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Israel-Gaza conflict: Hamas fires rockets into Tel Aviv | LiveNOW from FOX

Rocket sirens sounded across central Israel, including Tel Aviv. Hamas claimed to have fired a barrage of rockets from Gaza on …


Title: Escalation in Israel-Gaza Conflict: Hamas Launches Rockets into Tel Aviv

In a significant escalation of the ongoing Israel-Gaza conflict, Hamas, the militant group that controls the Gaza Strip, has reportedly fired rockets into Tel Aviv, Israel's commercial and cultural hub. This development marks a departure from previous attacks, which have primarily targeted areas near the border.

The Israeli military responded swiftly, launching airstrikes on targets in Gaza. The exchanges have resulted in casualties on both sides, underscoring the volatile nature of the conflict. The United Nations and various international organizations have called for an immediate ceasefire, expressing concern over the potential for a wider conflict.

The latest escalation follows weeks of heightened tensions, with clashes at the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in Jerusalem and the eviction of Palestinian families in East Jerusalem's Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood serving as key flashpoints. The situation has been further complicated by the upcoming Israeli elections, with political leaders using the conflict to rally support.

The international community is urging both sides to exercise restraint and engage in diplomatic

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  • Good morning IDF. Prayers to IDF and Israel. My thoughts to fallen soldiers, their families and IDF. Having been in the military, I understand the difficulties you are operating in. However, it was a big blunder and mistake for Israel leadership and IDF commanders to scale down brigades from GAZA and failure to enter Rafah to eliminate Hamas, rescue hostages and stop more IDF dying in battle fields and more civilians sufferings. The shorter the battle the better. It will be painful but not prolonged

    . Kindly dont allow hamas to return to cleared areas already captured by IDF.

  • I don't believe this story. It's an excuse for Netanyahu to murder more innocent Palestinians. He is a war criminal and Biden supports him. It makes me sick.

  • The reason is simple – unlike other religions where religion serves man,

    In Islam, Muslims serve Islam!

    That is why the slogan is raised that Islam is in danger!

    This is why Hamas was inside hospitals

    This is why Egypt refuses to allow Palestinian refugees entry

    This is why Muslims attacked Israel in the first place and now they are yelling!

    This is how Islam works !

  • This attack is sponsored by the International Court of Justice

  • Why don’t Egypt take the refugees into its country to protect them? The real answer is they don’t want to be infiltrated by extremist Muslims that they will never be rid off. Even Muslim countries don’t want them. Ask yourself why?

  • The agreement not to allow Ukraine to use American weapons inside Russia. Why? Israel uses weapons inside Gaza,


  • Plastilin call terrorists in prison "captives."
    They label the war against terrorists as "genocide."
    They call the Jewish state "Palestine"
    They call acts of terrorism "resistance."
    Even after committing terrorism against children on October 7th, they celebrated in the streets, rejoiced, and then prayed.
    Everything they claim is the opposite of the truth.

  • Too much inocent civilian children baby Palestine died by Israel free Philistines

  • Abrahams willingness to sacrifice his only son and God rewarding him with a covenant all happened before the birth of Isaac.

  • Scared of tornado while Israel is booming the whole Palestine…what do Palestine children do or feel.

  • Israeli settlers went on a violent rampage last month, inciting and co-ordinating attacks on WhatsApp.

  • Israel commits a Holocaust in Rafah using precision American weapons, headless children and women. What do you think, people of good conscience? Isn't this terrorism? The wrath of the Lord of Moses and Aaron will come upon Israel

  • Stop the LIES !!!!! Rafah been bombed yesterday by the rockets of Israel…stop misleading ppl !!!..hundreds of men ,women and kids died and got injured yesterday!!! Kids just like your kids full of cuteness and purity !!! What have they done to deserve that huuuuh?????and ppl still watching, lying and doing absolutely nothing to protect these innocent ppl !!! Are you even humans!!!!!!!!!

  • – It is like a fuel that needs a lot of bullets to ignite it .

    – This war will not stop until the whole region believes in the right vs the wrong in this bloody war .

    – An eye for an eye is what makes this war brutal .

    – May God’s Mercy be upon every human being except those who shows no mercy to other humans .

    – And here there is God words in this situation :

    For this reason We decreed for the sons ( People ) of Israel that whoever kills a soul unless for manslaughter or for corruption in the land, it is as if he had killed all of mankind, and whoever saves a life, it is as if he had saved all of mankind , Our messengers had come to them with clear proofs, but after that many of them were transgressors in the land.

  • Imagine calling an air strike on a "safe zone" and killing 45 just for 2 "alleged" hamas officials and as usual they can't prove it..
    I hope the people of Israel wake up and see that this is genocidal, dangerous and childish on the goverments and militarys behalf.

  • Israel has every right to defend itself against terrorists like Hamas; A billion Indians who suffer at the hands of religious-fanatic-cross-border-terrorists, support Israel.

  • Do people remember a Palestinian murdered Robert Kennedy ? 1968

  • Tricia Takanawa: Im standing here…

  • Hamas can do what they like and fired rocket into Israel but Israel is protected by God God gave this promised land to the Jews Hamas can not take over Israel God will not allowed this to happened

  • American terrorism in action again. Free Palestine 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🍉

  • When watching Hamas Jihad set up the rockets and rocket launchers, look at the hands. The hands are looking more and more young…kids…???
    They did have military camps for teens and boys…

  • I thought ICJ and ICC demand ceasefires
    Why Hamas firing rockets from Rafah!
    Why ICJ and ICC only demand on one side!

  • Most Zionist don’t believe God exists, but they believe he promised them Isreal.

  • Being occupied, the Palestinians have every right to fight back. Before I understood this conflict I always thought Israel was on the right side of history. Now I know for sure they are not. It’s a racist apartheid state. They could have occupied Palestine years ago if they treated the Palestinians with respect. But anyone familiar with how Israel treats the Palestinians like second class citizens knows that Israel is actually a very racist state. We’re being sold c r a p by the U.S. main media. This is not a war against Hamas. If Israel cared about innocent civilians they would have made a safe place for them on Israel occupied land already, Then go into Gaza to fight Hamas. But like I said. The Palestinians have every right to fight against their occupier.

  • People tend to defend themselves when somebody is trying to exterminate them.

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