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Full scale of Hamas terror attacks emerges

More details continue to emerge about the Hamas terror attacks in Israel. We talk to former Jerusalem Post editor Yaakov Katz, …


Title: Unveiled: The Extent of Hamas's Recent Terror Attacks Amidst Ongoing Conflict

In the midst of the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict, a chilling revelation has surfaced, shedding light on the full scale of Hamas's terror attacks. The information, recently disclosed, offers a stark reminder of the relentless violence that has plagued the region for years.

According to reports, Hamas has been responsible for a series of attacks that have targeted both military and civilian locations in Israel. These attacks, which have been meticulously documented, span a significant period and represent a disturbing escalation in the group's tactics.

The disclosure of these attacks comes at a critical juncture, as international efforts to broker a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas continue. The details of these attacks serve as a grim reminder of the stakes involved in any peace negotiations and underscore the need for a comprehensive and lasting solution to the conflict.

The information, while not entirely new, has been meticulously compiled and verified, offering a comprehensive overview of Hamas's terror activities. This compilation serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing threat posed by Hamas and the need for robust measures to ensure the safety and security of both Israelis and Palestinians.

The full scale of Hamas's terror attacks is a grim testament to the depth of the conflict and the need for a peaceful resolution. As negotiations continue, the international community must remain vigilant and committed to finding a lasting solution that ensures the safety and security of all parties involved.

See video for more information

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  • Wake up people of USA, Germany, France, Holland, Belguim, Canada, Switzerland, Britain! Babies and children are being slaughtered. Open and follow social media!!! Please wake up.

  • Very informative video. Finally, an Officer from the IDF admitting that they dropped the intel ball, and admitting failure on Saturday. 'But now we're fighting'! That's the spirit!

  • Yes, it's so important to show the reality of this terror , not to screen people form it. People who protest Israel's defense of itself don't see the beheaded Israeli babies or adults, all they see are the pitiful images from Gaza as Israel does what it has to do after a massacre like this. People need to see how Hamas acts, and understand it has nothing to do with actual liberation of Palestine but with continuing the blind hatred of the Jewish people,

  • how can you have a peace concert next to a concentration camp?

  • Ok we keep seeing what happened at this festival, but where is the footage on what's now happening in Gaza?
    I'm almost sure it's just as gruesome 😢
    I've watched enough to notice
    I'm not taking any sides however I'm not stupid or blind.

  • Folks can't even go out and have a good time without fear of death.

  • What Should Israel Do Next in Light of Their Declaration of War?

    First, we should reflect deeply upon the painful divide that has festered among us, causing the devastating toll of hundreds of lives lost and thousands wounded. We need to yearn for a major change and wholeheartedly unite as one. Only the bonds of unity can shield us from future tragedy and elevate our nation from the abyss of despair.

    We cannot afford to nurse bitterness or delay action, waiting for the war's end to ponder our fractured state. Now is the time for introspection. We need to pinpoint the reasons behind our present circumstances and act accordingly.

    Our quest for understanding needs to extend to our lives’ very source: the upper force of love, bestowal and connection that acts on us beyond our current level of awareness, which perceives through an egoistic and divisive lens. It is no matter of religion, but a realization that reality’s governing force is singular, and we accordingly need to stand united before it as one.

    Precisely in our trying times, we are in need for an expansion of consciousness to let the upper force of love and bestowal into our lives. We need to raise the pain and anguish that erupts in so many people in such times to the upper force, and wish for it to mend our torn relations, and draw us closer together. We must seek to hold each other close to our hearts, not solely in times of war, but as an enduring duty.

    We are a nation established not on a biological foundation, but on a spiritual-ideological one: "Love your neighbor as yourself." That is, we were people from all around ancient Babylon who felt a problem with living our lives solely according to competitive-materialistic ideals and sought for a higher truth to our existence, which we revealed as a higher force of love, bestowal and connection that united us above our divisive drives. That is why we cannot remain divided without suffering from our separation.

    Our mission to unite above our divisions is constant, because divisive egoistic desires constantly surface within us, driving us apart. Therefore, much like a diligent student who finds new homework awaiting them each day, we should not accumulate any more overdue assignments that end up exploding in our faces, pressuring us into critical situations such as the one we now find before us. Instead, we should hurry up and correct our hearts to favor unity “as one man with one heart” above our divisions.

  • Why aren’t more Muslims speaking out against this?

  • remember when msnbc ran stories about dead babies in incubators and weapons of mass distraction in iraq ???

  • We all need to be worried about fake news and videos in all times and all places.

  • Allegedly .keep in mind the Babies massacre was b.s story fabricated by Isrealis reporter .even IDF REFUSED TO CONFIRM IT. and white house retracted the statement from president Biden. Just be aware of the Fog Of War

  • If you're going to label hamas terrorists you have to label Israel terrorists. Your propaganda stinks like the rear end of a bull.

  • Pretending Paelstinians are innocent is a canard…. they are going to pay now for what they did. for their support of hamas

  • This was masterminded by Iranian government.

  • I'm told Gaza has 2 million people and 1 million are children. Hamas army is around 10k-15k. 2000 were killed recently. So the vast majority…95% of Gaza are women and kids…not terrorists.

    This is an indisputable fact we must accept and ensure Israel doesnt create the next generation of terrorists through their need for revenge. As those 1 million kids will blame ameirca.

  • Actually Jews from Germany came to Palestine claiming God promised them land. This is the start of this issue. Palestinians are also human beings they will also fight for their land. This issue would not resolve unless Palestinians get their homes back. Even after 20 years from now even they would have the same level of hate.

  • So this event was way out in the middle of nowhere and there was no security at the event? I'm not looking to blaim anyone, I just can't see why there was no armed security forces/team/group watching over the event???

  • Wow . Nice if Biden protected our borders. These terrorists are probably here.

  • democrats aren't the only ones who know joe biden is a weak president

  • Jesus loves you and has a plan for your life

  • bro everyones talking bout israel, nothing has happend to israel, look at tel aviv its perfect and look at palestine

  • Didn't see any fire arms being shot, Didn't see any blood, Didn't see any dead bodies, was this a re-enactment of events?

  • Viva Palestina viva Iran 💪🇪🇭🇪🇭


  • That military guy did a wonderful job of not explaining why the military was completely absent for well over 4 hours.

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