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What the Phone of a Captured Chinese Spy Taught the US

When a Chinese spy was arrested in Belgium in 2018, FBI agents also got hold of his iPhone. Here’s how it offered invaluable …

In 2010, the US arrested and convicted Shin, a naturalized US citizen of Chinese origin, for economic espionage. Shin had been working as a contractor for Boeing and was accused of stealing trade secrets related to the development of military aircraft. The case raised concerns about the threat of economic espionage, particularly from China.

The article discusses the evidence gathered from Shin's phone, including call logs, text messages, and photos, which provided valuable insights into his activities and connections. The information revealed a complex web of relationships with individuals in China, some of whom were linked to the Chinese government or military.

The article also highlights the importance of digital forensics in investigating and prosecuting cases of economic espionage. The evidence gathered from Shin's phone was crucial in building a case against him, and the techniques used by investigators have been applied to other cases of economic espionage.

In conclusion, the article emphasizes the need for vigilance and cooperation between the US and its allies to counter the threat of economic espionage. The case of Shin serves as a reminder of the importance of protecting sensitive information and the potential consequences of failing to do so.

Overall, the article provides a timely and relevant discussion of the issue of economic espionage, particularly in the context of current tensions between the US and China. It also highlights the importance of digital forensics in investigating and prosecuting such cases.


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  • What is new about the war of spies? Everybody does it but then goes through the standard ritual when one is caught. The guy will be traded for a counter part at some point.

  • Glad that his iPhone was used against him. It is the fault of the US for allowing everyone into this country. Not even a trojan horse per se. It is pretty much an invitation to spies everywhere to come to the US. Now the US wants to pay high US dollar for Russians leaving their country in exchange for information. Really? Come on guys. This is hard earned American money being used to bribe foreigners.

  • We have to be very careful with people coming from China, and even expats living in China because China has a long story of spies getting technological, industrial, political and military secrets from other countries.

  • What about the spy that was caught at mar-a-lago?

  • should have let macarthur nuke them into friendship.

  • 33rd comment. I found that hard to believe for a Channel that got over a millions subs.

  • Oddly enough, at the Verizon wireless store in Reno, NV on Mcarran and MaeAnne, I walked in to get help resetting my iPhone, I sat there and watched a girl who maybe worked their (no
    Identifying clothing or name badge) as she installed new SIM cards in an almost constant stream of Asian Nationals, I say Nationals because I tried saying hi to two or three and they just looked at me and kind of grunted. So, after sitting there for nearly an hour, I walked up to the counter and asked for help again, the kid working the counter said to me “I Wish You Would Just Leave” so, rather than be a nuisance, I started to leave, I looked to my left and noticed a personal cell phone on the display stand with the new phones and it was plugged in??? I walked over to it, and opened up the contacts, it was mostly female names but what caught my eye, was most of the names had the title USGOV after them. I couldn’t figure out who would leave their personal phone at a Verizon store, until low and behold, an Asian guy, Chinese as he still had his countries affiliate card around his neck, a Chinese way of identifying their own, he walked right up to me, smiled, said nothing, grabbed the phone from my hand, and placed another phone onto the wall display holder?????

    Is China running this country? Why wouldn’t the girl working there help anybody other than Asians? Why was she changing out SIM cards like they were tic tacs? Who was the Chinese man who had his personal cell on the wall display? It’s my firm
    Belief that India and China partnered in the programming of America. Of course it’s my opinion is all

  • “Just a cover band for western world” As a comedian described China…

  • But to this day and age we let' this bums into the united states open borders and they get very high paying jobs into this company's love to No one thing How come No is looking very closely for people like this spy sadly that's the problem with Americans yes I am American Born here I love my country and family

  • Only 60 years? Domestic trator-spies get (essentally) life wo/p. Why treat forgen spies with kid gloves?

  • Guys start from not using tiktok

    If its still in app store then just dont use it.

  • There are tens of thousands of chinese spies like him in ALL US manufacturing companies.

  • Clearly taught us nothing since we still have Tik Tok on the App Store.

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