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Trump, China and the South China Sea: Will Tensions Grow?

If the weeks before President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration are any indication, the South China Sea could be a potential …

Title: Trump's South China Sea Policy: A New Era of Tensions with China?

In the realm of international politics, the South China Sea has long been a contentious issue, with China asserting its territorial claims over vast portions of the waterway. The recent administration change in the United States, led by President Donald Trump, has brought renewed attention to this matter, with many questioning whether tensions between the U.S. and China will escalate.

A new development in this saga is the Trump administration's hardline stance on China's activities in the South China Sea. In contrast to the Obama administration's more diplomatic approach, the Trump administration has taken a more assertive stance, vowing to challenge China's territorial claims and to uphold the freedom of navigation in the region.

This shift in policy is noteworthy, as it represents a departure from the previous administration's approach. The Obama administration, while critical of China's actions, preferred to engage in diplomatic negotiations rather than direct confrontation. The Trump administration, however, seems to be taking a different approach, with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson stating that the U.S. will not be "bound by the past" when it comes to China's activities in the South China Sea.

This new policy direction could potentially lead to increased tensions between the U.S. and China. China has already expressed its displeasure with the Trump administration's stance, with Foreign Minister Wang Yi stating that China will "never allow any country to infringe upon China's territorial sovereignty or maritime rights and interests."

The implications of this escalating tension are significant. The South China Sea is a vital trade route, with an estimated $5 trillion in global trade passing through it each year. Any disruption to this trade route could have severe economic consequences for countries in the region and beyond. Furthermore, the South China Sea is rich in natural resources, including oil and gas, making it a strategic priority for many countries.

In conclusion, the Trump administration's hardline stance on China's activities in the South China Sea could potentially lead to increased tensions between the U.S. and China. This shift in policy is a significant departure from the Obama administration's more diplomatic approach, and it remains to be seen how this will play out in the coming months and years. The

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  • Tension has increased with China because of Joe Biden being elected, China know from past experiences working with Biden that, he will be a walk over. Joe Biden has not a good record with dealing with china. ( IE laptop Scandal ). This person will let China become world power. no. I'm not a trump supporter and i am not American. Joe Biden WILL sell the USA & other countries down the river in the process ..JUST WATCH 2021

  • China is not a real country, leadership is weak. China is a dictatorship. If the US/Trump will play hard ball on China, we will either have a small nuclear war or immediate white flag (surrender) by China. Either outcome will result in China being (voluntarily, by voice of the people or forced) divided up ethnically in at least 10 new countries (similar to US President Wilson's doctrine in Europe after WW1).

  • China should play smart: organise internally, don't try to fight foreign nuclear wars you can't win. China will lose, and what's left of China will be like Japan 1945 but with less help from the US. No recovery, back to the Middle Ages. That's my guess… I'm a simple lawyer.

  • So China should consolidate internally, as if there already is a naval blockade. Like what France/Napoleon had in 1800 when the British Navy blocked France's sea access. China should focus on internal markets only, forget exports. And: give the regions autonomy and peacefully divide the country that we call Red China up into a federal state, like the USA.

  • There is no dispute, international waters ARE "international waters"…japans islands are japans..philippines islands are philippines vietnam islands are veitnamese..there IS NO DISPUTE. China is occupying ocean belonging to entire world pretending its "theirs" China is occupying islands taken by intimidation from smaller neighboring countries. China is destroying coral reefs and important ecological fish breeding areas to use it as landfill to build artificial "islands" to place offensive weapons on.."in international waters" There is NO DISPUTE ! only greedy rude chinese aggression.

  • China's policy toward South China Sea since Deng Xiaoping is "lay the disputes aside and exploit together".
    China has a long historical relationship with S China Sea:
    King of Nanyue (predecessor of Vietnam, a part of China till 939AD, Vietnamese: Nhà Tri?u) Zhao Tuo (a Han Chinese 240BC-137BC, Vietnamese: Tri?u Ðà) administrated northern part of SC Sea.
    1972 unearthed Mawangdui Han Tombs extracted some maps with SCS.
    "Book of Later Han" wrote between 432AD and 445AD has chapters about SCS.
    Various later historical documents describe South C Sea.
    The most famous event for Chinese to explore SC Sea is "Zheng He's Voyages".
    Zheng He (1371–1433 or 1435), formerly romanized as Cheng Ho, was a Chinese mariner, explorer, diplomat, fleet admiral, and court eunuch during China's early Ming dynasty. He was originally born as Ma He in a Muslim family, later adopted the conferred surname Zheng from Emperor Yongle. Zheng commanded expeditionary voyages to Southeast Asia, South Asia, Western Asia, and East Africa from 1405 to 1433. His larger ships stretched 120 meters or more in length. These carried hundreds of sailors on four tiers of decks.
    South China sea is very important "belt" for old Chinese's trade route.
    "China" as porcelain can be found in many places on land or under water along the old "belt" trade route.
    If you think China should claim a small part of S China S then China can get peace with other countries? Which small part?
    If we claim small part of SC Sea, it is not reasonable. In the ancient time, Chinese ancestor's activity/navigation is not restricted to a small part or to a fixed sea route. Most islands or coral reef are claimed after WW2, or after WW1. But Chinese has relationship with S China S is 1500 years earlier than most of the claims.


    Australia & the USA laid the Foundation of International Boundaries being changed so they could steal Offshore Fuel Reserves & now they have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to argue against China in the #SouthChinaSea

    The #USA & #Brunei have made a BIG MISTAKE starting conflict with China & asking Australia to back their Sovereign Claim to Offshore Fuel Reserves, because Australia does not recognize ANYONE'S Sovereign Claim to any offshore Territory at all

  • A secret tactic that the United States should apply to
    China in the South China Sea, teaching China a valuable lesson is to ban
    invasion of other countries because of its ancient nature. All countries bound
    by China such as India, Russia, Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea,
    Australia, etc. (Note that there is no Vietnam, no VN participation can only
    allow Vietnam to consider and assess the situation, so is it OK) Gather
    together to organize a plan to fight China including 2 fighting plans. first.
    Option 1 is mild: an exercise of positions that China has invaded so far, also
    known as the absurd cow's tongue line, is not recognized by the international
    community. to threaten China. If it intends to fire a rocket or open fire, plan
    plan 2 to preemptively energize it within 30 minutes to avoid damaging
    civilians in order to destroy the leader, or the Chinese leadership. miserable
    people. assessing the total force at important positions (nuclear plants,
    nuclear power, processing electronic circuits for espionage, triple dams …
    must be carefully calculated and divided among countries to notify each other.
    Only then can it teach China to stop expanding to other sovereign countries.


  • Ok guys Get ready utk berperang….mampos AS dengan cina nak bergaduh…HOK ALOHH

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