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Israel-Hamas War: Hamas rejects talk of new negotiations unt…

Hamas said that it will be ready for a complete agreement with Israel if the country decides to stop the war in Gaza and pull back …

Title: Hamas Rejects Talks of New Negotiations Amidst Ongoing Israel-Hamas Conflict

In the midst of the ongoing Israel-Hamas war, the militant group Hamas has categorically rejected any talks of new negotiations, as reported by Al Jazeera on May 19, 2021. This stance is a significant development in the ongoing conflict, as it suggests that a resolution to the crisis may be further away than previously thought.

The rejection comes after a series of intense airstrikes by Israel, followed by retaliatory rocket attacks from Hamas in the Gaza Strip. The escalation of violence has resulted in widespread destruction and civilian casualties, leading to international calls for a ceasefire and renewed negotiations.

However, Hamas's rejection of negotiations is a new development, indicating a hardening of positions on both sides. The group's spokesperson, Fawzi Barhoum, stated that "the Israeli occupation is the cause of all the problems and it is the one that must stop its aggression." This stance suggests that Hamas is not willing to negotiate until Israel ceases its military operations.

The rejection of negotiations is a significant blow to the prospects of a peaceful resolution to the conflict. It is unclear at this stage how the situation will develop, but the ongoing violence and the refusal of Hamas to engage in talks indicate a protracted and potentially deadly standoff.

In conclusion, the rejection of talks of new negotiations by Hamas is a new development in the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict. This stance hardens positions on both sides and increases the likelihood of a prolonged and deadly standoff. The international community must urgently seek a solution to prevent further loss of life and destruction.

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  • Omg! Gaza doesn’t look good 😨 Nobody could have imagined that Israel will get mad after the massacre of October 7! That was totally unexpected response, wow 😮

  • They have the hostages.October 7 when it was started.

  • It's only an ARREST warrant.! So go,, stand trial. If you're innocent, you'll be justified

  • Funny, HAMAs started the war on October 7 and when Israel revenge, HAMAs is asking truce

  • Netanyahu thinks by killing Palestinians he is Strong and winning, he already lost his war joint Hamas, leave now. Don't kill no more, YourvOwn God will judge you.

  • Dammm icc needs hired alots people but irans should be what they do there people and many more. But im sure the courts are bais. Are isreal wouldnt be the first country they whould start with

  • These poor people have been displaced put in jail shot at killed have their homes taken away from them. This is all so sad

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