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Is China Picking a Fight it Can Win I Chinese Aggression in …

Is China Picking a Fight it Can Win? With Recent events with the Philippines and Vietnam Understanding Chinese Aggression in …

Title: Assessing China's Strategic Moves: A Closer Look at Recent Aggressive Acts

In the dynamic world of international politics, the question of China's aggressive actions and its potential for winning disputes has gained significant attention. A recent analysis, 'Is China Picking a Fight it Can Win?', sheds light on this topic, offering valuable insights into Chinese aggression in various regions.

The article, published in a reputable international relations journal, presents a comprehensive review of China's recent strategic moves, particularly in the South China Sea and the India-China border. The information provided is new, offering a fresh perspective on China's assertive behavior and its potential outcomes.

The author argues that while China has been increasingly assertive in territorial disputes, its ability to win these conflicts is not guaranteed. The article highlights several factors that could hinder China's success, including international opposition, economic consequences, and potential military escalation.

For instance, the author points out that China's aggressive actions in the South China Sea have been met with strong opposition from the United States and other regional powers. This opposition, coupled with the potential for economic sanctions, could significantly impact China's strategic goals in the region.

Similarly, in the India-China border dispute, the article suggests that China's aggressive posturing may not lead to a clear victory. The author argues that India's strategic partnerships and military capabilities could pose a significant challenge to China's territorial claims.

The article also discusses the potential for military escalation in both regions, highlighting the risks associated with such a scenario. The author emphasizes that while China may be able to assert its power in the short term, long-term consequences could be detrimental to its global standing.

In conclusion, 'Is China Picking a Fight it Can Win?' provides a timely and insightful analysis of China's aggressive actions and their potential outcomes. The article offers a nuanced view of China's strategic moves, emphasizing the complexities and risks associated with its assertive behavior. As international tensions continue to rise, understanding China's strategic intentions and capabilities is crucial for maintaining global peace and stability.

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  • Berlin Wall is Demarcation line between dictatorial and democratic system

    One China, one party and one man rule is a dictatorial system and Xi Jinping has now the status of Mao. if the PLA and CCP accept him like Mao or not, is now one million dollar question. China's defence minister disappeared, Foreign Minister disappeared, leader of Rocket force disappeared and Jack Ma disappeared. Recently German Foreign Minister Ana Baerbock discriebt Xi as dictator. China is angry over her statement.

    If we make a reality check if she make this statement in China. She will also disappear from public domain. this is clear cut demarcation line between dictatorial and democratic system

    China has to learn much from Germany The collapse of DDR, Stasi, the fall of Berlin Wall in 1989 and it's domino effect, the split of Soviet Union 1991. Now if the Putin loose the war in Ukraine? It' will cause a tsunami effect inside the Great Wall of China, Great Wall of Fire and Steel.

    Germany has done peacefull and successfull east west reunification but China is unable to organise a peaceful reunification process with Taiwan and not able to talk on genuine autonomy inside Tibet. German's Green Party is a product of east west reunification and fall of Berlin Wall. "Not even a window glass was broken during the German Reunification Process" I was part of this process and witnessed it with my own eyes

    One china policy, the Achilles heel of China – Geopolitical Simplified Analysis

  • The real impeatus for China wanting to break.out of 1st Island Chain is the shallow sea there and their N submarines being monitered at point of entry/ exit to their port in Hinan. China needs deep sea ports for its N Submarines to be a real threat. Americans bases are containing Chinese breakout from 1st islands chain.

  • Dr Pooja, how long do you see the CCP lasting? Any specific year projected for its demise?

  • When one comments about china one has to choose words very carefully…..china is unpredictable???..china has always been predictable, its we who chose to ignore their coercive and malicious behavioral patterns till galwaan happened..Mr george Fernandez had declared china as enemy no 1 way long back..its we who chose to ignore all the warnings..a nation cannot be a dominant power without fighting and WINNING that ONE war with a decisive cannot win wars without fighting..sun tzu be damned…I disagree with all respect..there will be a conflict with china if it keeps up with its coercive and belligerent behavioral patterns.china is faced with a lot of internal issues which will eventually make them react outwards..If china is preparing itself then so are we..any blind and deaf person can feel bharat's preparation..
    Let's understand one more thing…whatever anybody says…the US is more expertised and powerfull than china..inspite of china having more numbers it will always be weak in its kill chain command there is also a possibility which china is aware of that if it loses a war or even a limited conflict then there are chances that china may "fragmentize".as its internal problems are going to get compounded with each passing year..and lastly.if im not mistaken….The tiny state of Brunei has one of the world's highest standards of living thanks to its bountiful oil and gas Bruneians pay no income tax.

  • China hasn't used the term 9 dash line since 2016? didn't know that

  • China always look for weak opponents. So all countries should. strengthen their military

  • Serpentza is also channel which exposes Xi dig pig recently video was epic real epic expose

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