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South China Sea Maneuvers : EU rejects China’s claim to sove…

EU reiterated its strong opposition to “unilateral actions that could undermine regional stability and international rules-based …

Title: EU Rejects China's Proposal to Settle South China Sea Dispute Unilaterally

In a significant development, the European Union (EU) has rejected China's proposal to resolve the long-standing South China Sea dispute unilaterally. This rejection comes amidst growing tensions in the region, with several countries, including the Philippines and Vietnam, asserting their sovereignty over disputed territories.

The EU's stance is a departure from its previous position of neutrality, reflecting a growing concern over China's assertive approach in the region. The EU's High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell, stated that any resolution to the dispute must be based on international law and through multilateral dialogue.

This move by the EU is particularly relevant in the current geopolitical landscape, where China's influence in the Indo-Pacific region is increasingly being challenged. The EU's rejection of China's unilateral approach could potentially strengthen the hand of other countries in the region, such as Japan and India, who have also expressed concerns over China's territorial claims.

The news of the EU's rejection is significant as it marks a shift in the EU's stance towards China's territorial claims. This development could have far-reaching implications for the South China Sea dispute and the broader geopolitical dynamics of the Indo-Pacific region.

1. EU rejects China's proposal to settle South China Sea dispute unilaterally (Reuters, 2021)
2. EU to take a stronger stance against China's territorial claims in South China Sea (South China Morning Post, 2021)

See video for more information

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  • when to give the counter measure of chinas claim over the whole western seas as if they are the only beings over there

  • China your out of line! Grabbing the international water!

  • asia must pay tribute to America=buy weapon/oil

  • China has been feeding her navies and leaders with the fish they have been stealing from the EEZ of the Philippines. Poor China! Shame on you China!

  • Come on EU for 5000 years China has been controlling the SCS in the history. 💪💪👍👍👏👏❤❤💯💯

  • This is a matter of action. Economic sanctions against this big country does not work. This has to be coordinated military wise with all the allies in the region. In facto China has been 'bubbled up' (that's why it doesn't like it, and wants to annex Taiwan). Three things I think are worthwhile to mention. Those illegally taken island by China have to be undone. You don't do it by sending them a letter kindly asking to leave, NO, they broke the UN Tribunal Decision, and all (if not most) countries do abide by that, so at the moment there is only one country able to physically remove the Chinese from those islands and that's the United States. I bet China would not dare to wage a war against the US (and it's allies) over those islands. After that it's critical that every country has sovereignty over their own maritime part of the sea, while the most part of the South (Chinese) Sea have to be divided politically and honest. The third and last option is, because of the military buildup of Chinese forces it's vital to provide at least 4 countries (in this case Japan, Taiwan, The Philippines and South Korea), with nuclear weapons. NOT to use them, but keeping them at hot standby as a deterrence. Not only would give that those countries more safety, it also projects more striking power for the United States (and it's allies) to strike at China should it all comes down to blow. If we really need to go war, which nobody wants, then we also better win it.

  • EU better not go with the US, as the US is just taking the EU as a dog that surrounds it while it is stealing the neighbors. US always claiming for human right meanwhile US has no human right at all. Look at what is happenning in the US. US is like a thief who is stealling the rest of the world while calling the police telling them someone is stealing.

  • chinese government is too much greedy! most of the illegal drugs are coming from china. they are now trying to conquer the whole west Philippine sea. worst is their cover up with their china virus! the number 1 enemy of all nations.

  • sana ang mga pinunong nagbebenta ng kasarinlan ng pilipinas ay mapanagot. ito lagi ang magiging instrumento ng mga politikong uhaw. sasabihin pinabayaan ang kasarinlan. pero di nila kayang banggain ang super power. mabuti pa ang walang pinag aralan tulad ni bonifacio pag sinabing amin ipaglalaban kahit dumanak anf dugo

  • It's really quite simple. If they're in your internationally recognized territory.
    1. issue warning
    2. Issue warning they will be fired upon
    3. Make a new reef with their ship
    The End.

    They won't do shit to retaliate.

  • china is so greddy😡🇺🇸🇵🇭🇯🇵🇹🇼🇮🇳🇻🇳🇪🇺

  • W E S T P H I L I P P I N E S E A

  • Ah just get it over with sink all the Chinese fishing boats not just the Philippines the fishing boats of China are raping everyones fish grounds world wide

  • EU rejecting China's unilateral claim of the SCS is a very strong indication that China is on the wrong side of history. The SCS is the same as the North Sea in Europe, hence no single country is unilaterally claiming it. All sorrounding countries respect the rule of law and they all have shares or rights to benefit from it.

  • Malaysia need to spend all the money to built war michine and nuke.please Malaysia government.

  • This is municipality of palawan Philippines and. Thier is PAGSASA Island municipal mayor . How your repotting outpost that is not outpost it municipal island of pag asa province of palawan Philippines

  • Eu rejecting what was already stood and reconstructed? How?

  • 我们读到中国声称对南海的 9 段线拥有主权……理由是,仅仅因为他们在南中国海航行,在公元 14 世纪……它属于中国.. 这有多么荒谬……就像美国声称月球是他们的,因为他们走在上面…… 无论如何……如果中国这么说……现实远非如此。从 9 世纪到 13 世纪,南印度王国影响和统治了该地区的帝国……印度尼西亚、马来西亚(Kadaaram)……菲律宾(ManipravallaTheevu)……越南、老挝和柬埔寨(Sri Vijaya Kingdom)等。所以不能说,这些古代王国周围的海域属于那些帝国,因此属于印度!??……荒谬。世界秩序是公平的。陆地周围或从陆地到陆地末端,以海里为单位的一定距离的海洋属于该国家/地区。其余的海域将是“国际性的”……没有一个国家拥有或可以声称……整个南中国海中最不重要的!!!这在国际秩序和法律中不是有效的主张……所以……中国是空洞的,只是因为他们在南海航行或在特别是明朝之后的几个世纪中声称海洋是他们的哪个历史表明王朝没有海上霸权或“统治”这些海洋来声称9条线等..属于他们是可笑的..荒谬的!!

  • Right EU has rights over Asian lands. Europeans love to think they rule the world. You’re born to be a servant of you still take them seriously, isn’t that right Indian?

  • Watching a woman as beautiful as this give us an account of China's fails is one of life's rare pleasures.

  • we hope that the Chinese people will submit and abide the Ruling of the Arbitral international Court of Justice, to stop their Unlawful and overlapping Claim in the West Phil, Sea,

  • BEWARE: CCP Trolls are in the Comments Sections trying to do their CCP thing.. Clear sign they dont want people to come together and agree that CCP must be nuked.

  • CCP is a criminal organisation, simple as that.

  • Xi jin ping is a mad man. The shit stirer and biggest loan shark in Asia.

  • Making claim on south china sea

    build an island fast, faces pass and tresspasing

    Staring blankly ahead

    Just making my claim

    Making a claim through the asean countriesss

    And I need south seaa

    And I miss south seeaa

    And now I wonder

    If I could nuclear philipine then i would

    Do you think WHO would pass me by?

    'Cause you know I'd claim a thousand miles

    If I could own the south sea tonight

    from CCP

  • No one is heeding anything from that nitwit Biden. He’s following Obama failed leading from behind strategy

  • ang china ay wala ng kakampi dahil swapang. sana wagnating ibigay ang kasarinlan. nakikipaglaban tayo mula pa nuon sa mga mananakop. wag sanang mang yari magising anf pilipino. kahit malakas na bansa sila ang pinoy ay mandirigma. wag lng idimoralised at sabihin na wala tayong laban. ang pinuno ay laging sinasabi ano man ang mangyari wag tayong paapi at padakop yan ang tunay na pilipino

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