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‘Shouldn’t have done that’: Israel critcised for Rafah airstrike

ASPI Senior Analyst Malcolm Davis says he doesn’t believe Israel should have sent airstrikes on Rafah. Gaza officials say at least …


Title: "Israel Under Fire for Controversial Rafah Airstrike Amidst Gaza Crisis"

In the midst of the ongoing Gaza crisis, Israel has faced international criticism for a recent airstrike in Rafah. The incident, which reportedly resulted in civilian casualties, has sparked a wave of condemnation, with many questioning the legitimacy of the attack.

The airstrike, which occurred on a busy street, is said to have targeted a Hamas military leader. However, the collateral damage, including the deaths of several civilians, has led to accusations of disproportionate force and a disregard for civilian safety.

The United Nations and human rights organizations have called for an immediate investigation into the incident. The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) has expressed concern over the rising number of civilian casualties in the Gaza Strip and urged all parties to uphold international humanitarian law.

Israeli officials have defended the airstrike, stating that the military leader was a legitimate target and that all necessary precautions were taken to minimize civilian casualties. However, the lack of trans

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  • Yes of course human shield one more excuse to get away from Genocide of innocents just because they read Quran and follow Islam which the religion of peace

  • Can someone put that Warmonger Netanyahu in jail once and for all?

  • The IDF is above international law because they have the mindset that they are God’s chosen people.

  • 1. Haifa Massacre 1937
    2. Jerusalem Massacre 1937
    3. Haifa Massacre 1938.
    4. Beled el-Sheikh Massacre 1939
    5. Haifa Massacre 1939
    6. Haifa Massacre 1947
    7. Abbasid Massacre 1947
    8. Al-Khisas Massacre 1947
    9. Bab al-Amud Massacre 1947
    10. Jerusalem Massacre 1947
    11.Sheikh Bureik Massacre 1947
    12. Tantura Massacre 1948
    13. Jaffa Massacre in 1948
    14. Khan Younis Massacre 1956
    15. Jerusalem Massacre 1967
    16. Sabra and Shatila Massacre 1982
    17. Masjid al-Aqsa Massacre 1990
    18. Abrahamic Mosque Massacre 1994
    19. Jenin Refugee Camp April 2002
    20. Gaza Massacre 2008-09
    21. Gaza Massacre 2012
    22. Gaza Massacre 2014
    23. Gaza Massacre 2018-19
    24. Gaza Massacre 2021
    25. Gaza Genocide 2023 still ongoing



  • Human shields??? They bombed a rufugee camp that Israel declared safe setting CHILDREN on fire, babies found decapatated and in pieces. Israel IDF is a TERRORIST REGIME!

  • Australian media has been cheering Israel on all along, constant criticism for our Australian government trying to support the people of Gaza.

  • Israel has gone rogue and needs to be forced to stop this!

  • I couldn’t believe the news last night lead with the story of anti Jewish graffiti on a building FFS what is wrong with this society 35 innocent Palestinians died on the same day .We need a new word anti -Gazist .Those Israelis completely control western media we are total puppets in their hands.

  • this is why MSM is becoming obsolete. they spin propaganda for Israel

  • Nethanyahu is a war criminal. Only paid bots says otherwise with their "What about.." posts

  • Yeah, Hamas was hiding in the tents. Oh please…

  • Okay Hamas is staying in tents for displaced ppl.
    Give me a break

  • 1. Strike was not in the humanitarian area. 2. ICJ never ordered a stop to military operations in Rafah.

  • Babies where beheaded in the Israeli attack on displaced people

  • Hamas is tens of meters underground. Anyone who thinks that these attacks inflict any damage on Hamas is delusional. These attacks are deliberately targeting civilians to put pressure on Hamas. All of the hostages that came out in the deal said that they never heard airstrikes, meaning the tunnels are sophisticated than people think. Airstrikes are not effective at all against them. The only way to eliminate Hamas is through infrantry operations but IDF is too cowardly for that.

  • Why hasn’t the ICJ not applied the same ruling on Russia with its attacks on civilians in the Ukraine? Oh silly me the Putin isn’t a jew!

  • Ahh the human shield card.. being used almost as much as the anti semitic card these days

  • Please stop insulting your viewers, nobody believes the human shield BS..

  • Israel has the right to defend itself against the civilian population, children, infants, pregnant women, the elderly, the disabled, doctors, nurses, surgeons, academics, journalists, aid workers and even animals and trees..

  • 1 counter attack after 4 months does not indicate Hamas is much of a threat considering the military capabilities Isreal has been displaying throughout this invasion.

  • People think that saying the word "genocide" over and over makes it true. As should be abundantly obvious by now, 8 months later, with the Palestinian population having risen by 140,000 since October 6th …..there is no intention to destroy – in whole or in part – the Palestinian people. The weapons and tactics to do that aren't being used, and 1 kilogram of food per person per day is entering Gaza. South Africa has launched a libellous case on behalf of Iran and Russia to divide the West, and enough people have fallen for it that it's working.

  • Lol. Ehose the fat guy with the money in his jackets l lying through his teeth😅

  • Oh my god Everytime I see comment on sky news and how so easily you are all manipulated by emotional facts and not actual real facts and stuck in these echo chambers and keep feeding each other propaganda.

  • This is because the US loves war war war

  • To all you muppets defending israhell, the PM openly admitted it was a mistake. You’d think after “covid” people would’ve developed a brain but clearly not. Words can’t describe how sick you must be to defend Israel. Disgusting.

  • Israel does not give a hoot on how many people die………they have the sly backing of the US!!!

  • Glad they didn't send ground forces in, if they do there would have been potential losses of brave IDF soldiers, why would anyone risk their own operatives? If they don't want to risk being bombed maybe just hand over the Hamas leaders and the hostages instead of protecting them?

  • Its genocide Syk Murdoch, about time you recognised the facts and reported them honestly.

  • These people don't respect the law. It's Gross😷. They want justify the killing of innocent people. This will backfire on the Israeli government. No one will live there or do business there.

  • I will never look at Israel the same way as I once did. They’ve lost me.

  • The sky news comments just shows the level of impunity and continual acceptance of Israeli atrocities. You people have lost your humanity a long time ago. Extremists just like Hamas. The lot of you and the propaganda you follow namely Sky News. Good thing you’re a minority

  • Thousands of lives lost just so Netanyahu can stay in power. All his allies are denouncing the continuance of the bombing and shelling but he s still there. Israel had worldwide empathy after the Hamas massacre in October last but this has eroded and is now virulently against this unjustified massacre of innocents.

  • The argument of Hamas hiding amongst civilians is a non-sense. It doesn’t take much to realise that theres no where for them to hide, because the prison camp of Gaza is nothing but, a built up area. Look at the fire power they’re up against. Also, Israel has since the outset treated these people so appallingly that Im not surprised they’re ended up with the mafia-like organisation of Hamas. The idea that they hate the Israelis and want to fight back against them is somehow understandable. They have no where near the capability to eliminating Israel from the river to sea ( really a Zionist view ) making this statement very misleading. I don’t support either of these extreme right-wing organisations. They don’t represent their people well at all.

  • Your guest is a liar and genocide apologist ,the only people who use human shields are the Israelis as well documented in the amnesty internationals report on human shields i suggest you read it instead of having paid Israeli propaganda mouthpieces on your show ,also could you ask your boss to stop funding illegal settlements thanks .

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