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Gravitas | A full-blown war in South China Sea in 2024? | Taiwan enters a 12-day crucial period

Will there be a full-blown war in the South China Sea in 2024? Xi Jinping sounded a warning to Taiwan ahead of Jan 13 polls.


Title: Escalating Tensions in the South China Sea: A Potential 2024 Conflict and Taiwan's Crucial Period

In the geopolitical chessboard, the South China Sea (SCS) remains a hotspot, with escalating tensions raising concerns of a full-blown war in 2024. A recent analysis by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) suggests that the current state of affairs could lead to such a conflict.

The flashpoint is Taiwan, which finds itself in a 12-day crucial period. The island nation is expected to hold presidential and legislative elections on January 11, 2024. The outcome could significantly impact its relationship with China, potentially leading to increased aggression from Beijing.

China's claims over the SCS, disputed by several Southeast Asian countries, have long been a source of contention. However, the situation has grown more complex with the United States' increased involvement. The U.S. Navy frequently conducts 'Freedom of Navigation Operations' in the region, asserting the right to navigate international waters, a move that China views as provocative.

The CSIS report warns that if the U.S. continues to support Taiwan militarily, China might perceive this as a declaration of war. In response, China could use its military might to assert control over the SCS, potentially leading to a full-blown conflict.

The upcoming Taiwanese elections could further complicate matters. If pro-independence candidates win, China might view this as a direct challenge to its sovereignty and respond accordingly. Conversely, if pro-unification candidates win, it could ease tensions, but only temporarily, as the underlying issues remain unresolved.

The potential for a war in the SCS in 2024 is a grave concern. It would have far-reaching implications, not just for the region, but for global trade and stability. As the world watches, the next 12 days in Taiwan could be crucial in determining the course of events in the SCS.

The article concludes by emphasizing the need for diplomatic efforts to de-escalate tensions and find a peaceful resolution to the SCS dispute. The international community must work together to prevent a conflict that could have devastating consequences.

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  • Buang itong china gusto sakopin boong mundo akala mo kayangbkaya na nila ang USA dapat dyan burahin na sa mapa

  • Chyna is surrounded and no loyalty from within.

  • US fault, paved the way to make the country rich which empowered it to become very bold from old and cold

  • China is taken over what they are taken over because the UN isn't there stoping them or eevn helping them…if the UN was there china wouldn't be harassing philipeno

  • The warning and threats continue unabated world and if you asked me two fires have been lit and that third fire means strike three and our only habitable earth will keep cruising forward ,zipping through the vacuum of space ,clocking 67,000 mph ,even if billions of mortals disappear off the face of Gods planet on Judgment Day..,A day unseen on earth,a ferocious fire and fury day that destroys our wicked world and we cannot imagine the horrific consequences, of one refined and upgraded nuke ,smashing the biggest city on earth…No our small minds cannot imagine such a scene in 2024 or this decade but quite possible 24/7…365 days each year..And the smart folks tell us we 90 seconds before midnight…Bye,,,Bye knuckleheads…,Let’s see how that works.,😨😰😱

  • Philippines will only help taiwan in one condition,

    Taiwan must withdrew their soldier from thier illegally claim island in west philippine sea.

  • If India start to claim its historical borders then most of the south east asia will be India and entire indian subcontinent will be india 😂😂😂😂😂
    Just a stupid ideology of CCP. Some days later CCP will claim USA and Europe are china's territories 😂

  • After some days china will claim entire world is integral part of china because after division of earth plates china's territories had gone far away from china😂

  • Ang tagal naman total war na dapat world war lll na para masaya

  • The so called analysts should ask the gods to resign and they should take over 🙄🤦‍♀️🙏

  • I don’t think anybody’s worried about China China it’s just a big fart interference bunch of hot air

  • With PRCs economy in such trouble there may very well be a one China soon.With ROC sitting in the catbird seat.

  • We have been told the same thing over and over for years, we all know that nothing is going to happen , exept the media selling pub and cashing on us, watching that b.s.

  • I think China will go for it before the US elections in November.. With the premise that if they wait a Trump presidency would be too strong in decision making militarily and economically (complete isolation of China via complete sanctions) to give China a chance.

    And for it to work, Nth Korea would also in parallel need to invade Sth K and wider at the same time to spread even thinner the US military response, as well as possibly freeze the US elections.

    As well Xi is 71 now, and if to wait for after Trump he will be too old then to have his desired self gratifying communist glory parades.

    Plus at the moment there are two other world serious conflicts going on that the West is already struggling to find unity on to respond.

    So with all this together, it’s probably likely within the next 6 months, or never.

  • Author tittle Asia Pacific pbbm bd GOTS to under conclusion law abandoned so the off claim the won bd forward banking china bank of the government all and general ize please be admitted to comply japanese prime minister FUKUDA once claim to maneuver specially the united government bd claim us against forward won c.a china government banking.

    GAG lessee Lee author

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  • India would need to be involved in case China attacks Taiwan. Why? If China succeeds, the next possible invasion would also be in the Indian ocean. Moreover, the freedom of navigation in these seas will be in danger.. All seas are connected, remember.

  • China simulan muna gyera sa south sea para ilang bansa nakapaligid lalaban sayo china para magkaubusan na duwag karin china ayaw mong umpisahan ang gyera 😊😊😊😊

  • my bet is Q3 2025 because of Taiwan factor and also Beijing cowardness

  • The clock is ticking down 2024 to see whether these 'analysts' are worth listening to or if they are purblind dunderheads who don't deserve the time of day from any serious-minded intelligent human being with rather more insight; let's wait and see what the verdict has to be by December 31st 2024.

  • That's not china sea,, that is West Philippines sea for your information guys 😅😅😅

  • Xi Jinping's ambition is to be the QIN CHI HWANG of the modern day era (the FIRST EMPEROR OF THE WORLD)

  • China's just scared of another Japan event cause Taiwan stole tech that advances them further than the Chinese. I think it was gatling guns with the last tech.

  • More war salivating by Wion There pathetic . And there monotonous scratchy voices. China will not Attack Taiwan . It has no reason to simple as that. They gain nothing by doing it. All media driven by those who dislike China. No difference China India or America They all look after there interests And china Destroying Taiwan serves no purpose. Russia is not included they no longer belong in that sphere Putin is a Dictator. . I dont class China as a dictator. Unlike Butcher Putin They dont have to use threats of armageddon every day its called confidence. Sadly putin chose the path to destroy Russia by his own hand

  • China reunification with Taiwan is just excuses, it is a geopolitical move, taiwan is crucial to paved way to counter Japan, as Japan is net oil n raw resources importer. from Taiwan it can hv better positioning to blockade ship routes.

  • Taiwan is china's crimea. And philippines is china's ukraine. Difference is, taiwan and philippines is prepared for the attack

  • China won’t attack Taiwan because Philippines will defend it with their lives u can count on that and the Philippines is just mins away close to Taiwan in the event that China begin the attack!

  • All wars will banned to happen in 2024! Peace no War! World Commander J

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