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The Philippine Ambassador to the US on the South China Sea dispute and tensions with China | DW News

As tensions continue to rise between the Philippines and China over their mutual claims to parts of the South China Sea, in a …


Title: Philippine Ambassador Addresses South China Sea Dispute Amidst Escalating Tensions with China

In a recent interview with Deutsche Welle (DW) News, Philippine Ambassador to the United States Jose Manuel Romualdez discussed the ongoing South China Sea dispute and the escalating tensions between the Philippines and China.

Romualdez emphasized the importance of upholding international law, particularly the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), in resolving the dispute. He reiterated the Philippines' stance that it has "incontrovertible rights" over the West Philippine Sea, a part of the South China Sea, as affirmed by a 2016 arbitration ruling.

The ambassador also addressed China's increasing military presence in the region, stating that it undermines peace and stability. He expressed concern over the potential for conflict, particularly in the face of China's continued rejection of the arbitration ruling.

Romualdez underscored the need for diplomatic solutions, urging China to engage in dialogue and respect the sovereign rights of other nations. He also highlighted the importance of the U

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  • Nobody knows this agreement because there was non only the current government is making this issue πŸ˜‚

  • The agreement is only in their China dream. It is delusional to think you can get any kind of respect from China. Philippines needs to fight back from multiple fronts. Strengthening militaries, aggressive social media to expose the truth DAILY. Economic warfare, very aggressively going after China global market customer base. Replacing China as a better quality and better pricing substitute and most importantly, buy from a country that does not bully the world. Reevaluate everything Philippines purchases from China. Replace them with products from Asean or start making your own. Export to other countries besides China so that your economy does not depend on exports to China. Put in the effort and in 3-5 years, the Philippines' economy can be so robust with successful manufacturing exports that it hurts China.

  • I guess China will not fall into the trap of the United States, there is no need to talk to countries that are not independent diplomatically, to talk only to their masters, China will not fight with any other vassal of the United States, if it must fight, it must only fight directly with the US.

  • I agreed that PH should bring in near by countries that have the same claim on the islands to talk to China BUT you must first keep US out of the picture. US has already openly declared and continued to demostrate that they will do whatever it takes to suppress the rise of China, not only military, space exploration, economy, Taiwan, Ukarine (blaming China for aiding Russia), etc. When US is involved, you can be sure that China will assume US is behind this and the objective is to suppress its rise. The person who can do this is the previous President D. He has good relationship with China and they know D will not be the lapdog of US.

  • China continue to violate the international law based on UNCLOS even they did not won the arbitrary ruling last 2016. UNCLOS should apply diplomatic pressure to China such as economic sanctions, travel ban and trade restriction.

  • Look at US Biden administration being drilled badly by US nation on provoking and escalating wars of other countries instead of PEACE AND PROSPERTIY. And Phillipines relying on US to help them fight in a war?????

  • The current Chinese government merely claims what the previous government claimed. As a matter of fact, the US helped the previous Chinese government take back the islands in south China sea from Japanese occupation. If anyone is the revisionist, it's the US.

  • Today, US is on the wrong side of history and it is called the trouble-maker of the world. While the Philippine is standing with the trouble-maker, we can tell what the Philippine is. Don't play innocent, you can not fool people with knowledges.

  • So Philippine no bricks solve many problems 😒😒😒

  • CCP will use every possible way to lie for its own favor and gain. Unfortunately, too many world leaders, not to mention those corrupt, are blind due to overly rely on Chinese cheap products and market for the past decades.

  • I would really like to retire to the Philippines in 5 or 6 years. Please dont start a war with china until i get there

  • So why US insist stay at Guantanamo which obviously part of integral land of Cuba?
    When will you return Mexican land that was illegaly occupied by you.
    Solve your own territory problem before talk about others please!

  • good conversation… we have to learn from the past… what's the consequences in every bad actions!

  • You can not talk to anyone that thinks that might makes right.

  • It will affect to entire world if you allow Philippines as a bait of war between China and US

  • He speaks for the his master, not the Pinoys. Sovereignty? Is there any? Freed0m of navigation? There's always one. Continue to provoke with world policeman and not prepared to sit down and negotiate is not a sign of peace loving. The world is already in chaos in eastern Europe and the Middle East. Why is it so not spreading conflict to Asia?

  • REN AI JIAO= AYUNGIN SHOAL is not belong to PH, please see the PH MAP when AMERICA handed PH ARCHIPELAGO to PHILIPPINE. πŸ‘

  • Why does the video keep moving around, get a tripod, this is a reputable news outlet.

  • China's government seems to be behaving like a small boy having a tantrum.

  • Watch the Chinese oil Rig Baby. China GREED is legendary.

  • It is Philippines, influenced by the US, who violated other countries territory and undermined regional stability and peace.

  • its simple china cant be negotiated ..dont be fooled they wanted to claim ,,, all of south china sea …thats a fact…

  • It's unfortunate for the Philippines neighbor is China, greedy enough to occupy the entire WPS without basis.

  • Well the West has sold off its family silver (toll roads, ports, trains, housing, farmland) to the new H in the World and forget the flag over the Parliament, selling off the Nation to foreign actors just infected your Parliaments. πŸŒπŸŒŽπŸŒπŸ—ΊnowπŸ‡¨πŸ‡³. So who's sending them back to the Opium Wars or something like North Korea today? They are literally playing the world like πŸ—πŸ₯ and only πŸ•΄πŸ€Ί will stop it. We are not evolved despite bei d educated. History repeating itself. Just the flag is different.

  • Philippines president Marco junior is working for US because of his father wealth in US control, Marco is criminal law in US because of his father criminal. So as his son, he is still not freedom in US. So FBI is controlling Marco junior today

  • ASEAN countries should sign Agreement on non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries with China. China is seeking leverage in ASEAN member countries. That might eventually change constituency or status of those countries.

  • If the world will truly be affected by this harassment of china claiming most of the water in the west Philippine sea! They should call out and condemn the aggression of china and its reclamation in the area.

  • If not for the US and Britain winning WWII China would still be a Japanese empire. haha

  • Legally, Professor Carty thoroughly explores the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) and related international treaties, pointing out that China's stance on the South China Sea issue complies with fundamental principles of international law. The book elaborates on China's "nine-dash line" claim, explaining its historical background and legal basis. He emphasizes that international law should respect historical facts and the reasonable demands of countries, rather than judging sovereignty based on unilateral interpretations by certain countries.

  • CHINA IS SHOWING no respect for international law, no respect for sovereign rights and laws. The international community should put a stop.

  • Chinese in WPS ruin our territory, the natural resources suffers even the small fishermen. know your territory not just imaginary boundary made by your country…stop disturbing your neighbor China…be humble

  • It’s interesting that the generation of Filipinos that Duarte represents, that were anti-American and asked the U.S. to leave the American Navy base in Subic Bay, are leaving the stage. They demonstrated to the younger generations that the fate of the Philippines was in their hands and blaming the Americans for their corrupt politics was pointless and did not serve them. It is not an accident that Philippines is much less prosperous than Malaysia and is about to be surpassed by Vietnam. The fact that America left Subic Bay when asked and now is being asked, no begged, to come back for Philippines own self interest is an ironic twist and really shows how much harm President Xi has caused to the people of China.

  • Now every country in the world claims that they are so important that they will impact the world if something happens to them. But in fact they contribute nothing to the world.

  • Sense in china is not common.

  • No Sense talking with reasons with the Chinese. Philippines should build up its military thats the best way to counter this encroachment.

  • I am happy that our DFA is grabbing the bull by the horn. Philippines has soverignthy over West Philippine Sea or 200 nautical miles of our Exclusive Economic Zone. (EEZ)

  • You should remind your government to look at the development more closely

  • Sue China for the environmental and legal abuse in the West Philippine EEZ

  • If there there is no hard copy of the agreeement, do not honor it.

  • Stop calling china sea our teretory it's philippine sea. West philippine sea is our teretory

  • In-Depth Historical Analysis

    "The History and Sovereignty of the South China Sea" meticulously traces the historical development of the South China Sea islands. Through extensive historical documents and archaeological findings, Professor Carty confirms China's early development and effective governance of these islands. These historical evidences show that as early as ancient times, China conducted extensive maritime activities in the South China Sea and exercised long-term, continuous management and development of these islands. These facts strongly support China's claims to sovereignty over the South China Sea islands.

  • Mr. Ambassador has dared not to speak out against the wrong doing of his president.

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