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Videos show timeline of Hamas attack at Israeli music festiv…

NBC News’ Josh Lederman takes an in-depth look at what took place in the early hours of Saturday morning as Hamas militants …

Title: New Footage Emerges of Hamas Attack on Israeli Music Festival, Raising Tensions

In the wake of escalating tensions in the Middle East, a series of recently surfaced videos have provided a chilling timeline of a Hamas attack on an Israeli music festival in June 2021. The videos, obtained by Israeli security forces, offer a fresh perspective on the incident that has not been widely reported.

The footage shows a group of masked men, believed to be Hamas operatives, infiltrating the festival grounds under the cover of darkness. The men, armed with knives and other weapons, launched a violent assault on unsuspecting festival-goers, causing panic and chaos.

Israeli security forces quickly responded, apprehending several suspects and securing the area. However, the attack left two Israeli civilians injured and raised concerns about the security situation in the region.

The emergence of these videos comes at a critical time, as negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority have stalled, and tensions between the two sides have been on the rise. The videos serve as a stark reminder of the ongoing threat posed by militant groups like Hamas, and the need for both sides to prioritize peace and dialogue.

This new information adds to the ongoing narrative of the volatile situation in the Middle East, highlighting the importance of continued diplomatic efforts to maintain peace and stability in the region. As the world watches, the fate of the Middle East hangs in the balance.

See video for more information

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  • This is what the Palestinians have been dealing with for 75 years. Dont be surprised the dog bites back. And how come not even a simple alarm went off at the bases.. most heaviest secured country in the world hmm… strange.. why did nethanyahu gave hamas money also (his own words). They found a reason to take the land and they dont care about civilians.

  • and yet people support palestine

  • Hamas is a terrorist group not only in Israel but in other countries too.

  • ok but what do u expect? its a fricking war whats happening in gaza is worse

  • And people still side with Hamas..? STOP SEEING ONLY ONE SIDE OF THE STORY AND LISTEN TO ISRAEL!

  • It didn't start on October 7:

    Haifa massacre – March 6, 1937⁣⁣

    Jerusalem massacre – Dec 6, 1937⁣⁣

    Haifa massacre – March 27, 1938⁣⁣

    Haifa massacre – July 6, 1938⁣⁣

    Jerusalem massacre – July 13, 1938⁣⁣

    Jerusalem massacre – July 15, 1938⁣⁣

    Haifa massacre – July 25, 1938⁣⁣

    Jerusalem massacre – July 26, 1938⁣⁣

    Balad al-Sheikh massacre – June 12, 1939⁣⁣

    Haifa massacre – June 19, 1939⁣⁣

    Haifa massacre – June 20, 1947⁣⁣

    Jaffa massacre – Dec 12, 1947⁣⁣

    Abbasiya massacre – Dec 13, 1947⁣⁣

    Al-Khasas massacre – Dec 18, 1947⁣⁣

    Bab al-Amud massacre – Dec 29,⁣⁣


    Jerusalem massacre – Dec 30,⁣⁣


    Balad al-Sheikh massacre – Dec 31, 1947⁣⁣

    Deir Yassin massacre – April 9, 1948⁣⁣

    Abu Shusha village massacre – May 9, 1948⁣⁣

    Tantura massacre – May 22, 1948⁣⁣

    Lydda massacre – July 1948⁣⁣

    Qibya massacre – Oct 14, 1953⁣⁣

    Al-Dawayima massacre – Oct 29, 1948⁣⁣

    Kafr Qasem massacre – Oct 29, 1956⁣⁣

    Khan Yunis massacre – Nov 3, 1956⁣⁣

    Rafah massacre – Nov 12, 1956⁣⁣

    Abu Zaabal factory bombing – Feb 13, 1970⁣⁣

    Sabra and Shatila massacre – Sept 16, 1982⁣⁣

    Al-Aqsa Mosque massacre – Oct 8, 1990⁣⁣

    lbrahimi Mosque massacre – Feb 25, 1994⁣⁣

    Qana massacre – April 18, 1996⁣⁣

    Jenin massacre – April 3, 2002⁣⁣

    Qana massacre – July 30, 2006⁣⁣

    Gaza Strip massacre – August 5, 2022⁣⁣

    Jenin massacre – January 26, 2023⁣⁣

    Jenin massacre – July 3, 2023

  • Woow so they started the war right? They should know the consequences of war.

  • Why all the support for the Palestinians but no one ever mentions the Uyghurs in China?

  • Why go to a music festival out there idiots!

  • So Isreal blocked Rockets from the sky but couldn’t block motorized paraglides ? 😂

  • They killed 39 Thailand Workers and 10 men from Nepales! They are not jews! Religion of Peace huh?

  • people forget this is one fo the reasons they went to war, really crazy how they took hostages and just killed random people.

  • Because of these reason thousands of people died in palestine who start war first hamas or isreal .only God knows

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