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Vietnam welcomes US rejection of China’s claims in South Chi…

Another source of tension between the US and China is the disputed South China Sea. Washington has described Beijing’s …

Title: Vietnam Welcomes US Reaffirmation of South China Sea Sovereignty

In a significant development, Vietnam has welcomed the United States' rejection of China's claims in the South China Sea. This announcement comes as a strong statement of support for Vietnam's territorial integrity and sovereignty over the disputed waters.

The US State Department Spokesperson, Ned Price, declared during a press briefing that the US does not recognize China's maritime claims in the South China Sea that are inconsistent with international law. This statement is a reaffirmation of the US's long-standing position on the issue.

This move is particularly relevant in the context of increasing tensions between the US and China, with both nations vying for influence in the Indo-Pacific region. The US's stance is seen as a clear message to China, reinforcing the importance of upholding international law and maintaining peace and stability in the South China Sea.

The Vietnamese Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Le Thi Thu Hang, responded positively to the US statement, expressing gratitude for the US's consistent stance on the South China Sea issue. She reiterated Vietnam's commitment to resolving disputes peacefully and in accordance with international law, including the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS).

This development marks a significant moment in the ongoing dispute over the South China Sea, with the US reiterating its support for the sovereignty of nations in the region. The implications of this stance could have far-reaching effects on the geopolitical landscape of the Indo-Pacific region.

In summary, the US's rejection of China's claims in the South China Sea has been welcomed by Vietnam. This reaffirmation of the US's stance on the issue is particularly relevant in the current geopolitical climate and could have significant implications for the region.

See video for more information

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  • Dong Sea (East Vietnam Sea) not south china sea

  • China tried to inviasion us (vietnam) for 2000 years and still keep countinues, the latest one was 1979 on our border and now the south sea, even just last month they killed 10 indian soldier on india border

  • What happens when Biden will replace Trump ?
    Its worrying cos him n whole democratic party are funded by Chinese.

  • VN gorverment is spineless coward , it didnt state its support of US or opening criticsice china at all. While china a$$ raped vn left right and centre. To be frank, commie vn is only good at trying to cling on their power and bully its own citizens while kowtow to china shamelessly. But Vietnamese citizens 101% love the US and despise the ccp. They never had any grudges against US at all..

  • Have a look at where the islands are expanded
    Have a look at History and see what USA and UK are doing



  • CCP has to be eradicated completely in order to bring peace to the world.

  • Fking fight already, for nature’s sake. Each time the fleets move and the warplanes fly, the arctic ice melts and the polar bears die. Stop burning fuels for nothing

  • China has forgotten their defeat by small Vietnam
    India is with you to flatten china if they try to war ñ

  • Russia came Syria, Russia coming soon south China sea,🇷🇺👍💪

  • ASEAN countries should pass a resolution dedicated to China illegal activities in South Sea – Dismantle all the man-made structures on the Spratly islands within one month. Or face force destruction of those illegal structures.

  • Let us Unite Vietnam,Malaysia,Brunei, Philippines and United States of America. Let us stop china on their illegal activities and illegal infrustracture in West Philippine Sea.

  • There are so many nations depend on that stretch of water for fishing for passage involving trade that everyone would conclude China is just being greedy here.

  • Obama was a big joke in America…
    He didn't protect Philippines against China in west pH sea..

    Philippines won the arbitration Hague but America let China to take over 3 Islands in West ph sea…
    When pH turn back to China now you America in panic?
    But the thing is Vietnam take over at least 27 islands in west Philippines sea inside pH water,
    Malaysia take at least 5 islands over lapping of claims….
    When China and Philippines joints then Malaysia and Vietnam against….
    If we follow the rules of unclos mostly islands in west Philippines sea are belong to Philippines………
    If China and Philippines will join together…
    China /Philippines will be more profitable in the sea…
    If Philippines go with America then Vietnam and China should return the islands to rightful owner..

  • Why the American keep them self in every conflict in the World ? Are they in love with war or they just feed them self from war?

  • Scs disputes is mainly about asean countries taking scs spratlies .
    China file claim to scs in the UN prior to unclos and had ratify unclos with reservation to protect this claim.
    Unclos is only a private organisation that is not UN and its not internationally recognise.
    However china already excercise this reservation to judgement as deem invalid.

  • DEMOCRATS will steal elections.. we must remove DEMOC-RATS!!!!

  • Agree. Vietnam,US, Taiwan, India, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Philipines and EU should altogether attack China, or else once China occupies South China Sea, Chinese would claim more sea and territory outside south china sea believe me

  • 🌟Those small islands in South China Sea (SCS) were occupied by Chinese fishermen centuries ago. When countries around the SCS were colonized by France, British, Spain, Portugal, Holland, USA etc. these islands were not part of the territories of these countries. When the Republic of China (ROC) was established in 1912, an official map was published with 11 doted lines drawn to includes all the small islands in SCS under Chinese territories. The then (colonial) government of those countries in South East Asia (SEA) recognized these small islands are Chinese territories as these islands were not part of their colonized territories. When these countries in SEA obtained independence, they inherited the territories of their colonial masters & it does not include these small islands in SCS because it never been part of their territories. When the People's Republic of China (PRC) was formed in 1949 by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) after WW2/civil war, the government of ROC then fled to Taiwan Island & the 11 doted lines was amended to 9 doted lines by PRC to accommodate a united Vietnam established by the Communist party of Vietnam under Ho Chi Minh. It mean, when the 11 or 9 doted lines were drawn to include all the small islands in SCS as part of China's territories, the present government or countries now in SEA does not even exist yet !. Even after independence, these countries inherited the territories of their former colonial masters where these small islands in SCS are not part of their territories!

  • The Hague tribunal ruling also goes against Vietnamese claims in the Spratlys. It will be interesting to watch how Filipinos and Vietnamese settle their dispute now that the CCP 9-dash line has no international recognition.

  • China is worst than America. Can't change my mind

  • "If one day China should change her color and turn into a superpower, if she too should play the tyrant in the world, and everywhere subject others to her bullying, aggression and exploitation, the people of the world should identify her as social-imperialism, expose it, oppose it and work together with the Chinese people to overthrow it.” Deng Xiaoping speech at the United Nations, April 10, 1974

  • Paracel Islands and Spratly Islands belong to Vietnam

  • Vietnamese already continously administrated both of 2 these islands since 17th century and no single country except VN claimed those at that time. Both of Paracel and Spratly were belong to Indochina/Annam colony of France, so after getting independence, Vietnam had full right to take these 2 islands back obviously. And South Vietnam did that and exercised legal control over these 2 islands until China came illegally in 1974 and 1988. And I want to make it clear that Vietnam does not claim entire SCS, we only claim our 200 nautical mile EEZ + our these 2 islands which lay outside of our EEZ( but as I said EEZ can't apply for islands). Even a lot of messy problems arising until now after Chinese came and some other countries claimed based on EEZ, hope Vietnam and other countries involving can avoid conflict as much as possible

    More detail about San Francisco Conference : 

    The conference was joined by 51 countries around the world. This is the piece treaty of UN attempt to return all colonies to its initial country after WW2, and as a result, this treaty formed hundred of nowadays countries in the world. In the treaty Japan had to return all colonies back to original countries. Both of China and Vietnam asserted their claim on Hoàng Sa( Paracel Islands ) and Trường Sa ( Spratly Islands ) but China's claim was rejected by 45 out of 51 countries whereas Tran Van Huu, Prime Minister of Bao Dai’s government of Vietnam stated that “in order to annul the seeds of possible disputes, we claim our sovereignty over Hoang Sa and Truong Sa archipelagos”. No objections were raised nor any reservations made against his statement at the conference.

    France, in the victory side, also asserted the sovereignty of both of Paracel and Spratly Islands are belong to Annam of Vietnamese because Japan took over them from France.

    Hoàng Sa and Trường Sa was belong to South Vietnam from 1956 to 1974 and the entire UN, except China nor Russia, recognized and didn't oppose to them. In 1974 China illegally fought and invaded Hoàng Sa ( Paracel Islands) and fought Trường Sa (Spratly Islands) in 1988, but it could only occupy small part of Spratly Islands.

  • US and Russia are making lots of money by selling arms to both sides.

  • Ally with the United States is the fastest end for Vietnam, remember who dropped the bombs in your sky? Who caused millions of deaths? Who embargo goods for you? Vietnam has a short-term memory when it comes to bringing the United States back, disappointingly, Vietnam forgets one thing: China easily blows Vietnam away from the world map if Vietnam keeps doing this.

  • Where is tiny Singapore stand among the Giants?

  • Francine dufour You are not I think I are not I think I I was going to be to get a variety variety chance of life YouTube the best way of life way of life of life YouTube channel partners to be to of the season v for borne soon for money for the best way of doing things that I was going to be to get them and they

  • i'm from philippines. but sad to say philippines is puppet of china. even our president say we can't fight for war. many filipinos are so angry because what the president said. many filipinos wants to fight but. are government will just give the south china sea to china. i'm so embarased with our government. sad to say

  • the army Russia, will to come soon South China sea control👍🇷🇺💪

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