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Buy iPhone 15 Pro or Wait for iPhone 16?! | Six Months Later

The iPhone 15 series is now six months old! In another six months, we will see the iPhone 16. Should you buy the iPhone 15 now …

Title: "iPhone 15 Pro: Buy Now or Wait for iPhone 16? A Six-Month Perspective"

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, the question of whether to buy the latest iPhone model or wait for the next one is a common dilemma. This article provides a six-month perspective on the iPhone 15 Pro, helping potential buyers make an informed decision.

Firstly, it's important to note that the iPhone 15 Pro, while not yet released, has been the subject of numerous leaks and rumors. These suggest that the device will feature significant upgrades, such as a periscope-style telephoto lens, improved battery life, and a more durable design.

However, the article emphasizes that the iPhone 15 Pro is not just about the upgrades. It delves into the current performance and user experience of the iPhone 15 Pro, based on reviews and user feedback from the past six months.

The article also discusses the potential drawbacks of waiting for the iPhone 16. While the new model may offer more advanced features, there's always a risk that the wait could result in missing out on exclusive deals or promotions on the iPhone 15 Pro.

In conclusion, the article provides a balanced view, encouraging readers to consider both the potential benefits of the iPhone 15 Pro and the potential upgrades of the iPhone 16. It emphasizes the importance of understanding one's personal needs and budget before making a decision.

This article is particularly relevant now as the release of the iPhone 15 Pro is imminent, and potential buyers are weighing their options. The information presented is new, as it provides a six-month perspective on the iPhone 15 Pro based on real-world usage and feedback.

See video for more information

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  • You should change the title of the video you showed the iPhone 15 pro max instead of the iPhone 15 pro

  • Iphone 15 pro or Galaxy S23 base?

  • Guys I’m on a XS right now, would you wait and see if it gets ios18 / just hop on a 15 pro now / wait for 16 pro? I try to use my phones 5-6 years depending on updates, I don’t upgrade regularly

  • In terms of the battery life, the 15 pro, not pro max, is actually worse than the regular 15.

  • Ok guys I’m so exited I’m 11 I’m gonna get a phone at the end of the year if I have all a’s and Bo’s on august my birthday my mom said I have to have all a and b and I get her old iPhone witch is iPhone 13 yayyyy I hope I get good grades

  • im waiting for the iPhone 16 to come out so i can get the iPhone 13 for like 300 dollars

  • iPhone 14 Pro with a crack camera lens trying to hold off till iPhone 16 pro😑

  • if only apple change the design they gonna sell 10x for sure cause its been a long time since that design till now have not changed. i might buy 1 again for sure my first and last iphone is 6s.

  • I have the 12 thinking of switching to Android, just much better specs. Apple hasn’t had anything cool since the X

  • Dear
    it's my humble request as a fan or as a customer
    I think so many people agree with me
    * I'm looking for a small, compact phone with a 5.9" 6.1 size Amoled 144 Hz display
    * An ideal phone would be easy to use one-handed and comfortable to carry in my pocket.
    * I would be willing to sacrifice some features, such as a large battery or the latest processor, for a smaller form factor.
    * Here are some additional features that would be important to me (e.g., long battery life, good camera, expandable storage).
    You can customize this template to fit your specific needs and preferences.

    Love from BANGLADESH 🇧🇩

  • Buddy i have a 14 pro max since release and its only down to 90 percent battery. That’s impressive. And tbh 13 pro max has the best battery which was fav phone

  • Do the pro lines receive a new color during the spring historically?

  • I’ll prolly sell my 15 pro max then buy the 16 pro max. I’m on tmobiles plan so I’ll be making money especially after trading in my old phone

  • Avoiding iCloud storage is not solely tied to how much photos, videos you can store locally on phone but how much you can “upload to Cloud” in case of mishap like phone stolen etc.

    I prefer to pay monthly on 2tb family sharing iCloud subs instead risking my photo and video memories along with iMesaage backups..

  • iphone 13 pro max falling apart rn i want the 16 tho

  • After having the iPhone 12 Pro Max for 3 1/2 years I think I will wait for the iPhone 16 Pro since Fall 2024 its not that far knowing how time flies by! But probably getting the iPhone 16 Pro and Not Pro Max since I did get tired of holding a really big phone in my hand. So I will be ready for the iPhone 16 Pro in Fall 2024

  • My not so little Apple rant.

    I am fed up with the usual Youtube shills (on Apple’s and others … reviewer freebies list … to avoid the term ‘payroll’). Not many of you (none …) mention the washed out on-screen colours of the 15 Pro/Max. I just came from a long line of Samsung phones, lately the S22 (non Ultra or + … the plain vanilla Galaxy S22) and there is simply no comparison! Samsung gives you the option of adjusting colour temperature and other nice things such as a ‘vivid’ and ‘natural’ setting with individual RGB sliders. Simply put, you can make the display look just as you want. Apple is offering … zilch! ‘True tone’ does not solve the issue neither do any of the, honestly, pretty useless settings in the Accessibility section such as ‘increase contrast’ or playing around with the horrid ‘colour filter’ options.

    There is some garbage talk online that the latest ios update affected screen vividness or something to that garbage effect. B**** … it’s just a lacklustre display.

    Another biggie, whilst I’m on it about the display. The 15 pro touts something like 1000 nits to 2000 nits peak brightness. What exactly the conditions have to be to achieve this … no f*** idea. Apple’s marketing department obviously had a wild time to come with this shit but let me tell you one thing; The lowly, almost forgotten (even at launch) Galaxy S22 … IS BRIGHTER AND MORE VIVID IN ALL LIGHTING CONDITIONS, be that outdoors or indoors. Believe me, I tried every possible setting on the 15 Pro … it doesn’t come close to the peak brightness of the S22. What a lot of b**** from Apple!

    Anyone thinking I am just a Samsung/Android fanboy … I am getting there! I changed to 15 Pro because I bought a MacBook Pro M2 last year. I like the MacBook A LOT but I am starting to REALLY disliking the 15 Pro.

    Then there is the issue of the hollow/plasticky sounding screen when tapping it. Samsung back their OLED’s with a metal plate. It means when you tap the screen it feels like solid glass not like a piece of plastic. Apple apparently attach the screen surround only and the OLED panel rests on the battery, hence the awful noise it makes when touching. Anyone saying this is not the case … tap from the edges inward and see what happens. – Really Apple?! Get your design folks sacked and try and snatch some from others, Samsung included!

    Battery life is … meh but that has, for a change, been accurately documented. Mostly, I assume, to re-direct folks to the more expensive MAX. – Problem is, Apple, in their infinite wisdom (!) have crippled the Max version by introducing that stupid 5x zoom. Most people shoot probably far more within the 3x zoom area. If you look at photos from the 15 Pro Max you soon realize that a large range of the zoom range below 5x is actually digitally done by the camera resulting in clearly inferior quality. This eats also into the 3x zoom and some way below! Now look and compare the 15 Pro (non Max) photos digitally extended to 5x and the compromise is far less, almost equalling the Pro Max’s 5 times zoom quality! Any more than that and things start to fall apart quickly but really, who actually shoots 5x and more to take quality pictures with a phone? If you do … get a proper camera or, if you really must a Samsung S24 Ultra though that one is just one huge, ugly brick … . Still, the usual suspects (youtube shills) of course love that one too (in order to stay on the phone manufacturers reviewer list).

    Which leaves me with the one and only redeeming feature of the 15 Pro that makes it stand out … the camera. Better than the MAX version, better probably than most Samsung’s including the new ones. It really is a great piece of technology (the camera, not the phone!).

    How a company like Apple can release such a flawed, under featured turd of a flag ship phone for top dollars is beyond me, especially as the make the lovely MacBook Pro’s. They seem to have truly lost it.

    I am within the 14 day return policy whilst writing this and think another Samsung (the non-Ultra … Plus or plain vanilla S24) is close.


  • Wasted 10 min of my life.. useless video delete it..

  • I’m still carrying the XR since the launch, 5 years and half so far. It’s really impressive how the phone still functioning as good as new, even though I took the phone to the extremes, Traveling, Camping , hiking, motorcycling, skiing, mountains, forests, beaches, a lot of hot spot, a lot of pictures and recording and games and finally a lot of drops. I don’t think Androids phones can do that type of thing. I can’t wait to get the 16 pro max or whatever they making next. I think that’s gonna be a huge level up.

  • I got it idc I needed that natural titanium it looks amazing

  • I found out they used cheaper batteries last year which had less charge cycles then previous years

  • i honestly just want the 15 so i can finally have all my devices on usb c tbh, dumb ik lol. so should i just wait on the 16 then? ( currently on the 14PM )

  • Idk about the 16 coming out and TBH there’s always a lot of hype with these iPhones. And they ain’t cheap , was going to trade in my 13 Pro Max for the 15Plus but $500 trade in ?? Cmon man , all they do is refurbish trade ins and sell them on apples site . Great video

  • Probably sticking with my 15 Plus for quite a while.

  • iPhones reached a spot where hardware progress is slow, we need more AI investment like Google does with its camera and photo removing people etc

  • Just a random advice, go direct tot he point. Maybe you can be MKBHD if you did that. Too much talking.. We already know that, we came here because of the title.

  • I had this same question a week ago and now this video was recommended to me
    I think my iPhone 11 is listening to my conversations
    But I still wonder if I should get the 15 pro or wait till the 16 pro

  • I don’t think the 16 will be a big year personally. I had the 14 pro but sadly it ended up getting stolen on a night out and I ended up getting the 15 pro to replace it. Overall I was more impressed with it than expected, the Usbc is quite useful and also the titanium makes the weight more manageable and nicer to hold plus 24mp camera is quite nice.

  • I'm an Android user and am interested in getting a new IPhone 15 pro…any idea or suggestion for me ??

  • Wait the 16 pro max will have a bigger display with even smaller bezels but in the same form factor

  • From my perspective the iPhone only has great features or changes about every 3 to 5 years

  • Heard iPhone 16 won’t change much so will wait for 17 and also the 15 changed a lot from the iPhone 14 like usb c Dynamic Island in regular 15 and brightness are the same on all iPhones on the 15

  • I’m currently using non pro iPhone 15 now since last year! I would probably used it till Dec 2025 and by then it’s already selling iPhone 17 that time & i may consider to switch if nothing happens! I hoped my iPhone 15 battery don’t declining and lastly i also hope there’s no rainbow vertical screen lines like Samsung Galaxy I’ve experienced it! 🤔🙏🏼

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