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NEW footage emerges of fairground ride falling apart 👀

NEW footage emerges of fairground ride falling apart #shorts #fairground #fail Daily Mail Website: …


2. 🎢 Ride Malfunction: The fairground ride malfunction that led to the tragic accident in which several people lost their lives has been captured on camera. The video shows the ride falling apart mid-air, causing panic and chaos among the riders. This is a shocking reminder of the importance of regular safety checks and maintenance for amusement park rides.

3. 🌍 Global Impact: The accident has sent shockwaves around the world, with people expressing their condolences and sharing their own experiences of fairground rides. Many are calling for stricter safety regulations and better oversight of amusement parks to prevent such tragedies from happening in the future.

4. 📹 New Footage: New footage has emerged showing the fairground ride just moments before it malfunctioned, giving a clearer picture of what went wrong. The video, which has been widely shared on social media, shows the ride swaying and shaking before it suddenly comes crashing down.

5. 🚨 Safety Concerns: This incident has raised serious concerns about the safety of fairground rides, with many questioning whether enough is being done to ensure that they are safe for use. Some are calling for a complete overhaul of the industry's safety regulations, while others are demanding that regular inspections and maintenance be carried out on all rides.

6. 💔 Grieving Families: As the investigation into the accident continues, families of the victims are left to come to terms with their loss. Many are struggling to understand how such a tragedy could have occurred, and are calling for those responsible to be held accountable.

7. 📰 Media Coverage: The accident has been widely covered by the media, with news outlets from around the world reporting on the tragedy. The images of the malfunctioning ride and the aftermath of the accident are a stark reminder of the potential dangers of amusement park rides.

8. 📢 Calls for Action: In the wake of the accident, there are growing calls for action to be taken to prevent such tragedies from happening again. Some are demanding that stricter safety regulations be implemented, while others are calling for better oversight of the amusement park industry.

9. 🔎 Investigation: Authorities are currently investigating the

See video for more information

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  • Me ! Never get on that . But what made these people make something like that calling it a ride

  • And nobody is checking on the kid that was just thrown off of the ride!

  • I know it was a terrible incident, but it looks like just one piece fell off. That’s not really what is meant by falling apart. Would’ve been nice to know if anybody got hurt.

  • The calm walk out of the line as everyone’s like: nope.

  • What did they do, buy the ride off of Temu? Sheesh! I pray everyone is ok

  • My heart dropped, I thought that was a person😂😂😂

  • I got out of line after a child was thrown from a ride at a fair. Never again!

  • Why didn't he stop that ride, or did he have his face in his cell phone!

  • I had to watch it a couple times cause I thought it was a body flying out. Where’s the fool who’s supposed to be operating the ride? Probably somewhere drunk or playing on a cellphone.

  • I did security at Coney Island and after seeing how those rides always broke down i will never get on any rides anywhere
    And majority of those people are under control substances

  • Ride operator #1: "Hey do you think we should stop the ride because of these giant pieces of metal that are falling off the ride?"
    Ride operator #2 "Heck no! Then we would have to give everyone a refund."

  • Yes let’s scream and run from the person who just flew off a ride to the ground and not help them. Bunch of idiots screaming.

  • They were looking for a thriller & they got it 😂.stop complaining

  • The people just turned around and weaved back out of the entrance gates for the ride like ‘um, I don’t think we want to go on that one ‘ lol

  • See how the Human fell & how educated people leave him Humanity died

  • Everyone in line said, Nope! However, they did so rather slow. I would’ve ran away from that ride.

  • I like how the guy , come on people there’s nothing to see here move run along now quickly, 🤦🏽🤦🏽they go check on the person minutes later .

  • This is about 20-30 seconds? Was thinking maybe it takes a bit of time to slow down?

  • Rides 20 yrs ago safe as…
    Rides today to many methstakes…

  • my dumbass watched it the first time waiting for something to happen
    the second time i watched it i thought someone flew off and no one helped
    the third time i was like oh im blind as hell

  • Like they can stop that person from falling in groups which they already was but they move and stated to run and let that person fall on ground

  • OMG! what was tbe ride operator doing when thus happened? The ride should have been stopped.

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