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Gravitas: China keeps up its aggression in South China Sea

At a time when the world is battling the coronavirus crisis, China is flexing its military muscle in the South China sea. WION’s Palki …


Title: China's Persistent Aggression in the South China Sea: Implications for Regional Stability

In recent weeks, China has once again asserted its territorial claims in the South China Sea, escalating tensions with neighboring countries and raising concerns about regional stability. The latest incident involved a Chinese coastguard vessel ramming a Vietnamese fishing boat, leaving several fishermen injured. This incident is a stark reminder of China's aggressive stance in the region, which has long been a source of international concern.

The South China Sea is a vital waterway, through which approximately $3 trillion worth of goods pass each year. China claims almost all of the sea, despite overlapping claims from several Southeast Asian countries. Its assertiveness in the region has taken various forms, including building artificial islands, deploying military assets, and harassing vessels from other countries.

The latest incident with Vietnam is particularly concerning, as it comes at a time when tensions between the two countries are already high. China and Vietnam have a long-standing territorial dispute over the Paracel Islands, which are also claimed by Taiwan. The incident is a clear demonstration of China's willingness to use force to assert

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  • Chinese are trying to divert worlds attention by such aggression!!

  • Duterte dont give a shit about that. Duterte love china more than pilipino people.

  • Tommorow they may say Corona came from Pakistan. and WION will be like…"we need to Bomb pakistan because the virus is from Pakistan. WTF are you guys upto. Jounalism my ass hair

  • The New laboratory and facilities was transferred in man made islands the South Pacific Oceans is a strategic area according to maoist government for Silent war of biological virus to released for depopulation of South East Indies ,Southeast Asia,South America ,And Australia…the Maoist government called it operation 2nd Dragon Blood Breath means a lethal killing of peoples in the regions using man made virus at opened Seas……

  • South china sea belongs to the philippines! China must accept that fact!

  • This should be War against them, here is the reason they have been up for something not only this year 2020 but also in the previous years, but means of war they only get the power by trying to conceive themselves that we are in a long way against them

  • FYI…. CCP TROLLS ON HERE! One is “MAN IN RED” Just ignore it. IT!! 😂

  • China is playing games. With entire world if we don't stop China near future we will be under thread first VIRUS Second Nuclear test what making us to answer China?

  • How America become superpower after world war ll because it provided aid for the moment without hurting ppls ,to become one you need too provide complete solution for existing problem without selfishness then nations unconditionally crown you as king.its true forever,leader is one who provide solution not one who creat one,if someone what to lead then they should come with proper solutions ppl are facing right now,then that trust will come as calf follows cow without judging.

  • That's the Mastermind game plan of China. Engage the world with it's Wuhan developed virus and when the world is in its most vulnerable state , it (China ) would unleash it's action plan to achieve it's 2021 goal.
    It had the whole world CHECKMATE!!.
    India should not take too long to develop to develop a vaccine against the Wuhan virus. It should speed up for the solution at the earliest possible dates instead of arguing to get the vaccines ready by September, why?? – to shift it's focus from covid19 and be prepared for any aggressive eventuality- politically, economically and safeguard it's borders. We should remember that " an enemy of my enemy is my friend ".

  • Signs of China's intentions have been there for some time. Only the West chose not to see these signs!
    China went on consolidating its economy, military power as the world watched on.
    Remember how the world watched as Nazi Germany under Hitler armed itself to the teeth and started invading neighborning countries: Rhineland, Poland etc. England's Neville Chamberlain signed a peace treaty with Hitler and waved it to his country men proud that he bought peace!
    Some years later, when Germany invaded France, all became clear.
    Let us not make the same mistake this time.
    Stop China before it starts on its onward march of world domination.

  • I have shared this video on WHO Facebook page in the comment section. We must ruin this Chinese economy. We must defame the name of china all over the world. Only commenting here does not help India. Your comments on the International platform like ( Facebook WHO page, UNESCO , UNO etc ) is very important.  One Indian worth of million Indians.

  • Lets just wait after Dutertes term and we the Filipino people will fight a war against China.

  • Xi Jinping does not have ethics and morals. He is a dangerous leader for this world. He is insensitive and power hungry maniac. Somehow this guy needs to be locked and isolated in a cell

  • God. I pray you protect the Taiwanese. They are good people.

  • what does the UN have to say about these actions are a few trying to provoke war

  • Thank you WION for telling the whole story behind this corona virus 2019. You are so braved to tell the truth even the anchor Palki Sharma for doing a great job. 👏🏻 The whole WORLD is suffered because of this virus. Heal the WORLD in the name of JesusChrist. 🙏🏻

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