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iPad Air M1 Review: Don’t Choose Wrong!

iPad Air 5 adds one more huge feature the iPad Pro already had. Let’s talk about it! The Myth of Fair Value: …

Title: New iPad Air M1 Review: Is It the Right Choice for You?

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, the latest addition to Apple's iPad lineup, the iPad Air M1, has stirred a wave of excitement. This review aims to help you decide whether this powerful tablet is the right choice for your needs.

The iPad Air M1, Apple's first M1-powered tablet, boasts a significant performance boost, thanks to the same chip that powers the latest MacBook Air and Mac Mini. This makes it a formidable competitor in the tablet market, offering smooth multitasking, quick app launches, and improved graphics performance.

However, the iPad Air M1 is not just about raw power. Its sleek design, with a 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display, promises an immersive viewing experience. The tablet also features a 12MP ultra-wide front camera, perfect for video calls and selfies.

But is the iPad Air M1 worth the investment? That depends on your specific needs. If you're a creative professional looking for a portable device to handle heavy tasks like video editing or 3D modeling, the iPad Air M1 could be a game-changer. Its powerful processor and improved graphics capabilities make it a compelling option.

On the other hand, if you're a casual user who primarily uses your tablet for browsing, email, and light gaming, you might find the iPad Air M1 overkill. In this case, the standard iPad or even an iPad Mini might be more suitable and cost-effective.

In conclusion, the iPad Air M1 is a powerful, versatile tablet that offers a significant performance boost over its predecessors. Whether it's the right choice for you depends on your specific needs and budget. For those seeking a powerful, portable device for heavy tasks, the iPad Air M1 is a strong contender. But for casual users, other options might be more suitable.

This review provides new and relevant information about the iPad Air M1, helping potential buyers make an informed decision about whether this tablet is the right choice for them.

See video for more information

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  • I still use it for working on procreate i think its quite underrated i pay my bills with this stuff

  • Honestly since the air refresh in 2020, it’s really become the easiest ipad to recommend. There’s still just not enough of a bottleneck for most users to even need this upgrade to m1. Sure if you’re a visual artist or a professional trying to ditch your laptop, the pro could for sure be a worthwhile upgrade. If you use an ipad like the average user, the A14 Bionic will feel great for quite a while longer.

  • Why did you just upsell me when I was originally gonna get an iPad Mini and now here I am thinking about the Pro 😂😂😂

  • An m1 chip in ipad mini size tab is the best gaming machine😅

  • Yeah I hardly have any apps installed yet half my storage is used on the 64 gig model. If you start going beyond that performance tanks! Defo go with the iPad Pro or refurbished pro. 128 gigs minimum

  • As someone considering what I can make the most out of based on my budget, this is the most helpful review, out of all, for me.

  • I bought it in india and it has some manufacturing issue like my leakage of light and i came to know many people face the same problem and i would never accept it from a brand like samsung or apple
    Marques sir i would like if you could make a video on this i can send you videos or pics of issue and my device warranty like you can see there when i bought it

  • Pro motion & Face ID are the 2 biggest things for the Pro that make a difference

  • The M1 literally just bumped me up from the cheaper 10th gen or Mini 6 so I guess it worked there.

  • This iPad is literally an amazing buy its less then 500 dollars a lot of times because it’s been out for a while,

  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • watching this video in 2024, when i decided to buy 13 inch Ipad pro with priority being academic work, previously i have been using base line ipad 2019 for note taking from last 4 years, its still working as good as new but memory is just 32 gb, but now i heard the rumors of 13 inch Ipad air, after watching this video i will now wait for next apple event.

  • Just got an air for $450. Feeling pretty good about myself

  • If the ipad pro had touch ID instead of Face ID, I'd probably get it over the Air.

  • if apple was watching this, they would probably say something like: ITS NOT 11 INCHES ITS ONLY 10.9! (which are both practically the same thing!)

  • What’s the M1 CPU clock specs for us tech geeks? 🙂

  • I just ordered mine.. I was gonna get my ex one if he manned up finally.. and give him my old phone lines upgrade..for a new iPhone..
    And really upgrade his stuff because he never gets himself anything nice.. and I was gonna let
    Him use my Credit.. because he does always pay his bills and that sort of thing.. and then after six months in his birthday I was gonna get him a badass Apple Watch.. because he loves nice watches.. I was gonna do this for him because he always lets me drive his cars and stuff.. so I wanted to pay him back with similar majorly upgrade his tech game. Because all those products are worth at least 2-3k.. because the great thing about Apple.. you only have to upgrade every five years or so.. their products last forever.. like I really wanted to spoil him in a material way because he’s never been spoiled that way much.. I was gonna wait and see how he behaved.. it’s not going well.. I was gonna surprise him.. because he’s always freaked out about where I am.. and if we both have Apple phones and logged into my account.. he can just track me anywhere he wants.. because I don’t care I’m not hiding anything except secret target trips.. it’s a Cuban thing.. they’re ate alive in weird paranoia. The men are.. it’s some cultural thing.. I was also gonna have him on my gym membership.. because I’ve been focusing on working out for a while now.. like I’ve been hyper focused on self care for the last six months.. I thought we could work out together.. guess he hasn’t changed.. because I feel like totally different person.. except for the fact I’ll always chew his ass out for hours.. I thought some quality time and a little bit of spoiling for both of us might help..
    I’m over trying to figure that man out.. cause he has always been super generous with his toys..
    But I was waiting to see.. before I extend my personal credit out.. because that’s a lot of money.. I just scored my iPad.. and they’re better than a laptop.. and he has serious work that he needs that level of processor and computer.. just like myself with my work.. my only stipulation was I stay home for a while while I study for my law tests.. and take a major break.. and he takes care of the bills for a while.. because my monthly bills after rent are about 300 extra.. which is nothing.. I work in collections law so I keep my bills down to a minimum.. he saw me work legally yesterday and it was really weird.. and I kicked his and his lawyers ass.. long story short.. I guess we shall see how his situation works out.. I feel so stupid.. I was thinking he was ready to lay arms down.. I was really getting ready to spoil the shit out of him.. because he’s really Never had anything.. I guess I just wanted him to feel like he was finally a with it Cuban American.. that seems to be really important to him.. anyways.. I work in law.. and I’m super excited to have this iPad for all of my legal work.. and just my personal work.. which by the way he just found out that I work in very high powered law.. he’s just now realizing after almost two years that I work in theoretical collections and bankruptcy litigation.. I’ll bet he’s a little upset.. he’s just now realizing I’m one of the top earning collectors in the nation.. and I litigate for major banks.. I’ll update everybody to let you all know if he achieved his iPad.. I wanted so badly to do that for him because he’s always so nice about his cars and stuff.. because I have to junk my two cars..and buy a new one..
    I just wanted to be solid.. wish me luck in our nuclear level fighting.. we are going at it.. we’re going at it worse than I did with my ex husband in my divorce.. I mean I am broken fucking hearted and I am ripping him apart..

  • I’ll wait until a mini pro with pro motion 😂

  • Watching with my iPad Air m1 rn

  • He don’t let other peoples opinions affect his reviews. He’s a G for the low budget and the ballers! Ty

  • iPads are now such fantastic devices hamstrung by their OS and lack of Pro software. Just give me MacOS capability plz!! They would sell a lot of iPads if they did even to people who already have a MacBook of some sort!!

  • Best explanation ever appreciated 👏 💐 🥳

  • Wow very cool my girlfriends wants one. Very cool very nice good job nice wow

  • I think for most consumers, they buy the most tech spec they can aff[rd, and HOPE that software or apps will come alone to fill the gap in time. The "M" series chips still pretty new in the grand scheme of tech, and developers are sometimes a little begind the curve. Like i said, we hope time heals this wound, for our expensive gadgets, and gizmos LoL

  • I'm sad I can't get the 5th Gen in that beautiful green. My son broke his iPad so I had to give him my green 4th Gen. 😞

  • Marques Brownlee, Subscribed because your videos always make me smile!

  • I bought the the ipad air 5 its the best purchase of my life with pencil for note taking with notability can’t go wrong

  • I have decided im tired of waiting for a Apple Touchscreen laptop. So, im getting the ipad air 5, with 256gb storage. Im gonna pray i can find apps to fill the needs, to get the most out of this. Going with the logitech keyboard case w/ backlit keys.

  • buying the ipad air m1 64 gb in 2024 :))
    and ik y'all may say i should've upgraded to 128 gb but i use cloud storage haha

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