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Will Israel and Hamas leaders be arrested after ICC request?

Israel has urged what it called “nations of the civilised world” to oppose the International Criminal Court prosecutor’s request for …


Title: "ICC's Request for Arrest Warrants: Potential Implications for Israel and Hamas Leaders"

In a significant development, the International Criminal Court (ICC) has requested the arrest of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other senior Israeli officials, as well as Hamas leaders, over alleged war crimes committed during the 2014 Gaza conflict. This move marks a historic step in international justice, potentially setting a precedent for accountability in conflict zones.

The ICC's prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda, has accused both sides of committing war crimes, including willful killings, unlawful attacks on civilians, and the destruction of infrastructure. The request for arrest warrants, if approved by ICC judges, could lead to the first-ever case against Israeli leaders at the court.

The move has been met with strong reactions. Israel has dismissed the ICC's move as politically motivated, stating that it is not a signatory to the Rome Statute, the treaty that established the ICC, and therefore is not bound by its decisions. However, the Palestinians have hailed the move as a step towards justice for the victims of the 2014 conflict.

The potential arrest warrants could have significant implications. If issued, it would represent a major shift in the international community's approach to holding leaders accountable for their actions during conflicts. It could also further strain relations between Israel and the international community, potentially leading to increased diplomatic pressure and sanctions.

For Hamas, the request could strengthen its position domestically, portraying it as a defender of Palestinian rights against Israeli aggression. However, it could also lead to increased international isolation, as other countries may be deterred from engaging with a group facing war crimes allegations.

The ICC's request for arrest warrants is a significant development in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine. The potential consequences for both sides are far-reaching, potentially reshaping the international community's approach to accountability in conflict zones and further straining relations between Israel and the international community. The decision of the ICC judges on whether to issue the warrants is eagerly awaited.

See video for more information

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  • The UN joined Islamic terrorist organizations and together with Iran, Syria and Lebanon,
    sees the Jews as the source of evil in the world.
    Blind to thousands of children and women in the Arab world
    . Yemeni, Iranian ,Syrians ,
    who are murdered for no reason every day and are of no interest to the UN
    This is what pure antisemitism looks like!

  • Benzion Mileikowsky (later Netanyahu) was born in Warsaw in partitioned Poland, which was under Russian control, to Sarah (Lurie) and the writer and Zionist activist Nathan Mileikowsky. This is where Netanyahu came from, staggering. Netanyahu is a genocidal murderer backed by the equally genocidal usa and UK

  • Just because jews has went through genocide does not mean they're good people and won't do bad things to anyone. They're doing the same thing that had happened to them to others.😡

  • Netanyahu is a mass murderer of women, innocent babies and children, and the elderly. along with the leaders of Hamas, all murderers. They should all go to prison for life, but just like Russia will not or cannot hand over Putin, I just wonder if these men will ever be arrested. however I do not believe in the inaccurate use of the word Genocide as a piece of psychology to try to negate the truth the Jews have been historically persecuted with Genocide as the intention.

  • what the ICC has forgotten is they are just a puppet of the western powers and if they rebel against western powers they will be punished. The west might allow Netanyahu to be arrested but they will also allow the Mossad or the CIA to do its job against the ICC, not killing, they just will find ways to incriminate all these ICC lawyers and put them behind bars.

  • The Ikhraeli terrorist gang is a dirty project, founded in Britain in 1917 in order to exterminate and displace the Palestinians and uproot them from their land

  • Listening to this Israeli spokesman you'd be forgiven for believing that there is a continuous buffet going on in Gaza, kindly sponsored and organised by "the democratically elected government of Israel".

  • Joke joke joke ch4 news anti Western as they bend over for islamic lies.

  • From Googling "Netanyahu real name":

    Benzion Mileikowsky (later Netanyahu) was born in Warsaw in partitioned Poland, which was under Russian control, to Sarah (Lurie) and the writer and Zionist activist Nathan Mileikowsky. Nathan was a rabbi who toured Europe and the United States, making speeches supporting Zionism.

  • It reminds me when they blamed the Jews in killing kids for making Matzos out of their blood. Now a muslim prosecutor blame the Jews in genocide, in front of a muslim judge. Pure antisemitic imo

  • I liked this video to watch the swine attempt to squirm his way out of the polite questions

  • They will not be arrested if they stay at home

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