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Israel-Hamas war: No end to Gaza war until Hamas ‘destroyed,’ Netanyahu says | LiveNOW from FOX

President Biden has detailed a three-phase, Israel-proposed deal that would free the remaining hostages and end the war in …


Title: Netanyahu's Perspective on the Escalating Israel-Hamas Conflict

In a recent statement, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asserted that the ongoing Israel-Hamas war in Gaza will not cease until Hamas is "destroyed." This bold declaration comes as the conflict between the two parties continues to escalate, resulting in widespread destruction and loss of life.

Netanyahu's comments underscore the Israeli government's hardline stance against Hamas, the militant group that controls the Gaza Strip. The Israeli military has been conducting airstrikes in the region, targeting Hamas infrastructure and military assets. Hamas, in response, has launched rockets into Israel, causing civilian casualties and prompting Israeli retaliation.

The ongoing violence has led to a humanitarian crisis in Gaza, with essential services disrupted and thousands of people displaced from their homes. The United Nations and international community have called for a ceasefire to prevent further loss of life and to allow for humanitarian aid to reach those in need.

However, Netanyahu's statement suggests that the Israeli government is not interested in a negotiated settlement at this time. Instead, the Israeli leader appears to be advocating for a military solution to the conflict, which could potentially lead to a prolonged and devastating war.

The situation in Gaza is a complex and volatile one, with deep-seated political, social, and historical factors at play. The international community must continue to engage with all parties involved to find a peaceful and lasting solution to the conflict. In the meantime, efforts must be made to protect civilians and provide humanitarian aid to those affected by the violence.

See video for more information…

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  • In general, Muslim countries should be isolated from society, let Israel live with whoever it wants.

  • Exacty …no end to Gaza until hamas ' destroyed ..not believe ..Joe Biden .😂😂😂😂

  • A one-sided unjust war. Weapons of mass destruction vs humanity.

  • The Hamas rats will come back and build more tunnels by using the money to rebuild Gaza. Everything will be back the same just like before.

  • When will peeps learn Netanyahu does not want Peace, he planned this from the beginning, why do u think Netanyahu let a terrorist camp operate 750m from its boarder for 2 yrs when operational procedures are to bomb it, also ignoring the itel on the immanent attack would happen, Netanyahu is making a fool of everyone, he belongs in prison

  • Not true. This is another manipulative from Biden pressuring Israel. This is not Israel's proposal.

  • Biden is a lierOh my Lord Hand for Israel God plessing for the IDS and for all People Israels ❤️🙏❤️🙏🦋🍀🍀🍀

  • I was pro israel. But recently watched some documentaries abour how the israeli soldiers treat the palestinians in place like hebron and that it also terrorism. The Israeli settlers and soldiers in places like hebron treatment of arabs is very bad. While israel can try to get rid of hamas which i agree they themselves need to make changes to ensure they too treat palestinians with humanity

  • Israel can't afford to withdraw from the Philadelphi Corridor, or any part of the Gaza border. If they do, Hamas will just smuggle in more tons of weapons. They also can't afford to withdraw from Gaza without destroying, completely, all of the terror tunnels and weapons stashes. Even if they withdraw that much, Gaza will be mired in poverty because whatever government its citizens create will dedicate all of its efforts to finding more ways to attack Israel and will do nothing to allow or encourage any economic growth for its people.

  • From the US, thank you PM Netanyahu for not yielding to US pressure to stop the absolute destruction of HAMAS. The US is an ally to Israel, but it does not have Israel's best interest at heart. It's own interest as a "mediator' in the region is what the US is afraid of losing. Remember, the US gives both Egypt and Jordan $1.6B USD per year. So, we have the right to claim a certain degree of neutrality (peacemaker) in the region, but that hegemony does not align with Israel's best interest at the moment.

  • I'm commenting on your headline: This is not news. Why do you keep acting like this is news? Prime Minister Netanyahu has said this a dozen times. Israel will fight until Hamas is destroyed. In prosecuting the war, Israel will do no worse than countries before them; on the contrary, they have done, and will do, far better. CHOOSE: A WORLD WITH HAMAS IN CONTROL OF THE REGION OR A WORLD WITH ISRAEL IN CONTROL OF THE REGION. CHOOSE.

  • How does Biden propose a three-phase deal for Israel he is not the president of Israel…. he's not president of his own commode.

  • Is egypt a secret distributor of weapons to Gaza? Are they doing th7s to intentionally hurt or illiminate jews or people of Israel,? Is egypt a secret enemy o

  • While Americans were deterred by Trump Biden was extremely busy!! Biden says without cease fire from Israel Biden will not supply Israel with Military Weapons and Supplies because trying to get humanitarian aid to Gaza. But then Biden said the USA will supply urkrains with military weapons and supplies to attack Russia on their soil. What about Russian Civilians? Unbelievable!! Two Tier System. Biden is not going to support Americas Strong Ally which they are fighting terrorists. Hammas attacked Israel!! Hammas mutilated raped Burned babies in ovens and as always took hostages!! Terrorist always use terrorist as their shield!! Terrorists are after every country!! Terrorist you can not negotiate with because they will not support what they say they will do. Nentanyahu is a Very Strong Intelligent Prime Minister. And Biden (lol) is trying to tell nentanyahu what to do. No leader of any country will ever agree with Biden. Biden has completely destroyed America!! Nentanyau will stay focused on his fight against terrorism till its completly abolished!! Biden for terrorists who hide behind civilians and will not support but will support urkraine with military weapons to attack Russia and their civilians. Second:. Biden (while eveyone had their eyes set on Trump) is trying to put into bill now that a certain # of illegal immigrants can come into america each day. He tried to pass the same bill but in a different way. Under 5,000 a month can illegals enter into America! Biden just does not understand what illegal is!! Illegal means it is against the law!! This I hope will not pass. Biden has to go. Biden is totally against Americans and Our Strongest Ally. But Biden is for illegals and terrorists. Treason at the highest! How is he not impeached and removed.

  • Free Palestine 🌹
    And stop the US sponsored mass-killing of civilian’s in Gaza 🌹

  • All hamas is doing is attacking israel and then crying for help like a victim. Pathetic in so many ways. Fight like a man, die like a man. Dont attack if you dont have the balls and dont beg for mercy of you did attack…

  • Everybody keeps calling it Israel's proposal. It is NOT Israel's offer. It is Biden's deal and it completely screws Israel. NO DEAL.

  • I will never tire of reminding you that there is not war there, but colonialism

  • အမေရီကန်သည်ဌင်းတို့တာဝန်ယူထားသောဓါးစာခံများဟားမက်မခွတ်ပါကအမေရီကန်တာဝန်ဖြစ်သွားပြီးနိုင်ငံတကာဖိ့အားတွေနဲ့အကြမ်းဖက်ကိစ္စအမေရီကန်ဖြေဆင်းရမည်နက်တန်ရာဟုသဘောတူတာထောက်ခံတယ်ဒီမိုကရက်တက်တွေဖတ်သိမ်းခန်းဘဲဖိအားတွေအားလုံးဟာအမေရီကန်ကနေပြီးဖြစ်လာတာဘဲအမေရီကန်ရှင်းရလိမ့်မည်

  • What they show in Gaza is the great destruction, but they don't show the whole picture! Because what was there was a terrorist base for sending missiles, right inside the civilian population! It was impossible to attack Hamas without causing all this destruction!

  • Very True. This War is started in Gaza.
    But watch Israel surrounded by Lebanon, Yemen , Syria , Hezbollah, Houthis, …. Iran already pour and rain 350 ballistic missiles and drones into Israel. Now Iraq joined in the furore. Egypt back stab Israel indirectly against Israel. With rockets and missiles aiming at Israel from Rafah.

    How to guarantee Israel will not face rockets, missiles and drones flooding Israel.

    With all South Africa, ICJ, ICC, UN, UNWRA , Red Cross and now WHO all meddle in this conflict.

    Why not demand the Hostages to be free first…
    Nothing will shake Israel
    Wait for World Jews to join hands. More countries currencies will collapse.

    God bless Israel

  • No worry
    Israel have God beside
    Israel not alone
    With all these propaganda and conspiracies created
    All Israel have to do
    Seek China to be the Arbitrators in the Conflict….
    the ball is in Israel court.
    Israel have the upper hand.
    Just ask China envoy to visit the site of 7/10.
    The Truth will prevail
    Not need to spin and spin same old story since 7/10

    God Bless Israel


  • Every time Biden says "piss", it turns out war lmao. FJB

  • Now who has a good heart to receive the messages from heaven can see what is the Babylon the Great Whore

  • A total crap deal for Israel. This deal was NOT proposed by Israel. Their narrative has not change since the start of the war….bring back all the hostages and completely destroy Hamas. Fantastic plan Biden. You are completely inept, and are kowtowing to your extreme Left voters. Without them, you have no chance of re-election. Spineless!

  • No End until Gaza is destroyed don't you mean? Yes. Until Palestine is destroyed. Israel has become Hamas 2.0

  • Sad to say but I don't think there are any hostages alive, Hamas using early videos of what the Hostages had to say, they know if Hostages are dead and can only release a few bodies at a time making everyone believe there still are Hostages alive

  • Biden would NEVER DO THIS if Hamas attacked NEW YORK and killed all those people, Hamas MUST NOT PROFIT from their CRIMINAL ACTIONS, NO they will not be destroyed they will regroup, the Hamas leadership is in Qatar, Biden is hopeless. If Israel accepts this deal MORE ATTACKS WILL COME. Biden is using this to get VOTES in the USA ONLY

  • Totally mistake , Biden does not even know where Gaza is located 😂😂

  • Trying to credit biden with a cease fire agreement , give him credit where credit is due , the southern border , Afghanistan , Baristma , cutting disability for Americans , Americans being murdered by immigrants , thats what i think of when i hear b8den and one last thing , he can't even find the exit , concealing money transactions to his family , millions and millions of dollars , influence peddler thats what o think of , DISHONESTY , where was biden 8 months ago????

  • Plastilin don't have money for food, but they sure have money for rockets…

  • Both Israel and U. S. doesn't want peace and stability in middle east

  • Israeli 🇮🇱 war, this war is being fought by Israel 🇮🇱, Hamas and the news media. Hamas doesn’t care about civilian deaths, they don’t care about Gaza or the Palestinians they only want to kill Israeli 🇮🇱 soldiers and civilians this war is payed for by Iran 🇮🇷 and other Arab proxies looking 👀 for blood 🩸 and only blood 🩸 the United States 🇺🇸 wants civilians not to die because of an election 🗳️ it’s just bad for all concerned the news media is capitalizing on this just to sell news clips it’s all just a mess for the people of Gaza. Iran 🇮🇷 only cares about how much blood 🩸 Israel 🇮🇱 bleeds Hamas is just Canon father seriously they don’t matter their blood 🩸 has no value.

  • If all adult male Palestinians are Hamas terrorists (based on death stats) and Israel will not end the war until Hamas is destroyed, doesn't this mean the war will not end until all adult male Palestinians are "destroyed"?

  • Biden said Netanyahu is trying to hurt his election chances. Like worry about sending all of our money to foreign nations.

  • "Israel does not get to decide who rules Gaza." That is why we all call it "self-determination."

  • Dont fear Putin. Fear Artificial Intellegence eating our brains and using us for fuel.

  • Watch. Ham asse is going to slip up and say, insinuate, or hint that yes, it could do another October 7. People reveal themselves because they WANT to.

  • Mohammad Bin Joe Biden:: This deal is from Israel

    Mohammad Bin Joe Biden: I hope Israeli accepts this deal

    Who is fooling who?

    Israeli is alone in this battle

  • Someone should correct all the history books they got the names mixed: Joe Biden is the president of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu is the president of America.

  • ALL COUNTRIES IN OPPOSITION TO THE ONGOING GENOCIDE and the Palestinian HOLOCAUST MUST ACT COLLECTIVELY… Immediate DENIAL of ENTRY and DEPORTATION of All Israelis back to Israel… This would likely/hopefully initiate/facilitate a Self Imposed Collective Mind Meld of a Self Proclaimed Democratic Process as Determined by the People of Israel… This would Start the Decay of the Most Egregious Evil to Humanity…THE CANCER OF ZIONISM. Get Rid Of Humanity’s Cancer, The Agenda, The Believers, The Leaders, The Darkness and Let the Collective
    Light of Peace Resound in Humanity’s Heart.

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