hardware and software, what is new. Why bother with mass production? Stupid system they’ve herded society into.

    Give me something innovative before I change a phone. Maybe it’s the 40’s in me, I used to get hyped of this nothingness.

  • For the stupidity , The channel host must be delusion , you are actually getting the same BS phone every year with a bonus of NSA , Fed and CI.A having a back door to your phone.
    Apple day are over ,,, this host think he’s in 2004 . When iPhone glory day..
    Back then IPhone was tech revolution but now they’re so lack behind and 😅 shit every year that is boring and nothing new except rodding price. “ So channel host how much did Apple Pay you to misinform to the public”.

  • Still on 12 Pro and awaiting a wearthy of an iPhone as is way different …

  • As Always Game changer. Hahahah copying from the android technology. Remember type C? 😅

  • really hope the 16 plus get 6.9inch screen

  • I'm still using the se Gen 2. It's small and still works great. I don't want a tablet in my pocket.
    A new SE model or a mini is what we need. And keeping the price down. They would skyrocket their sales if the price was kept low.

  • i am an apple fan, just for trying moved to s24 ultra for a couple of years, i like the small cutout and high res even in bright day light i am able to clearly see each app and text, like the ai features and camera

    however i like iphone so much that i might switch back after a couple of years 😊

  • They need to fully redesign it the same look for years is getting old

  • same phone lol. also the 16 cameras' position looks so goofy lol. not my preference.

  • Oh apple….why are we not innovating anymore?😢

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