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US prepares first line of defence in Taiwan, plans to turn T…

With tensions high as ever in the Taiwan Strait, top US admiral of the Navy Fleet in the Indo-Pacific has threatened to turn the …

Title: United States Strengthens Taiwan Defense as Tensions Rise

In the context of escalating tensions between China and Taiwan, the United States is reportedly preparing to bolster its first line of defense in the region. According to recent reports, the U.S. plans to turn Taoyuan International Airport in Taiwan into a critical hub for its Indo-Pacific strategy.

This development comes amidst increasing concerns over China's military activities near Taiwan, which have intensified in recent months. The U.S. move is seen as a strategic response to counter China's growing influence in the region.

The news, if confirmed, marks a significant shift in the U.S.'s approach towards Taiwan. The plan, if executed, would not only enhance the U.S.'s ability to respond swiftly to any potential crisis but also send a strong message to China about Washington's commitment to Taiwan's defense.

The proposed transformation of Taoyuan International Airport into a strategic hub is part of a broader U.S. strategy to strengthen its alliances and partnerships in the Indo-Pacific region. The strategy aims to counter China's military expansion and assertiveness in the region.

This move by the U.S. is likely to further strain relations between Washington and Beijing, which have been strained over a range of issues, including trade, technology, and human rights. The U.S.'s increased military presence in the region could potentially escalate tensions, particularly if China perceives it as a threat to its sovereignty claims over Taiwan.

In conclusion, the U.S.'s plan to turn Taoyuan International Airport into a strategic hub for its Indo-Pacific strategy is a significant development in the ongoing tensions between China and Taiwan. This move, if confirmed, underscores the U.S.'s commitment to Taiwan's defense and its broader strategy to counter China's growing influence in the region. The implications of this move are far-reaching and could potentially have significant geopolitical consequences.

See video for more information

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  • They will do nothing to defend it but run very fast😅😅😅😅

  • Chip manufacturers there will destroy everything in order to keep Beijing from taking them.

  • It's amazing what a small patch of water can do. Nazi Germany had Europe on the ropes, but they could not get across that English Channel…

  • You think China hasn’t planned for this? You think this is really the plan? Liked we’d just announce it?

  • plano ng US at EU durugin ang China nalalampasan na kasi ng China economiya nila tambak pa sila ng utang sa mga Intsik 😂😂 kawawang mga mananakop palubog na ang dolyar nila habang palakas naman ang BRICS

  • The U.S. military has lost every skirmish, battle and war since WWII. Weak and confused leadership since then. Tell me I’m wrong.

    ‘ but Grenada, we won we won!’

    Oh ok, I’m wrong….Clint Eastwood was pretty good in that one.

  • In heaven their saying bla bla bla.
    Got something worse than that coming.

  • The US officially, along with the UN security council and the rest of the planet, recognizes Taiwan as an integral part of China. So there's that.

  • China will already have a date set.
    We just don't know it, or think it's anytime soon.
    You don't believe it until it happens.

  • If China invaded, the US would take weeks to mobilise and by then it is too late. Much easier for the whole world to stop trading with China and anyone who trades with them NOW.

  • Ok, but why did you include a short clip of the dildo, i.e., Biden? 
    Showing him or even referring to him in any way erodes any credibility. 
    Everyone knows the man is a useless dildo.

  • We need to get Taiwan simicoductor over here. They're a key player in the AI revolution.

  • A quote from a former soldier I know personally who has seen some of the worst is “no plan survives first contact with the enemy “

  • If China succeeds, next stop is the Philippines. Thailand is already owned by China.

  • china has only one chance act before biden is out of the white house

  • I would question this station's actual ownership. Very strange slant for anyone but CCP.

  • So the US Rambo's are going to Taiwan, with US flag head bands; with a dead boar over one shoulder and a M60 machine with a full belt of 7.62 over the other shoulder
    Yeah China is really scared

  • Yeah they are going to unleash enlisted trans on the Chinese military. Make them sit and listen to storybook time at the local library.

  • China hold 3 trillion of US treasury & fund. China will not give excuses that these asset will be freeze & stolen like Russia $300 billions. China will off load these $$$ before any hot war. But if US force a move that China cannot avoid, then China will go all in and to hell with the $3 trillion.

  • The USA won’t do any more for Taiwan than what they have done for Ukraine. They will send them a few weapons and leave the poor buggers to defend themselves as best they can. But China is not Russia. Russia can be beaten, but China could invade Taiwan and win, knowing that the other major powers wouldn’t risk a World War.
    The USA has had its day in the sun. Its hegemony is history. Its leadership – whether it be the incumbent or Trump – is irrelevant .
    Who was it said “Let China sleep, because when China awakens, the world will tremble “? China is now awake.

  • What Taiwan Airspace??? Taiwan is part of China and so is the airspace. Ignorance or stupidity reporting

  • America remember this China 🇨🇳 can lose 500 million people and still have MORE THAN TWICE THE AMOUNT OF PEOPLE LEFT THAN THE US 🇺🇸 . How many US citizens do those idiots in the pentagon want to sacrifice for their f..king arrogance?? All of them
    That's what it looks like

  • I'm beginning to think it's the USA 🇺🇸 who are the problem here. Why do they have to meddle in every corner of the world 🌎? The ego trip is going to end very badly one day for the USA

  • video is discussing United States becoming involved in a war conflict with China and shows a clip of Joe Biden smiling at the camera and waving…. is this funny? what is he smiling about? is this some sort of game? the communist countries are ravenously ready to invade and cripple the United States and this guy is smiling and waving like it's a beautiful Sunday afternoon drive on a day off of work, then you look at the clips of the Chinese government and there isn't a smile, a single expression, they're thinking, plotting. Thank God for our government system and military.

  • Yes right after they kick the Taliban out of Afghanistan, Russia out of Ukraine and Hamas out of Israel.

  • Great job telling China our plans

  • The indigenous people of Taiwan and the Filipinos are of the same ethnicity.

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