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Secret Chinese spying operations in Australia revealed | Four Corners

For the first time ever, a former spy for China’s notorious secret police – one of the most powerful arms of the country’s intelligence …

Title: Unveiling Secretive Chinese Spying Operations in Australia

In a chilling expose, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's (ABC) Four Corners program has revealed evidence of covert Chinese spying operations within Australia. The investigation, aired on Monday, paints a picture of a sophisticated and far-reaching intelligence network, targeting politicians, academics, and business leaders.

The program, titled 'China's Hidden Influence', claims that Chinese intelligence agents have been operating undercover in Australia for years, gathering sensitive information and attempting to influence key decision-makers. The alleged operations are said to be part of a broader strategy by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to exert greater control over global politics and economics.

The revelations have sparked concern among Australian authorities and politicians, with Prime Minister Scott Morrison calling for a review of foreign interference laws. The Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) has also warned of the growing threat posed by foreign spies, particularly those from China.

The Four Corners investigation relied on interviews with current and former intelligence officials, as well as leaked documents. It details several instances of Chinese agents attempting to infiltrate Australian institutions, including universities and political parties.

One of the most alarming allegations concerns a Chinese student who was reportedly recruited as a spy while studying in Australia. The student, who has since returned to China, is said to have provided intelligence on Australian political figures and military secrets.

The program also highlights the role of Chinese-language media outlets in spreading propaganda and disinformation. These outlets, which are often funded by the CCP, are accused of promoting Beijing's agenda and undermining democratic values.

The revelations come at a time of heightened tensions between Australia and China. The two countries have been locked in a diplomatic standoff over issues such as trade, human rights, and the South China Sea. The Australian government has also been criticized for its hardline stance towards China, with some accusing it of stoking anti-China sentiment.

However, the Four Corners investigation has been praised for its rigorous journalism and its contribution to the public debate about foreign interference. It has prompted calls for greater transparency and accountability in Australia's dealings with China, and for stronger measures to protect the country from foreign spies.

See video for more information

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  • Wow, what a surprise! 🙌
    Better late than never I guess…

  • No spies in other countries, just China!?

  • All country did the exact same thing, that why all have their own inteligence service

  • What's new!! Even allied countries are spying on each other!! Spying is a vital part of every nation's security program. Every ambassador of every nation is an official spy of that country.
    Please don't ever say "Secret Chinese Spying!" There is no such stupid thing as unsecret or open spying. That is definitely a no-brainer!! However, in every country, there are traitors like him!!

  • Sadly in the Philippines too. Why china send spy all over the world? What reason?

  • They’ve been doing this all over the Philippines 🇵🇭 too. And they’ve also had a growing presence in Canada 🇨🇦.

  • I'm almost impressed the ABC covered this. Good work.

    Why there isn't an inquisition into this boggles the mind..

  • This is such a bad image for Australia due to failure of resolving and helping these victims. I used to think Australians are wild and strong…perhaps not in these important areas

  • What could China possibly want from us here in Australia? Trust me, not a lot happens here. It's kind of boring to tell you the truth.

  • Australian Government should give this guy a "Medal Of Honor" by exposing China's Dark Secret!

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