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Video shows confrontations between China and Philippines in South China Sea

China’s determination to assert its disputed sovereignty over the entirety of the vast South China Sea has sparked increasing …


Title: Escalating Tensions in the South China Sea: A Closer Look at Recent Confrontations Between China and the Philippines

In the ongoing power struggle for territorial dominance in the South China Sea, a new video has emerged, shedding light on escalating tensions between China and the Philippines. The video, recorded by a Filipino fisherman, captures several instances of confrontations between Chinese vessels and Filipino fishing boats near the disputed Scarborough Shoal.

The video, released by the Philippine Coast Guard, shows Chinese coast guard ships ramming and firing water cannons at Filipino fishing boats, causing damage and endangering the lives of the fishermen. This incident is a stark reminder of the long-standing territorial disputes in the South China Sea, which have been a source of tension between China and several Southeast Asian countries, including the Philippines, Vietnam, and Malaysia.

The South China Sea is a vital shipping route, carrying over $3 trillion worth of goods annually. It is also believed to hold vast oil and gas reserves. China claims almost all of the sea, despite overlapping claims from other countries. The Philippines, on the other hand, maintains

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  • 我还认为,中国怎么能在别国领土上任意建立军事基地呢?这严重威胁到地区稳定。哦,是美国,对吧?近年来,南中国海从未发生过战争。这次谁打算挑起战争?

  • Then what the fuck america is doing in south china sea😅

  • God made the Earth so people can see His beautiful creation. But why China is so greedy. They don't own or made the land or sea though. They are there to hurt people.

  • I thought there supposed to have IRONCLAD 😂😂😂😂😂


  • China had already included these waters as territory before the Philippines was established, don't play the poor guy here.

  • the whole world condemns China for bullying tactics.! Nobody sides with China!

  • This is confrontation all over again. Duterte must be happy about it

  • The weakness of the Philippines is not the reason for the sovereignty of the South China Sea.

  • Thier spokes man is always the pilipino at fault they really reasoned out which they publicly announced

  • China world largest shipbuilder i think china’s is quantity over quality . The ship is made in china.
    made in japan is better than made in china 😂

  • I feel like if everyone (including US) gave up this section of the sea, the next step CH will do is to suffocate every countries' economy by restricting travel within it. for anyone who wonder why US has stakes in it. that portion of the world is responsible for 80% of economic travel by sea. so, if CH will solely own it, it's not really a complicated matter to think that it's a bad thing to happen, especially how CH's action so far with other countries

  • Before Marcos Jr era, the situation were manageable and consultatively possible and peaceful solutions were achievable. ASEAN were a voice respected by bigger regional nations within this part of the world.

  • Why do we see less international news about China bullying the Philippines and other neighboring Countries?

    As of today, China is flaunting its fleet of warships to drive away U.S.A, Japan, France and the Philippines which are conducting military drills on the West Philippines sea. Why is it not getting international attention?

  • The South China Sea belongs to China, and the Philippines is shameless.

  • Chinese govt is greedy..think they can claim all the waters in the south sea. That is clear harassment.

  • It’s not “South China Sea” it is WEST PHILIPPINE SEA. Please address our sea properly so they won’t think they own it🤦‍♀️

  • 好巧啊,平常没有事,当菲律宾的船上出现了西方记者就发生冲突。难道你们不觉得很奇怪吗?

  • God Bless Corrupt Zombie Biden and his handlers to marry Russia Putin with China Xi , great job ,and i'm loving it.Get yourself some one that

  • Phils is now trespassing in its own backyard and doorstep. While Chinese ships 700 miles away from China are now not tresspassers but indeed robbers of the house.

  • If china arrest trespassers in SCS and they will base it in their 9dashline all the neighboring is their enemy.

  • One more reason to totally boykot China, and Chinese products and start producing stuff our selves, as we are sponsoring China by buying their crap, and money buffing up their military machine! Europe, the US and all other Countries should stand together and support each other, removing customs and taxation on goods created within Western Countries! As we did with Russia, we should pull out our industries from China and just share our know how with each other!

  • Not confrontation.. irrational attacks only by aggressor

  • Then don‘t be burglars and don’t intrude into Chinese waters

  • As a Chinese, let me explain the Chinese standpoint. The territorial waters in the South China Sea were delineated by the Republic of China government in 1935 with the "Map of the Islands of the South China Sea," and further refined by the People's Republic of China government in 1955 with the establishment of the "Nine-Dash Line." The Philippines, in contrast, was only established in 1946 and was previously inhabited by tribes or colonized territories. The surrounding countries of the South China Sea were also relatively newly established, with most of their maritime claims made after 1977. Therefore, China asserts its maritime boundaries based on historical legal documents. Even the name "South China Sea" was coined by China during the Zhou Dynasty around 1000 BCE.

  • 日本も尖閣諸島周辺で中国船に嫌がらせされています😢

  • That's a Philippines seas not china..they are stealing all seas..

  • Illegal Chinese bases ! This is Philippine territory! Shame on you China!!!

  • USA and ALL allies should coordinate together and build more defense facilities / capabilities! Create jobs. Work and invest together, without China. China cannot be trusted!

  • Why do our Northeast Asian neighbours fight each other and go down Southeast Asia for adventurism and expansionism?

  • In-Depth Historical Analysis

    "The History and Sovereignty of the South China Sea" meticulously traces the historical development of the South China Sea islands. Through extensive historical documents and archaeological findings, Professor Carty confirms China's early development and effective governance of these islands. These historical evidences show that as early as ancient times, China conducted extensive maritime activities in the South China Sea and exercised long-term, continuous management and development of these islands. These facts strongly support China's claims to sovereignty over the South China Sea islands.

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