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Why has the South China Sea become so contentious?

Many predict the South China Sea could soon become the scene of a showdown between two super powers, with one third of …


Title: The South China Sea: A Hotbed of Geopolitical Tensions

In recent years, the South China Sea has emerged as a significant flashpoint in international relations, with numerous countries vying for control over its vast resources and strategic importance. The region, which spans over 1.5 million square miles, is home to rich fisheries, potential oil and gas reserves, and crucial shipping lanes.

The primary disputants in the South China Sea are China, Taiwan, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Brunei. China, in particular, has been assertive in its territorial claims, basing its argument on the so-called 'Nine-Dash Line' - a map delineating its perceived historical rights to the entire South China Sea. This claim, however, is not universally recognized, with other countries contesting specific areas within the line.

The escalating tensions in the South China Sea have been exacerbated by ongoing construction and militarization of artificial islands by China. These islands, equipped with military-grade facilities, have raised concerns about China's intentions and its potential to alter the regional balance of power.

The United States, while not a

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  • China has occupied, claimed ownership on resources & set restrictions on international waters. Those water are not disputed based on the legitimacy on UN Law of Seas.

  • China is too greedy 😂😂maybe they want the world and that never happened

  • Because US comes aroumd uninvited as usual around the world?

  • Crazy pooh! The dictator and the crazy citizen 😂😂😂

  • Mischief Reef in within Philippines EEZ. China’s only artificial military reef that is within or inside an ASEAN country ( Philippines) EEZ. Graphics is incomplete and more research is needed about Mischief reef.

  • If china claim Australia and new Zealand then it will become 900 dashline😂

  • Hey sky news make and do research.even your field reporter onboard a philippine vessel should do her homework.when the Chinese vessel attack the philippine vessel.Philippines vessel are in its EEC. Chinese vessel on the other hand is NOT. and its Not a Disputed jurisdiction it is Internationaly on the Record. The UNCLOS declare that it is Philippine EEC.

  • There were no problem before until U.S. decides to pivot to Asia with their military might.

  • because china now is super power so no rules base order now for china anyone in the region. is afraid of china ..

  • It's only china making up the tensions….they are claiming all of the islands yet they are too far to these islands inthe bases of their delusional 9-9 line maps.they are part of UNCLOS but they are following and believing in it…what a shame…

  • フィリピン可哀想🥺

  • Naawa ako sa pinas.. Wala ba talaga taung bayag,magpapabully nlng tau hanggang sa dulo? 😢😡

  • Chinese accelerating its fake product into fake claims. Thats the trouble that the chinese is doing.

  • 在美国搞亚太战略前没人说这不是中国南海,知道美国开始。

  • West philippine sea is the 200 eez of the philippine itself. There is no dispute, but the problem is china's greed. Fight for the west philippine sea.

  • Stop calling south china sea its west phil sea

  • China gets help from greedy ,selfish people globally in every nation, it start from 60’s and now ,and China knows world leaders and the United States are weak with greed and corruptions, so they use that strategically against all to win the live chessboard games international and the United Nations the China leaders think 100 years a head United States must start thinking strategy of 1000 years and beyond to stay United or fall like Rome. This all in world history information.

  • Change to The International Sea and stop globalization of corruption to colonize and enslaved countries and humanity

  • China has been planning an invasion for decades. It has been increasing its military for that purpose! Nobody is threatening China, so it was not for defensive purpose. CCP made friends with Russia because China knows Russia will be a threat to its ambition of expansion! Its main target is the ASEAN countries. China tried a colonial agenda to Malaysia by building Forest City, but the agenda was discovered by Mahathir (so it failed).


  • us media and politicians: they will attack us, they are evil blah blah blah😂😂😂😂

  • Dapat tawagin iyong SEA sea o south east asian sea!…

  • For everyone's knowledge. Even without the UNCLOS of useless UN. The disputed territories are included in the Treaty of Washington. The selling of the Philippines from Spain to United States.

  • 因为美国需要?和平稳定的南中国海有利于周边所有国家,但是不符合美国利益吧

  • Pls change the name south china sea because china think its theirs because of its name😂

  • How about letting the world know which country controlled the islands in south China Sea from after the 2nd world war?

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