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ICJ orders Israel to stop Rafah offensive | LBC analysis

Shelagh Fogarty speaks to Foreign Editor at Jewish News, Jotam Confino, as a top UN court orders Israel to halt military …


Title: ICJ Ruling: Israel Urged to Halt Gaza Border Operations Amidst Escalating Tensions

In a significant development, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) has issued an order directing Israel to halt its military operations along the Gaza-Israel border, particularly the controversial Rafah offensive. This ruling comes amidst escalating tensions in the region, with frequent clashes between Israeli forces and Palestinian protesters.

The ICJ, the principal judicial organ of the United Nations, issued the advisory opinion in response to a request from the Palestinian Authority. The court found that Israel's actions in the Gaza Strip, including the use of lethal force against civilians, may constitute violations of international law.

The ICJ's ruling is not legally binding, but it carries significant moral and political weight. It underscores the international community's concern over the ongoing violence in the region and calls on Israel to respect the rights of Palestinians.

The order to halt the Rafah offensive is particularly timely, given the recent surge in violence. Over the past few weeks, Israeli forces have killed dozens of Palestinians, including children, in clashes along the border. The ICJ's ruling could potentially help de-escalate the situation and pave the way for a more peaceful resolution to the long-standing conflict.

However, it remains to be seen whether Israel will comply with the ICJ's order. In the past, Israel has often ignored similar calls from the international community, citing security concerns. The current Israeli government, led by Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, has also shown a hardline stance towards Palestinians, making it unclear whether they will heed the ICJ's advice.

The ICJ's ruling is a reminder of the international community's role in addressing the ongoing conflict in the Middle East. It underscores the need for a peaceful resolution to the conflict and the importance of respecting international law. As tensions continue to escalate, the international community must continue to pressure all parties involved to prioritize diplomacy over violence.

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  • Weren’t the hostages found killed on 10/7? Also did Hanas kept the bodies on ice to prevent decomposition? Is it plausible that the IDF had these bodies and are trying to change the narrative?

  • We must stop Israel killing Hamas fighters , it’s not fair fight ,

  • These things got new reasons and excuses to everything, tataly exposed

  • Is this the same court, that believes it is in the best interests of the Eastern European Slavs to endlessly fund their war?

  • LBC spreading Zionist propaganda and calling it news

  • they forced 1 million people to move out in few days. this is not acceptable and these people have been moving around in humane condition and this is not acceptable

  • Well done ICJ, UK better stop arms shipments and funding or it will find itself in the dock (Sunak/Starmer).

  • Its frankly helarious how out of step all LBC presenters have been with support for Israel. Shelagh included!!! With Israel killing over 15,000 children i sadly care very little for the hostages and i am white and middle class London Daily mirror reader! Free Palestine ❤

  • Shelagh lost her integrity in a cheese burger

  • When is the biased BBC going to interview Humus, or His/Herbolla our Whotee? Eh? They only care for Juice because of Ellie Manati.

  • Anyone who's saying Israel is defending itself at this point is just clearly lying

  • If Israel does not halt its military operations in Rafah, the UN Security Council must allow the deployment of Blue Helmets to Gaza to safeguard and stop the damage and slaughter of civilians! It's plain sense and consistent with humanitarian efforts.

  • Natenyahu won't have anywhere to hide domestically and globally.

  • Hamas literally said they would lay down their arms and release all hostages if Israel left Gaza…

  • Do not listen to this Israeli propaganda channel and its pro -Netenyahu presenters. Remember if an arrest warrant is issued for Netenyahu as the ICC has concluded they have vast amount of evidence of Netenyahu's war crimes, it goes to say anyone supporting Netenyahu views and propagating his views against the Palestinian civillians espeacilay as a journalists can also be investigated by the ICC. So these presenters should be very careful. Also as the ICJ has ordered immediate stop of military action in Rafah any person , journalist, politician, government sponsoring Israel via finances and weapons is also guilty of war crimes and so are journalists promiting and defending Israeli military action in Gaza. This icludes LBC presenters.

  • Blatant and utterly reprehensible ignorance of International law. The rule of law. We can say ALL legal systems are biased and flawed so the argument of characterising The ICJ as cheerleaders for some kind of anti Israel agenda is flawed! Where are we as a civilisation if we are fitting our circumstances and goals around the law and saying it doesnt apply when it suits an agenda instead of the law regulating our behaviour? Israel moving further and further away from the rest of the world. A pariah state of its own making! Its OWN making.

  • To embed or hide military amongst civilians or us civilians as a human shield is a war crime.

    The ruling of the ICJ that does not address that directly implies they support and approve of the Hamas war crimes with their military embedded in Rafah.

    Such an extreme and contemptible shame on the ICJ. Now why oh why is Israel not declaring that to the ICC and the world???

    The whitewashed sepulchres of the ICC remind very strongly of the Pharisees of old whom Christ roundly and rightly reproved. Outward pretence and show while being filled with all wickedness on the inside.

  • Unfortunately none of the Hostages are going to be left if this continues 😡😡

  • Notice how the Muslim ICJ President NEVER order or demand Hamas to release Hostages….

  • Bullocks……. this fellow is lying.,,, anyone with a clue knows it.

  • Has this body ordered Russia to stop attacking Ukraine?

  • Saw an interesting point made. Every SINGLE Israeli Prime Minister has changed their name to hide the fact they are all Eastern Europeans.

  • Onu et tribunal internationale aux ordres des pays arabes et des dictatures africaines sans zucun intérêt.

  • This woman is a call center worker simply taking calls, not a journalist. Awful.

  • You see the movements of 1 million people as impressive. That’s 1 million people fleeing on foot, running for their lives, and we are calling this an “impressive” circumstance? This is immoral.

  • Nothing will happen. Stop being there sheep believing BB will be arrested. It's all BS

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