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Suspended Bamban Mayor Alice Guo’s lawyer hits ‘trial by pub…

Here are the stories on ANC’s Dateline Philippines Saturday. Join ANC PRESTIGE to get access to perks: …

Title: Suspended Bamban Mayor's Lawyer Accuses Local Media of 'Trial by Pub'

In a recent development, the lawyer of suspended Bamban Mayor Alice Guo has accused local media of conducting a 'trial by pub' in the ongoing controversy surrounding her suspension. The allegation comes amidst a flurry of reports and public opinion regarding the mayor's alleged involvement in a land dispute.

The lawyer, who wished to remain anonymous, claimed that the media has been sensationalizing the issue, creating an atmosphere of public judgment without due process. This, according to the lawyer, is a violation of Guo's rights and a breach of journalistic ethics.

The allegation of a 'trial by pub' is particularly relevant given the heightened public interest in the case. The suspension of Mayor Guo, who is the first female mayor in Bamban, has sparked debate and raised questions about the integrity of local government officials.

However, it is essential to note that the information provided is not entirely new. The controversy surrounding Mayor Guo's suspension and the alleged land dispute has been a topic of discussion for several weeks. The lawyer's accusation of 'trial by pub' is a new angle to the story, highlighting the tension between the media, the legal system, and public opinion.

As the case unfolds, it will be interesting to see how the media responds to these accusations and how they continue to cover the story. The incident serves as a reminder of the crucial role the media plays in shaping public opinion and the importance of maintaining journalistic integrity in the face of controversy.

See video for more information

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  • S korte walang ingay…walang nkkarinig ng totoo…naitatago s publiko ang ktotohanan…yn ang gustong mngyari ni atty…isang tao n lng ang kausap..mdaling mgbulag bulagan kc wala nman nkkaalam ng ngyare s loob ng korte short isa lng bigyan pra mtahimik pero s senado lhat ng tao nllaman kung ano ang totoo…henyo kau atty mlaking kita yn…

  • D alam lht…
    Pnu xa nanalo n mayor kung kht kabataan hindi alam?chinese tlga yn..

  • Its good if trials by publicity pra malaman sa lahat ng pinoy all over the world

  • Dapat pauwiin na nila mga Chinese na may mga elegal na ginagawa dito sa bansa at isama na ang mga tiwaling gobyerno 😢😢

  • Bakit china na Ang nagppatakbobng Bansa nation kilos kau gobyerno nakakahiya na sa iBang Bansa pinagttwanan na Mila tau

  • The sister of Alice guo said that their father sent them to TRIAD in China when they were younger to train as spies .

  • Pwede kaya pag guilty ang client pati atty kulong din? Sana ganun!

  • In my opinion, the father of mayor Guo who registered her birth certificate does not know how to read English or Tagalog, hence the the wrong information therein.
    What about the 2 disinterested person, are they still around and alive?
    Maybe they can shed some information on mayor Guo's background.

  • Malaki bayad sa lawyer na ito kaya ginagawa lahat para ipagtanggol ang mga illegal gawain ni Guo dapat kasuhan din itong si Atty David

  • E sa birth certificate na nga lang attorney e sabay na, nakakahiya naman na ang isang Pilipinong abogado e ipinagtatanggol ang isang taong manlilinlang.

  • She is a public official, technically. Isn't it just right if she be tried in public? Wala akong alam sa batas na ganyan kaya legit yang tanong na yan. Anyone, please?

  • tanggaling nyo mga hindi pilipino dito sa bansa para hindi amfir sa mga pinapaalis nyo kahit hindi china basta hindi dugong pinoy alisin nyo ibanned nyo lahat

  • The Phil’s govt must accept the truth now that corruption that had been tolerated for so long in the government of its officials and employees will be a precursor to the downfall of the Philippines ..bulok na bulok na ang sistema …

  • It’s very obvious that she’s the lead to organize the POGO in Bambam Wondering why you are acting on her behalf ! All records speak of her involvement! Gosh ! It’s a TRIAD ! Stupid ka ! If you are paid much Then your dignity is kaput ! Her father is to be charged too ! He will never appear as he is guilty ! A conspiracy of
    Illegalities ! STOP ! It’s sickening , it’s deepening , it’s deafening! Corrupts ! Devils !

  • Atty. Stephen David is also the lawyer of Janet Napoles based from past news articles. Just putting it out there.

  • Ang dami sa pasay pogo hub. Wag kasi kayo puro pagpapalaki ng tyan.



    In July 16, 2016, Remullas got Seven Billion Pesos from Filipino Chinese for the sale of 32 Hectares Island Cove Hotel and Leisure Park in Kawit Cavite

    The ISLAND POGO HUB FRORTRESS is Just 3.5 Kilometers from Danilo Atienza Air Base of the Philippine Air Force Strike Wing and 3 Kilometers from Naval Air System Command of the Armed Forces where PAF of the Philippines were we Build and maintain our Naval and AIR FORCE ASSETS.

    The ISLAND FORTRESS POGO HUB was constructed in July 2018 near the Imus Bridge in Kawit Cavite Toll Expressway in Kawit Cavite. It was constructed by Thousands of Chinese Migrant during the Duterte Administration. This was the former

    Island Cove Hotel and Leisure Park Kawit Cavite

  • Yep! The Senate sessions is politically motivated and "Trial by Publicity". PADCOR has office & staffs in the building 24/7 to oversee the govt. 25% shares on POGO revenues. POGO is legal business & market mostly overseas, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia & Singapore. The POGO employs IT, Tech OFW, the reasons their passports were kept by employer. The Ombudsman should lift the suspension against Mayor Alice Guo.

  • China eats all our seafood already. Just imagine a billion mouths to feeds.

  • This is easy immigrations start to No issuances of visa to Chinese and then all Chinese deforted who is in POGO. In other country 24/7 they been sent home . Stop being friendly and kind of our National security is in danger . What is billions in economy if a crime is increase , if drugs increases and kill all young people and make them used this drug as a biohazards to individual in order to have a community dependent to drugs and unproductive and manipulated by drugs this is POGO is not good for us Filipino

  • Regarding sa agawan ng teritoryo: In the first place ano ba tlga pinaglalaban ng China?tulad nung kelan lang nakita ang warship ng china dto sa zamboanga between ng basilan and sta cruz island,bakit walang aksyong gnwa ang Pilipinas? Tapos sabi ng China naligaw lang sila,pwede ba un? Ang problema,kahit anong paglalaban natin sa teritoryo natin kung ang mga gov't officials eh pinapapasok sila,wala din eh…ang tanong,bakit hinahayaan silang makapasok? Baka naman pinahihintulutan baka unti unti nang binebenta sa china ang Pilipinas. Ganun lang un eh.. wala rin yang pagreressearch nyo kung ang nsa taas eh may ginagawa na palang kababalaghan..

  • I can’t believe he believed her lies. Ako ray nalooy. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Dapat talaga tanggalin na lahat ng Chinese dito darating ang araw baka mas marami na ang chinese kumpara sa pilipinas yumayaman pa sila dito bat hinde sila dun sa china maghasik ng lagim pati pogo may mayor pa na Chinese 😅 dapat edeport na sila sa bansa nila ginagamit lang nila ang pilinas para sa sarili nilang interes

  • Don't like trial by publicity, then don't talk to the media. Evil always choose to stay in the dark. Corrupt way to "FIX' the problem is to keep it from public eyes, plus lots of grease money

  • Her lawyers insist on tackling the issue in a court, yet wrote a letter to Malacanang? Is Malacanang a court of law?

  • My comments about Alice Go. His punishment is that she committed a serious crime and she should be funish in jail and pay a big bail. Not to be deported otherwise she is free again. I'm sure she killed some people and she should be finished avoiding o the law that's my opinion.

  • Naturingang pilipino ang mga lawyer pero sa ibang lahi nakampi sana sa mga lawyer ni guo jan pumapagitna lang sila ndi sa client nila nakafavor lahat porke ba mapera sila.

  • Dapat sayo atty.. Don sa China wag kna mgstay sa Pinas


  • Kung mali man ang client,.dpat wag na ipagtanggol ng filipino lawyer. Shame on u! Pera -pera lang yan.

  • It looks like Mayor Guo paid her lawyer tremendous amount of money. This Lawyer don't care about his own country eventually will be taken by the Chinese.
    This lawyer does not care about the next generation. This lawyer is only after the big money he is going to make.

  • Dapat. Makilong ka din Atty.
    Magkano binayad sayio, Millions

  • Atty, is your prerogative to answer or not. But in a proper quorum your client should and Senate is one of the proper quorum.

  • Dapat na paalisin dito lahat nang chinese at itapin ang mga opisyales na nakisabwatan sa kanila ay itapon sa dagat o tabunan nang buhangin ang iyan kasama ang sinasamba nilang pera na galing sa kasamahan, nakakalimutan nilang may diyos at lahat tayo ay mamatay hindi kaylanga ang sobra sobramg pera

  • Nag iimbistiga nga..kaya lumabas ung ganyan .nagulat lang cguro ung abogado ni marami pang natuklasan.hindi lang ung sa pogo operation. Pati na ren ung mga involved na mga tao.pati na ren ung mga registration ng pagkatao ni mayora.nabuking na ren.aguyyyyy

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