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Hear Chinese warning to US plane in midair over South China sea

CNN’s Ivan Watson takes a ride on a US Navy jet over the South China Sea and witnesses tensions at play between the US and …


Title: US-China Tensions Escalate in South China Sea: Midair Warning Incident

In a recent development that has heightened tensions between the United States and China, a US Navy P-8A Poseidon patrol plane received a warning from a Chinese fighter jet in the disputed South China Sea. The incident occurred on March 24, 2023, according to the US military officials.

The Chinese J-11 fighter jet reportedly came within 50 feet of the US aircraft, prompting the US crew to issue a radio warning. The Chinese jet then reportedly warned the US plane to leave the area, emphasizing that it was flying near China's territorial waters.

This incident is significant as it comes amidst increasing tensions between the two superpowers, particularly over the South China Sea. The region is a hotbed of disputes, with China, Taiwan, the Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia, and Vietnam all claiming parts of the sea. The US has been a vocal critic of China's territorial claims and has been conducting regular patrols in the region to assert freedom of navigation.

The US military officials stated that the Chinese jet's actions were "unsafe" and "unprofessional." They also emphasized that the US crew followed international standards to ensure safety and avoid miscalculations.

The Chinese Ministry of Defense, however, has a different perspective. In a statement, it claimed that the US plane had entered Chinese airspace without permission and that the Chinese jet was merely responding to a potential threat.

This midair warning incident is a reminder of the ongoing tensions between the US and China, particularly in the South China Sea. As both nations continue to assert their claims, incidents like these could potentially escalate into a larger conflict. It is crucial for both nations to maintain open communication and adhere to international norms to prevent such incidents from escalating further.

See video for more information…

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  • it is called south China sea and not, you know what.

  • What the fvk r u guys doing there. You're USA that's in North America and that's China which is in South East Asia. Why are you there. It's like a town where the most Westward neighbor comes to see and join a quarrel between two or three most Eastward neighbors. And then you call being attack or hated by one of that neighbor. Maan don't butt in in others business.What the heck.

  • Chinese is nasty but capitalism nato is nastier. If a War break up, the rich becomes richer. Only civilians suffers. The rich/bureaucrats never care about civilians.

  • When you take a News journalist with you that said it all, who is crossing the line in someone else's territory.

  • We can all stop this chinese harassment if we stop buying made china. Their economy is totally dependent on foreign investments. Do not buy made in China and guaranteed this will stop.

  • why do have UN. Why China has Veto power……. Stupidity at its best… biggest problem right now is China

  • Let's all go to Walmart and by more products made in China. That way, they can build island's in US waters

  • Its China fault on why China got superpower war armaments 😒

  • But what is the USA doing all the way over there…? Typical, the US are the real danger to world peace!

  • What did the USA forget off the coast of China?

  • Yankees go home. Mind your own business and quit harassing other sovereignties.

  • I thought it was Chinese planes warning American planes over Hawaii and San Francisco. It turned out to be a Chinese plane over the sea in China. interesting.

  • As chinese-american. Both nations must seek Love and peace. Except for tension.

  • "Surveillance" on other borders. "espionage" on my border.

  • 👉🏻👉🏼👉🏽 America calls it "Liberation" instead of "Invasion". That was what US call it in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia and the list goes on… Why the double standard? Confused… Please enlighten. Genuine question…

    Instances of the United States "liberated" or overthrowing, or attempting to overthrow, a foreign government since the Second World War. (* indicates successful ouster of a government)

    China 1949 to early 1960s
    Albania 1949-53
    East Germany 1950s
    Iran 1953 *
    Guatemala 1954 *
    Costa Rica mid-1950s
    Syria 1956-7
    Egypt 1957
    Indonesia 1957-8
    British Guiana 1953-64 *
    Iraq 1963 *
    North Vietnam 1945-73
    Cambodia 1955-70 *
    Laos 1958 *, 1959 *, 1960 *
    Ecuador 1960-63 *
    Congo 1960 *
    France 1965
    Brazil 1962-64 *
    Dominican Republic 1963 *
    Cuba 1959 to present
    Bolivia 1964 *
    Indonesia 1965 *
    Ghana 1966 *
    Chile 1964-73 *
    Greece 1967 *
    Costa Rica 1970-71
    Bolivia 1971 *
    Australia 1973-75 *
    Angola 1975, 1980s
    Zaire 1975
    Portugal 1974-76 *
    Jamaica 1976-80 *
    Seychelles 1979-81
    Chad 1981-82 *
    Grenada 1983 *
    South Yemen 1982-84
    Suriname 1982-84
    Fiji 1987 *
    Libya 1980s
    Nicaragua 1981-90 *
    Panama 1989 *
    Bulgaria 1990 *
    Albania 1991 *
    Iraq 1991
    Afghanistan 1980s *
    Somalia 1993
    Yugoslavia 1999-2000 *
    Ecuador 2000 *
    Afghanistan 2001 *
    Venezuela 2002 *
    Iraq 2003 *
    Haiti 2004 *
    Somalia 2007 to present
    Honduras 2009 *
    Libya 2011 *
    Syria 2012
    Ukraine 2014 *
    2014 – 2022 – 9 countries yet to verify.
    Pakistan 2022 *
    Haiti 2022 *
    Niger 2023

  • What are you doing over there buddy?? Playing the victim card is the best thing you van do i guess

  • What are u doing thousands of miles from your country? Why do u report as if you are right to fly to another country and PLA causing chaos and not u? Why do u hv hundreds of army base around the world but China can’t build islands surrounding their country from u? I am not paid YouTuber and I’m from Asia, many of my friends frm around the world are asking the same question.

  • Ano nangyari sa cagayan governor may kontak daw mka Chinese to takot ka. Sinakopna lupa natin gov

  • Let's keep our nose where it belongs,,here in the States, is a lot of stuff to worry about, we don't need no more headaches…..👽

  • US has no rights for china sea problems…God mission ?

  • What the hell is America doing in South China sea in first place?

  • 'China's' heavy presence in its South 'China' Sea? – 'Englands' heavy presence in its 'English' Channel?

  • Yeah while this is is going on OUR president is changing his diaper and has no clue……TRUMP IS OUR FUTURE

  • and WTF the plane was doing over SC sea? when it should have been patrolling over our broken southern borders instead. Bring them all home!! Focus on our own problems.

  • PLA is speaking English. You should at least speak Chinese in response😅

  • Your in south China sea what do you expect. It’s not called the us sea it’s called the South China Sea so get out from Chinese territory. You don’t see Chinese j 20 over Lake Michigan? Do you? Why violate other countries airspace. This double standard is being exposed and 85% of the world hate America and 50% of America is running by terrorism. In few year you will see isis flying our f 22 and 35s lol

  • China did not own that sea. Very greedy communists but they truly know that they are afraid of war. Only bullying.

  • Our politicians in DC are setting our military and our citizens up for failure. They are sneaking chinese citizens over here and letting China buy up alot of our kand close to ouŕ military bases.
    Why do you think they are doing that? They've always said it would come from within.

  • This guy is talking like we are right. We shouldn’t be there. We need to stop playing world police

  • Good afternoon 🌞 don't fly over the Chinese place u ungrateful people not relevance the Satan CIA director agency network cid agent Canada Intelligence agency network prime minister modi and other stuff.

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