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Maritime dispute between China, Philippines in South China Sea intensifies

An intensifying maritime dispute between the Philippines and China in the South China Sea has been aggravated by another …


Title: Escalating Maritime Dispute in the South China Sea: China-Philippines Tensions Rise

In the volatile waters of the South China Sea, a long-standing territorial dispute between China and the Philippines has intensified, raising concerns about regional stability and potential military escalation. The dispute, centered around the Scarborough Shoal, has been a source of tension since 2012, but recent events have heightened tensions significantly.

On July 19, a Chinese coast guard vessel rammed and sunk a Philippine fishing boat near the shoal, leaving 22 fishermen adrift. This incident, which followed a series of provocative actions by both sides, has strained relations between the two countries and sparked international condemnation.

The Scarborough Shoal, a chain of rocks and reefs, is claimed by both China and the Philippines. China, which has been asserting its territorial claims in the South China Sea through island-building and military deployment, considers the shoal a part of its territory. The Philippines, on the other hand, maintains that the shoal falls within its exclusive economic zone (EEZ),

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  • China cant do it to japan only to pholippines because it is a very poor country

  • Philippine …
    US Your God Father
    Foolish Indeed !!!!!

  • This issue has been a big reason why Trump is leading Biden in the Filipino American vote

  • 9 Dash line claim like a child emperor drawing hehe

  • 真是给菲律宾脸啊,还用最高礼仪过水门来欢迎他们,哈哈

  • フィリピン可哀想🥺

  • the west Philippine sea is 200 nautical miles from the country.. and china is 900 nautical miles away from it! i dont know how it belongs to china… or maybe their just too dumb to know?🤣😂

  • Water Cannon incident It has happened so many times why not counter attack them with water cannon? why always pretending to be victim ? full of dramatization as usual produced by anglo saxons world !

  • Shame on the Chinese coast guards. WPS does not belong to you. Get out from our territory!!!!! IT SHOW THE WORLD HOW GREEDY YOU ARE!

  • Meet China, A greedy country that claims parts of almost all its neighbors and a country that will never be a world leader.

  • Rain, rain, go away, Come again another day; Filipinos want to play, Rain, rain, go away

  • That how bad people chinese are. Claiming the area far away from their own land.

  • The Philippines should not stand as sitting ducks. CCP Harrasment will not stop. What's next for the Philippines.

  • trust me as a black American man who has been in the army Im pretty sure the use government and the usa people will not protect the Philippines with our own people the major reason why we got out of the Middle East is because the most of Americans was tired of putting our lives on the line and wasting money on people who only scam and used our money to help there country. with that being said we will definitely give you weapons with a high interest loan that will take you generations to pay off. just ask the British they just finished paying there debt from there loans in ww2. our economy is to intertwine with china a war will destroy both of our economy and more then likely this will end with china and philippine reaching a agreement where china takes a portion of the sea

  • Buy only from Filipino business establishments. Patronize local products. Kick out Chinese citizens renting/living in your communities.

  • Its time for Philippines to sanction Chinese products. No more made in China. No more Chinese visitors, whatever?

  • Why China cant bully indonesia, vietnam? Is it because their leader were brave enough to confront the bully Xi.

  • Philippines President is trying to hard to pleased his master. 😂😂😂 If Philippines continue this route, it will be a complete destruction of the country and i bet the US will find an excuse not to send their military over. Weapons will be given but there will be a big bill for the Philippines to pay the US no matter whether u win or lose the fight. 😂

  • Don't trust Chinese CCP animals….

  • China bullying Philippines and China is not prepared that the country will retaliate. China's move is against arbitration case WON by the Philippines.

    They do not respect that and China expect to respect on what they are doing to West Philippines Sea? Also Full of Contradicting on their statements on what they are doing on That part of the sea. Well what do you expect on China? 😅 As always like that

  • I informed China already to adjust ,the previously 9, to now 12 trash lines to a more merciful 5&1/2 trashes of lines.

    My family in Philippines is ready to support the claim. In fact,
    My 5year old daughter, has already drawn the "adjisted" 5&1/2 Trashes of line across South China Sea. To back it up with a story, my Grand mother prepared one for you, and that this contested islands were chinese and dragons fishing ground ever since jurrasic era.

  • Here we go again, how long before foreign influence escalates this conflict into Ukraine 2.0?

  • Why do our Northeast Asian neighbours fight each other and go down Southeast Asia for adventurism and expansionism?

  • Will China ever start respecting other countries territory? Do they EVER respect any agreement or intl law?

  • Philippines claiming a disputed island with a rusty ship is hardly any international order.

  • Enough is enough China. Filipino civilians are tired of your "Lie's" and need to take actions. You cannot threaten them, they are not Chinese, they are Filipinos "Warrior in nature"

  • A wise ruler of every country will NEVER allow an outsider to implant military war bases in its home regardless of whatever reasons. To provocate a war because of some sea issues at the expense of people bodies and pain and feeling so proud and glorious about it —– is just beyond speechless

  • God m Hindi magan ang asal nang chinkwang maboti palayasin natin Dito sa pinas him maboti an ginaga nang chikwang

  • Everyone knows what is chinas Agenda to WPS. We are not gonna allow that. Chinese is doom to fail LoL

  • Wether it is water or something else it was an aggression committed against our people inside our exclusive economic zone. Our people was there to deliver food to our soldier but the Chinese coast guard has something in mind to attack our supply boat.

  • The "nine-dash line" originated from the "11-dash line" drawn by the Republic of China in 1947 with the support of the United States, which has since become the basis for the Republic of China's borders in the South China Sea. After the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949, the initial use of the Republic of China's "11-dash line" territorial claims! Why can't the US admit it now?Huangyan island is China's area,don't attempt to accross into this area!

  • 菲猴不自量力,鸡蛋碰石头😂😂😂

  • China always says PH are intruders but China is 600 miles away operating enforcment inside the PH EEZ almost near the zambales.

  • The FACT that China own those reefs..and Philippines cant do anything about it.
    Philippines is welcome send their dirty boats to have a good wash.

    What ever and however Philippines or CNA are willing to scream or shout, China WILL NOT move an inch.

    Either Philippines is willing to fire the first shot and declared War.
    It will just be HOT air and stale news.

  • The felipinos ordeal started when they drive the american naval base in subic away…they called the americans the salut at imperialistang kano…today the felipinos have the chinese friend of duterte who wants to squat in the wps

  • corruption equals weak country. they look like children bully buy a fat man


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