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It’s ‘unprecedented’ how we’re treating Israel: Rep. Cory Mills

Rep. Cory Mills, R-Fla., discusses how Spain, Norway and Ireland are set to recognize the Palestinian state on ‘The Evening Edit.


Title: "Rep. Cory Mills Expresses Concern Over US-Israel Relations: 'Unprecedented' Treatment"

In a recent statement, Florida Representative Cory Mills has voiced his concerns over the current state of U.S.-Israel relations, describing the treatment of Israel as 'unprecedented'. Mills, a Republican, made these remarks during an interview, citing a perceived lack of support from the Biden Administration towards Israel.

Mills' comments come amidst growing tensions between the U.S. and Israel, particularly over the Iran nuclear deal negotiations. The Representative's concerns echo those of many within the Republican party, who have been critical of the Biden Administration's approach to the Middle East.

The exact nature of the 'unprecedented' treatment Mills refers to is not entirely clear, but it seems to encompass a variety of factors, including the Administration's stance on the Iran nuclear deal, its approach to Palestinian issues, and its handling of Israeli security concerns.

This statement from Rep. Cory Mills underscores the ongoing debate within U.S. politics regarding the U.S.-Israel relationship

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  • American government exposed itself for Israel. Our government had a lot of the people of this world convinced that America was what is best for the world. Then our government showed what they really believe in when it supported Israel the way it has. The rules based order is for EVERYONE ELSE to follow. Not the United States or Israel however. You have been exposed and recorded being hypocrites and now the world will never trust America again. Thanks American government and Israel.

  • The Israeli plan is to exterminate the Palestinian population which they are doing with the full backing of the USA who are supplying all the weapons they need to do it. Israel no longer the victim but the aggressor with the brutal IDF. Well done Ireland,Spain and Norway for recognising the Palestinian state. The only solution to the conflict. Boycott and sanction Israel until they behave like a civilised nation.

  • Americans cant be fooled they knowes what happening

  • The USA should recognize Catalonia along with the rest of the free world 🌎

  • How would Trump handle the crisis? Solve it in 24 hours? 😅😅😅

  • Hypocritical Spain, she should change to Andalusia (when the Muslims ruled Spain).

  • Israel told the Palestinians civilians that Rafah was a safe zone and they could go there for food then when the civilians got there the IDF started bombing that city and blocking food from going in and preventing news outlets from going in

  • Another AIPAC crony lol

    Wonder how much they give him a month

  • Netanyahu is an evil, genocidal war criminal. He displaces innocent women and children to a "safe place" and then bombs them. It makes me sick that we support Israel.

  • Very simple fake news it’s an opinion piece that’s how they trick people nobody has been evacuated as there is nowhere to go and now they are targeting tents last night 30 women and small children killed in a residential part of the camp for women and children only

  • Such a corrupt news network they pull a New York Times opinion section as they to play it off as fact anybody with money can write in there it’s an opinion section but people who watch this channel for facts are not educated on the subject.

  • Down with Israel! They are a racist, apartheid, and brutally oppressive country!! We should NOT be their ally!!

  • Need to stop the anchor at"civilians are being killed, thats awful". Just brushed over it like it didn't matter. Israel, as ordered by The ICJ must halt the military offensive in Rafah or do we just ignore the ruke of law? How shameful!

  • Why do non-israels deep guzzle israel so much

  • Take notes on these American Israel plants. VOTE THESE F*&^ out of office.

  • Fox News always gets things twisted as usual no surprise

  • Fox news taking a leading position of🤡's during the Gaza genocide.

  • Expecting Revux to go 100x once it’s live on Binance.

  • Predicting 100x gains for Revux post-launch on major exchanges.

  • Presales have the highest returns, and Revux is the best one I’ve seen.

  • Revux is the buzzword in all my crypto groups. Massive potential!

  • Statehood DOES NOT change Radical Ideology nor their goals…

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