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Gravitas: Three Indian warships enter South China Sea | Warning to Beijing? | WION

Gravitas | Three Indian warships have entered the South China Sea to bolster India’s friendship and cooperation with friendly …


Title: Indian Warships' Entry into South China Sea: A Subtle Warning to Beijing

In a significant move, three Indian naval ships have entered the South China Sea, marking the first time New Delhi has sent its warships into the disputed waters since 2008. This action, seen as a strategic maneuver, is perceived as a subtle warning to China amidst escalating tensions between the two Asian giants.

The Indian Navy's move comes at a time when China is embroiled in a standoff with several countries over territorial disputes in the South China Sea. The Indian warships, including the aircraft carrier INS Vikramaditya, are reported to be on a routine mission to the Pacific region, but their entry into the South China Sea has raised eyebrows.

India's decision to send its warships into the South China Sea is seen as a strategic move to assert its presence in the region and to uphold the principles of freedom of navigation and overflight. It is also seen as a signal to China that India is not afraid to challenge Beijing's assertive posture in the region.

The entry of Indian warships into the South

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  • Their very own Taiwan is condemning them.. they don't want to be part of China and want independence from them..

  • If China only respects international laws.. not only with the Philippines but other regions which they claimed to be theirs, this will not happen.

  • I don't understand, India and China are nice partners in BRICS and very good friends.

  • Or mabey the side of russia looks like it they are good buddys in the Ukraine war and buy Russian oil

  • I have to wonder what side India is on the Chinese side or the American side and if not either side then an enemy to both sides

  • thank you so much india, very much appreciated, greatings from Philippines, thank you thank you so much🥰🥰🥰

  • Great job India and it's Navy. I'm happy to see you guys showing your strength and commitment to peace with the Philippines and Taiwan.

  • China has never recognized international maritime law and ignores the UN council when they rule against China. When you’re a bully you ignore everyone. That is China.

  • Its about time the filipinos had help from the oppression of china. China give the philipines their fare share of their oil. dont be greedy.

  • Lucky for the world India is a democracy and will do the right thing.

  • Winnie the poo, winnie the poo. Stand strong India.

  • 3:42 funny india think russia and north korea wont help china and sunk indian ships if china ask help from them.

  • China needs to back down while they still can.

  • China make no mistake. Xi jing bing should learn from what's happening in Ukraine. Russia lose 500k soldier in Ukraine. Russia lose just Ukraine bt if China attack taiwan China will face USA. UK. Indian japan south Korea Philippines Australia. Even north korea join China NATO allinces to powerful for the Chinese north korea compane.

  • India seems to be quite familiar with China, and how to deal with its aggression. Nice to see China's neighbors standing up to the CCP.

  • India can shut down the flow of oil to China through the Malacca Straight easila

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