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US, Philippines to set up four new bases to counter China’s …

The United States and the Philippines have agreed that the former’s forces can use four more bases in the Southeast Asian …

Title: US and Philippines to Establish Four New Military Bases in Response to Growing Chinese Influence

In a move aimed at bolstering regional security, the United States and the Philippines have announced plans to set up four new military bases on the latter's territory. This strategic decision comes amidst growing concerns over China's increasing assertiveness in the South China Sea.

The announcement, made by Philippine Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana, marks a significant shift in the military alliance between the two countries. The bases, which will be located in Palawan, Cebu, Davao, and Zamboanga, are intended to enhance joint military exercises and improve logistics support.

This development is particularly relevant given the ongoing territorial disputes in the South China Sea, where China has been accused of building artificial islands and militarizing the region. The US has been critical of these actions, stating that they threaten freedom of navigation and overflight, as well as undermine regional stability.

The establishment of these new bases is not a new policy, but rather a deepening of existing commitments. In 2014, the two countries signed an Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA), which allowed for the establishment of rotational US forces and pre-positioned equipment in five Philippine military bases. However, this expansion marks a significant escalation in the US's military presence in the region.

The decision to establish these new bases has been met with mixed reactions. While some see it as a necessary response to China's aggressive behavior, others argue that it could escalate tensions and provoke a negative response from China.

In conclusion, the US and the Philippines are set to establish four new military bases as part of their efforts to counter China's growing influence in the South China Sea. This move is a response to ongoing territorial disputes and China's militarization of the region, and is a deepening of the existing military alliance between the two countries. The decision has been met with both support and criticism, and its impact on regional stability remains to be seen.

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  • China's Art of War: Never interupt your enemy if he is making a mistake. USA debt is $30 trillion and China will let the US military industrial complex bankrupt America while China continue to grow the economy. A tipping point will be reach when nobody want US dollars printed by a war mongering country heavily in debt and prefer Chinese RMB backed by a peaceful country with the greatest economy in the world.

  • Tell me ANI – has China bombed any country in last few years? And how many countries has the US bombed? ANI is yet another fake media of US empire ! Indian media is just extension of fake propaganda of West ! They wont even tell the truth about Ukraine war !

  • Russia suporrt philippines ar war China Russia don't war philippines bcoz save Russian pilipino pippole on war German white Russian almost phillipines save white Russian after war

  • Pakistan role becomes critical to help diffuse escalating war like situation in Indo Pacific region,mainly in Pacific ocean&it's marginal areas like SCS! New equations emerging in the region& smaller &militarily weak countries genuine interests need to be protected as per UNCLOS!

  • 1919chalu hone vala hai bas etana hai ki hitalar nhi eu ke pas etana paisa nhi hatiyar bechana hai goro ko war chahiye 🙏🇮🇳🙏🤔



  • USA is not a democracy it's a plutocracy

  • Now Philippines has both bramhos and us base 😄

  • Great news. China is panicking. It will resort to foolish measures now out of panic. 😆

  • Chine American dono khtranak Desh dono kabl apne desh matalab or kuch indian es sab mamlo se dur rahna chahiye desh devloped per kam kare

  • Philippines just opened 4 military bases for the US and its allies. The Philippines also made a deal with Taiwan for evacuation measures if war does breakout with the mainland.

  • When your claim 90% of sea and other country cant dealing with your war Machines so they need calling his big brother

  • the lady spokesperson of ch8na is just blame shifting…..gaslifghting……

  • Covid 20 will flatten those dudes, hell they still wear masks everywhere they go

  • 🇵🇭 ❤️ 🇺🇸
    Welcome back US💪👏

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