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How China spies on and harasses its citizens abroad | Focus …

China is reportedly operating its own police facilities in other European countries, including the Netherlands. Officially, the “service …

Title: Unveiling China's Overseas Surveillance and Harassment of Citizens: A Growing Concern in Global Politics

In the realm of international relations, a significant concern has arisen regarding China's alleged spying and harassment of its citizens abroad. This issue, while not entirely new, has gained renewed attention due to a recent report by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI).

The ASPI report, titled "China's Foreign Interference Activities," provides a comprehensive analysis of China's methods for monitoring and intimidating its diaspora. The report highlights the use of social media, targeted cyber-attacks, and even physical intimidation as tactics employed by the Chinese government to suppress dissent and maintain control over its citizens, regardless of their location.

One of the key findings of the report is the use of '50 Cent Party' members, who are paid internet trolls tasked with spreading pro-China propaganda and discrediting critics. This tactic is not only used domestically but is also employed to influence Chinese communities abroad.

Another concerning method is the use of 'Jiangshi,' or 'hopping vampires,' a term coined by the ASPI to describe individuals who are sent to infiltrate and gather information from Chinese communities abroad. These individuals often pose as fellow exiles or businesspeople, making it difficult for their targets to identify them.

The report also sheds light on the physical harassment and intimidation of Chinese dissidents abroad. Cases of assault, stalking, and even kidnapping have been reported, with the perpetrators often remaining unidentified.

The revelations in the ASPI report underscore the need for international cooperation to address this issue. As China continues to expand its global influence, the potential for these tactics to be used against citizens of other nations becomes a growing concern.

In conclusion, the report serves as a stark reminder of the lengths to which the Chinese government will go to maintain control over its citizens, even abroad. As the world grapples with the implications of China's growing power, understanding and addressing these tactics will be crucial in maintaining a free and open global community.

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  • funny to watch Europeans fall for all these sob stories like gullible fools. These citizens are only "harassed" because they've committed financial and legal crimes in China, and are using the wealth they built to escape justice. Its no wonder Europe is swarmed with so many illegal immigrants these days, you guys will eat up any tall tales and lies.

  • Is this guy on drugs? what's wrong with his eye contact?

  • Shutting down these dodgy police stations is not good enough. Legislate to outlaw any action that is taken on behalf of the Chinese government, outside of its embassy. Any person who is caught working for the chinese government without proper authorisation should be jailed and then exported back to China.

  • This kid needs to thank the Chinese government, because otherwise he would never be able to live in Europe and get this kind of support.

  • FBI | CIA | NSA | all these are secret police agencies. Undercover cops are secret police. They do many things but one pf their chief missions is to squash pro-worker/anti-colonial/anti-US-imperialism movements by *removing leadership, infiltrating and disrupting any organizations that form.

  • lolol the CCP is denying the existence of them?!?!?!
    CCP news literally boasts about their oversea police stations in their local news!!!!! lololol

  • i guessed if you were on the FBI most wanted list, there is not many countries where you can hide. China has its own Blacklist and Red is not on it.

  • Just throw the Chinese embassies/ consulates out. Some people do not understand please, they understand a bloody nose.

  • 互相照应

  • no idea what these fellow chinese peeps have done, but no one has tried to harass me, or any of the chinese communities that im apart of 🤷‍♂️ this is oddly concerning

  • I wonder if it would change anything here if this bloke is a criminal moved aboard…he certainly doesn't sound like a young professional immigrated to the Netherland

  • Greetings, Another offensive example of disinformation that DW has accustomed us to. Like the "spy" balloons, it was a complete fiasco.

  • After watching this video all DW has is this dude claims and no evidence.

  • China and Russia should NOT exist.

  • Western media lie, which is a problem, but there's a bigger problem: people in the West like being lied to.

  • People of the West: Do you really think the Chinese Police are after Chinese outside China?

  • “Categorically denies”. Welp, if you can’t trust a communist, who can you trust, right?

    Poor kid, the EU won’t do a thing—that oh so sweet cash they’re making in business with the ChiComs is just too sweet to quit. How has opening the world up to China helped anyone but a very chosen few, while all the while the ChiComs are stealing the IP of western nations? I just don’t see it.

  • Mass control… am I a spy making that statement now 😂😂 ftp

  • China is world world-level threat.

  • How to play games when there is no rule! Being naive won’t solve a problem.

  • I keep returning to this Channel to help myself to Nonsense Entertainment and Extreme Twisted News. Which of course you wont get from anywhere , especially from Friends from the East.

  • And they’ve been now been found in the US, smh the Chinese accuse the US of doing bad

  • Chinese fuzz coast to coast here in Chinada. Also in Chinese owned hotels and other businesses etc.

  • The west is simply determine to propagate anti Chinese sentiment.
    There's not one government anywhere that doesn't 'keep tabs' on dissents and malcontents.
    Ultimately it's the citizens of the west that will bear the consequences as valve jobs move east and economies decline.

  • CCP is doing the same thing the Qing monarchy did more than 100 years ago.

  • let me guess, he just want to stay in Europe legally

  • I'm so sorry for this young man and his family, what a terrible life he has because China! I really hope that Canada has gotten rid of them, China dose not respect any country. The CCP lie lie lie!

  • Nothing compared to usa dod using global remote AI to monitor and influence people globally in ever nation…since the 1980s

  • Embassies = overseas police stations, MAKE IT CLEAR IN NATIONAL LEGISLATIONS, duh!!
    Let xijinpig's corrupt cpc btch and moan about it.

  • He is obviously living a good life in Europe, just like those who went to the UK. Good for them.

  • People don't realize or remember that these practices are also the foundation of the installations of the church, its communist Nazism, masonic zionism persecution abuse targeting and trafficking, terrorising scapegoating against those who refute their legitimacy!

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