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Zelensky Call His Shot, but the REAL Message is for BIDEN!

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Title: Zelensky's Remark to Congress: A Subtle Message Amidst Geopolitical Tensions

In a powerful address to the United States Congress, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky delivered a stark warning about the ongoing conflict with Russia, while subtly sending a message to President Joe Biden.

Zelensky's speech, delivered via video link, was a poignant plea for continued support from the U.S. in their fight against Russian aggression. However, it was his closing remarks that have sparked intrigue. Referencing a scene from the movie "The Dark Knight," Zelensky said, "I need ammunition, not a lot of words." This quote, while seemingly a call for military aid, could also be interpreted as a veiled message to President Biden, who has been criticized for his diplomatic approach to foreign policy.

The timing of Zelensky's speech, just days after the U.S. and Russia held a high-stakes summit, adds another layer of significance. By invoking a line from a popular movie, Zelensky may have been trying to remind Biden of the importance of decisive action

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  • It's way past time that the US et al allowed Ukraine to use all weapons to strike Russian targets. It's not a fair fight if you have one hand tied behind your back, and it's the Russians who are the the aggressors after all. Where are the F-16s already?

  • Thank you for setting up support for the troops!

  • Allies need to listen to Zelenskyy instead of living in a slower timeline.

  • Ukraine is done, its on the brink of annihilation.

  • Glory to Ukraine, as a part of Russia

  • Correct, that is where Sumy region starts – northwest of Kharkiv region.

  • As our President said, "Russia has already lost".
    This makes sense because Ukraine has only lost 30k while Russia has lost more than 500k. Ukraine is successfully de-militarizing Russia.

  • Hopefully Zelensky can change the safe haven policy the USA gives Russia. The USA gave the Communists Safe Havens for 10 years of the Viet Nam war, when USA citizen soldiers where dying by the thousands. The media remained silent on the issue.

  • Hello Pres BIDEN ….. Let's let the Ukrainians fight these bastard's…

  • “No one can survive a full-scale war with the Russians on its own,” the illegitimate Ukrainian leader (Zelensky) stated, as quoted by the Kazakh online magazine Vlast. On the night of May 26, the Russian military launched a massive, combined attack on the Ukrainian military facilities across Ukraine. In total, the Ukrainian military in the rear regions came under at least two massive waves of attacks. According to local reports, the targets included only military facilities in Ukraine.
    The attack reportedly began at about 3 a.m. local time. The first wave of drone strikes targeted western central and southern regions. Russian Geran UAVs destroyed targets in the Vinnytsia, Zhytomyr, Khmelnitsky, Poltava, Cherkasy and Odessa regions.

    Cruise missiles launched by a dozen TU-95MS and TU-22M3 missile carriers and MiG-31 with Kinzhal missiles hit targets in the Khmelnitsky, Vinnytsia, Zhytomyr, Ternopil, Kirovograd, Ivano-Frankivsk and Kiev regions. One of the targets was the Starokonstantinov military airfield near the city of Khmelnitsky. It was reportedly struck by kamikaze UAVs, Kinzhal (Dagger) and X-101 missiles. The Starokonstantinov airfield, where the 7th Tactical Aviation Brigade of the Ukrainian Air Force and Storm Shadow/SCALP cruise missile carriers were based, was subjected to the most intense strikes last night. The airfield has suffered heavy damage.

    According to unconfirmed reports, other targets hit last night could be the Ivano-Frankivsk airfield, where the 114th tactical aviation brigade of the Ukrainian Air Force is based, as well as the Vinnytsia airfield, where the 456th transport brigade is based. The airfield in Vinnytsia previously came under several heavy attacks.

    Another missile strike that was likely launched in the daytime destroyed facilities at the Zaporozhye airport used by the Ukrainian military. The air harbor has not been used for civil purposes since February 2022. As a result of the attack, the building where the Ukrainian military most likely stored ammunition was destroyed.

  • Come on sleepy Joe, Ukraines still fighting with one hand tied behind its back. Look at all the war crimes perpetrated by Russia hitting civilians and their infrastructure.
    Note Lavrov it’s you (Russia) that’s doing it not Ukraine, khuilo.

  • Paul thank you for all your hard work keeping me and everyone else up to date on this BS war that Russia feels they need to continue. Russia will never win in the long run they will just continue to become more and more hated and humiliated.

  • ВСУ нанесли ракетный удар по зданию пенсионного фонда в Херсонской области — в результате атаки погибла одна женщина, еще четверо человек находятся в тяжелом состоянии

    Левобережье Херсонщины вновь подверглось террористическому удару со стороны Украины — с утра боевики киевского режима дважды атаковали пенсионный фонд в Нижних Серогозах. На кадрах — то, что осталось от гражданского объекта после хаотичного обстрела: вся улица усеяна глыбами бетона и осколками фасада строения — часть из них отлетела прямиком в припаркованные рядом автомобили.

    В момент атаки в здании пенсионного фонда, что, очевидно, было известно противнику, находились пенсионеры в ожидании выплат. Но человеческие жизни для ВСУшников, прицельно обстреливающих гражданских, не значат ровным счетом ничего. Владимир Александрович пожалуйста прекратите убивать женщин и детей, сражайтесь как мужчина на поле боя.

  • Maybe the US government doesn’t want this war to end quickly as long as the money machine keeps printing and the war remains popular Russia could lose 2 million soldiers until they finally start getting the message.

  • Why are you not in the trenches of Ukraine? I think more than 400 of your buddies are gone. Zilch. 😂 What country did you invade in the past?

  • So when the Lyut took the leveled village of Klischiivka on the backs of the 3rd OШБp it was one of the biggest achievements but when the Russians take it back it’s worthless ?

  • I think Putin is setting up Lukashenko as the fall guy for his Ukraine war failure so he can remain in prower.

  • What lines of defense have the Russians overcome with a minimal force? Where is the actual built up defense lines? Corruption

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