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Get the SHARGE Shargeek 170 here: Apple’s announcement of iOS 18 is happening on June 10 at WWDC …


Title: "iOS 18: Exciting New Features Unveiled in Apple's Upcoming Operating System"

In the world of technology, Apple's annual software updates are highly anticipated events. This year, the tech giant has unveiled the first details about its upcoming iOS 18, promising a host of new features that are set to revolutionize the user experience.

One of the most exciting confirmations is the integration of advanced AI capabilities. iOS 18 will leverage machine learning to provide users with more personalized and intuitive interactions. For instance, Siri will become even more responsive, understanding context and anticipating user needs with greater accuracy.

Another significant development is the enhancement of privacy controls. Apple has always prioritized user privacy, and iOS 18 takes this commitment a step further. Users will now have the ability to control data access on an app-by-app basis, providing them with unprecedented control over their digital footprint.

In terms of design, iOS 18 will introduce a fresh, modern look. The user interface will be more streamlined, with a focus on simplicity and ease of use. This redesign aims to make the

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  • I refuse to use Apple Maps until they let me use satellite mode while the route is active.

  • if they stop pegasus spyware, that would be a real advancement
    man, you are excited that the ipad is getting a calculator??
    that should have been there from day one.
    I have an iphone and ipad.
    but being hyped for basic stuff… cmon

  • Apple doesn’t barrow nothing from their stuff but they like to copy everyone else. Something don’t seem right with this picture

  • Apple fan boys excited over a calculator 😂
    A new feature are basically old features and other platforms. 😂

  • Am I hearing this right? iPhone users can't move their icons wherever they want right now? An iPhone 15 Pro Max costs $1200 and you can't move the icons?

  • I’m excited for the Siri update because then I’ll hopefully be able to actually use my HomePod as a “smart” speaker.

  • Sounds like they are trying to catch up with Android

  • just give me a universal back button and a real file system browser and we're all good apple

  • Im selling my Apple I’m so over it

  • There's so much i would change for the iOS, but i think that's just me: clipboard, splitscreen, calculator app to have history and partial result shown before pressing equal without installing a third party app, and last but not least the most important of them all, the cursor to be placed in the middle of the word when i click on a word to edit. The cursor issue was actually what made me switch back to Android. It's insanse how much i use it and i just didn't wanna have to drag, just to press in the middle of a word. Such a shame they don't have it.

  • Up to this point iOS 7 stays as the prettiest iOS ever, I hope iOS 18 does the same with a icon change and improvements.

  • How about if, instead of focusing on AI, they start using some HI (human intelligence) and add the freaking comma and dot keys on the keyboard? It’s silly to have to switch keyboards to access a punctuation sign that is used so frequently.

  • I’m so excited. I have a IPhone 11 Pro Max and I can’t wait for this huge update. This is amazing. ❤❤

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